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Walmart Clearances

If you’ve been at your local Walmart lately, you may have noticed that the toy aisles are resetting, clearing out the old, and making room for the new.

Among the clearance items you will likely find are products from Solo:  A Star Wars Story, and you might want to scan them because the marked clearance price may not reflect the full markdown.

Find any bargains?  Share your finds here on in our forums!

Rumor Report: 3.75″ Imperial AT-DT Coming Soon?

In doing some recon on Brickseek earlier today (while researching the those new 6″ Black Series figures from “Solo”), I also came across a new listing (also confirmed on Amazon) for a Force Link 2.0 Imperial AT-DT – a new walker that was featured in the latest trailer. Pertinent info has been added to the Master List as well as the unofficial checklist.

New Force Link 2.0 Figure UPCs/SKUs Found

Brickseek triggers again! Some of the Force Link 2.0 figures that we listed last month have been found while sleuthing through the online public database. Figure data includes UPCs and Walmart SKUs for Val, Rio Durant, L3-37, Mudtrooper, Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) and Royal Guard (ROTJ). Pertinent info as been added to our expanding Master List for quick reference as well.