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Update: Hasbro Celebration Chicago Exclusives Info

For those eager to get their hands on a set of the Celebration Exclusive Darth Maul and Obi-Wan, a bit of history. For Celebration Orlando (April 13-16, 2017), the Celebration Luke went on sale April 25 (9 days later, or two Tuesdays after the show). Tomorrow will be two Tuesdays after the close of Celebration Chicago. To be clear, I have no inside info on their pending release via HasbroPulse, but bookmarking this hidden page may be helpful.

update: A few people have said that Hasbro reps at SWCC said that these may go up for order on May 4. That would coincide with a couple other Hasbro releases planned for that day as well.

TVC Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set Review

Twitter follower Bossk’s Bounty has posted a YouTube review of the upcoming Walmart Exclusive TVC Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set from Hasbro. It looks fantastic overall and looks to be a great value for the price point. The review also confirms the VC numbers for Han Solo (Carbonite) and Ree-Yees as VC136 and VC137 respectively.