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New Diorama Walls Available

figures and DS wall panels

Hasbro may not care so much about collector support these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out in the cold… as once again, Holeinthegroundpro comes to the rescue with another great new way to display your 3.75″ scale figures!

Check out some more details in our forums, and be sure to head on over to their site to secure your own diorama wall kit by clicking here.

More Diorama Greatness Coming…


For those active in our forums, you’re probably already familiar with the awesome custom diorama pieces that forum member Raylen creates, and offers up to fellow collectors.  He specializes in obscure items that some may overlook, but these things are just too cool to not be part of any Star Wars 3.75″ collection.

His latest sneak peek is one many of us have been hoping would be available for our collections for decades now, and that time is finally coming if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of painting!  Head on over to the forums for a closer look!

New Diorama Items at Hole in the Ground Pro


Forum member Raylen has updated us with some fantastic new diorama items to fill the needs of collectors.  Check out his latest items, which are sure to be another hit by clicking here.

Personal Note: I’ve ordered Raylen’s products many times, and it’s clear he is a true fan of the hobby.  We see it in his posts in the forums, and in the quality, fair pricing, and amazing service with his products.  So if you like to display your Star Wars 3.75″ collection loose, these items will truly enhance your collection and bring life to it.  And it’s not like the company that makes the figures is going to suddenly wake up and make things this cool – they’ve had TWO DECADES now, and still ignore requests for these items.

Hole in the Ground Productions at Rhode Island Comic Con


On November 2/3, Rhode Island Comic Con will be held, and in attendance for the first time as a vendor will be Hole in the Ground Productions.  If you’re in that area and make the show, be sure to swing by their booth as they will have a full stock of their custom movie props and custom diorama items available.

Diorama Product Sneak Peek…

Hole logo 2 w text web

For all you diorama fans, forum member Raylen has just revealed a special sneak peek at a new 3.75″ scale item I am guessing many of you are going to want to add to your collections.  Soon, he will have them available for order at his site.

For now, head on over the forums and for a glimpse at what’s to come…

Personal Note:  Shut up and take my money!

Great Diorama Parts Available


If you’re like me, you liked some of what you saw at SDCC out of Hasbro, but for the upteenth year in a row now you find their lack of dioramas and playsets disturbing.  So what can you do?  Go to a resource who listens to the wishes of those that like environments for our figures!

So if you haven’t already, check out the high quality resin products from forum member Raylen, owner of Holeinthegroundpro.com.

You can also check out some of the products our forum members have purchased from him and painted up themselves, and even request new items from him in our forums.

More Diorama Bits Available!


Movie prop guru and forum member Raylen is back with another new diorama item Star Wars fans have been clamoring for since the mid 1990s… cantina chairs!  To find out how you can own your own set, head on over to the forums.  Once you have them, all you need to do is crack out the paints and you’re set!

Personal Note:  How is it that Hasbro feels it’s good business sense to ignore essential diorama items such as these (and ones that don’t require the expensive assembly process by their labor force)?  If it looks cool and is reasonably priced, the market will support it.  Simple as that!