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Medicom 20th Anniversary Kubrick Luke Skywalker

Medicom Luke_20th

Just when you thought the Kubrick line of Star Wars products was dead, Medicom issues another (albeit uninspired) figure for attendees of the 20th Anniversary reception party at the Medicom Toy 2016 Exhibition. This Luke Skywalker Kubrick is based off of their original brown hair Early Bird Luke Skywalker from back in 2003.

Thanks to JediDefender for the heads up.

Episode #66: It’s Working! It’s Working!


The Realm Recap is back with special guest Dan Curto as we discuss the highlights in collecting and Star Wars news from the past week. A new, cryptic list has leaked for products set for the September 4 launch of The Force Awakens merchandise. Several new SDCC exclusives from Jakks, Funko and Gentle Giant were announced and we discuss the latest in gaming news with new videos for Battlefront Disney Infinity 3.0 and The Old Republic. All of this and much more on Episode #66 of The Realm Recap!

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2014 Exclusive Kubrick Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight


While new figures in MedicomToy’s Kubrick line seem to be a thing of distant memory, that doesn’t mean the releases have ended. JediDefender has alerted us to word of an exclusive carded Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) given out at the 2014 Medicom Toy Exhibition Preview Party. The figure itself looks to be a reissue of the DX series Jedi Luke minus the bone accessory. Click the image above for a closer look.

Episode 6: Black Series Blues


Another week has passed and it’s time for our week in review of the latest news in Star Wars collecting. This show, we are joined by Paul from Jedi Temple Archives as we discuss the highs and lows regarding new figure images from The Black Series, new customs and crowd-funding items, our latest toy purchases and we delve into Jayson’s psychosis regarding his acquisition of the “shampoo bottle” figures. Click on through to check out the latest show. Feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggests on what you’d like to see covered (more or less) on the show.

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