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December 2000 Archive

Happy New Year to all
December 31, 2000 | 5:47 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want wish everyone a Happy New Year from all of the staff here at Yak. We wish all a great year to come in health, wealth, and happiness. Thanks to all our loyal readers and to any new “Yak-ers” out there. Just remember for those that plan on doing some celebrating tonight just stay safe and don’t do anything that would risk yours or anyones lives. See you all in 2001….



Commtech Chip 2
December 31, 2000 | 4:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Robert fromour prototypes section has posted images of the Chewbacca Commtech Chip 2. Stop in and check it out.



UK Toy Show
December 31, 2000 | 12:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A quick note for any UK readers brave (and able!) enough to go out tomorrow – there’s a toy show on in Kent. For more information, hit this link! Thanks to Dave of Startoys & Collectables for the news.



New Lego sets in Canada
December 30, 2000 | 8:59 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Jabba3 sent in this info for all the Canadian Lego collectors…

I just wanted other Canadian fans to know that in Southern Ontario the new Stormtrooper and C3PO Technic sets are out in TRU for $49.99 CDN. I have also seen the Lego At-St ($14.99 CDN) in TRU, Tie Fighter ($27.99), Droid Escape ($7.98 CDN), Battle Droid Carrier ($14.99 CDN) and the Imperial Shuttle (@39.99 CDN). All prices are for TRU but some Walmart and Zellers have some other Lego sets on sale for cheaper. Check around for the best price.”

Thanks for the heads up. I hope this can tie our Canadian friends over til they can get some POTJ up there.



Where is that Kaadu???
December 30, 2000 | 8:52 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lately I have had a few people mail in and ask… “Where is the 12” Kaadu?”… Well he is still set to be released along with his Gungan buddy Capt Tarpals, when you ask? Now the word is spring 2001. No reason why he was pushed this far back, but if anyone can help please do so. I have heard a few reasons but not one specific one. I promise that I will soon have some nice boxed and loose pics of this set up here at Yak. The boxed pics are the very dk purple Tarpals that was made in the initial run til Hasbro scraped.’s Innis had put up a small comparison pic a few months back. The loose set is the production set that will get released and you wil see the BIG difference in the two. Look for pics very soon.



Carbon Freeze Diorama
December 30, 2000 | 3:28 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has uploaded a preview of his new Carbon Freeze diorama to his website – check it out here.



Dewback on sale?
December 29, 2000 | 11:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many people are wondering when we’ll see the 12″ Dewback that seems to be collecting lots of dust, go on sale… Well I heard from a pretty reliable source this piece should go on sale sometime in either Feb or Mar. Yes still some time away but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I heard the price will go down to $50, definetly a more acurate price for this piece. I do hope that this doesn’t discourage Hasbro from doing any future 12″ scale beasts. I have heard of a possible 12″ scale vehicle in the future, but right now it is just hearsay and until I get any definite confirmation I’ll leave it in the “rumor” pile.



Stay on Target….Stay on Target….
December 29, 2000 | 10:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well many reports are coming in of people finding the new Plo Koon wave at Target. Reports range from NY to Pa To NC to Tx to Ca… I haven’t seen this wave or got any reports of it here in S East Ma area, though I read on a message board it was found in Warwick, RI Target store. So looks like Target is the place. You might even get lucky and find the 300th Fett and 12″ Bounty Hunters there as well, what a trip that would be. Good luck guys.



Star Wars LEGO Sales
December 29, 2000 | 9:28 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

De has all of the latest information on what is on sale in her latest report at FBTB, including sets at the new outlet store and a buy one get one half price sale at KMart.



Plo Koon Online
December 29, 2000 | 6:43 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Plo Koon wave online right now. They are expensive, but if you want them, head on over.



New Carded Image
December 29, 2000 | 6:32 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the Theed Amidala Carded image! Check it out. Thanks to the Big D for the images.



12″ Sith Lords Online
December 29, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Sith Lords 2-Pack for $44.95! Which is ~$5 less than They also have the set of three 12″ Bounty Hunters for $64.95. Be sure to tell them sent you.



Fett @ WalMart
December 29, 2000 | 5:32 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Troy Harper found the 300th edition Boba Fett figure at a Super WalMart in Columbus, Ohio.



Cheap Chewie
December 28, 2000 | 5:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post have a steal on the 12″ Chewie in Chains doll. This once elusive doll was one per case and fetched a few dollars on the aftermarket but now you can steal it for just $12.99. Thanks to Yak-er Matt Kregor for pointing this great deal out to us at Yak.



More freebies
December 28, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The Jawa’s passed through today and gave me word on a new giveaway they are holding now. You can get yourself a 3 3/4″ Ani Pilot and Maul Sith Lord from them. Check out this link for the info.



Have a bounty out for the 12″ Bounty Hunters?
December 28, 2000 | 5:14 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well you can find them at John’s Toys, along with the 12″ Sith lords set. Get there quick I can’t see them hanging around long.



Another Plo Koon find
December 28, 2000 | 5:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Kingramos mailed to say he found Plo Koon at a Target in Laurel,Md. He mentioned they had four of Plo Koon left and three K3-P0’s. Looks like this wave should hit all parts soon. Guys don’t spend all that Xmas $ just yet.



New Gungan ratio found
December 28, 2000 | 5:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted last night that Gungans were possibly being shipped two per case, a few reports have surfaced backing that up. I have got a few emails from people that opened up cases themselves in stores and saw them both sitting there in a case. So looks like your luck may get better soon if you still need that elusive Gungan. Go get’em.



PlayStation 2 @
December 28, 2000 | 2:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those of you that are trying to get one, I just received this email from
Dear Amazon Customer,
As someone that has expressed interest in the Playstation 2, we are happy to let you know that we will be receiving another shipment of these on Friday, December 29th after 2PM.

I would check with them online at 2PM tomorrow if you are looking to get one. The Star Wars game that will be available for the PS2 is also available to preorder online at all retailers.



Check them stores…
December 27, 2000 | 11:42 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys here’s a great word of advice for all out there, CHECK THEM STORES….
I walked into a local Target this afternoon to see if Mr Fett or his other Bounty Hunter compadres had hit my way yet, when what do I spot sitting there? A 12″ Speederbike… Yup I was in awe. Never seen one in a store before so of course I grabbed it. I head to scanner no price comes up just says “clearance”, so an employee trys scanning at register and nada. I did get it for the $14 price tag from a month or so back so needless, to say I was loving that.
My point guys check stores for people returning unwanted Xmas gifts, you never know what you will find. Also I spotted the 6″ Mega figs for $7 and the UCS Lego X-Wing and Tie sets for $104 and $70 respectively.



New case ratio?
December 27, 2000 | 11:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

A Yak-er we’ll name “Mr G” sent in some potentially good info. Here’s what “Mr G” said…
“I work at a major retailers distribution center…
I saw POTJ cases in the warehouse the other day and just had to open one up. It had the new Jek,Boss,Sebulba,Fode and two Gungan Warriors. TWO!!! So much for Hasbros BS of one-per-case figures. Please pass this along so scalpers still don’t try to rip off people with this one-per-case stuff.”

Sounds good guys. Also “Mr G” added this on how Hasbro ships things to these centers…
“On another subject, there has been complaints from consumers about the condition of Hasbro products when they arrive on the shelves. And it seems that the retailers get the blame. I can tell you from first hand experience that Hasbro just throws all of thier cased products on the floor on the transport trailers. They are stacked from floor to ceiling. Usually the bottom cases have foot prints on them where the loaders stood on them to stuff more cases on the top. Is there anything Yakface can do? All they would have to do to correct this is to put thier products on pallets and shrink-wrap them just like 99% of all the other manufacturers out there.”

So there ya go. We know now why things are found in the shape they are now. Just to add to this these toys are shipped from overseas to Seattle then shipped to these centers, making it a long trip for these toys we get our hands on at retail.



Free set of POTJ figs and 300th Fett
December 27, 2000 | 11:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay over at ADC sent over an fyi on the contest their running. Jay wanted to remind all out there that you still have a chance at a cool POTJ fig set including the much wanted 300th Fett. Only a few days left to the contest so get over there and check out all the details.



What could’ve been….What should’ve been
December 27, 2000 | 11:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My good buddy Innis has posted some more pics of the CT2 Chewie over at Innis added some back pics of the cards which he had previously shown the fronts of. Honestly I wish the CT2 chips had a chance to see light. Congrats to Innis and the Jawa scavenger crew for some more cool finds.



Valorum 2-Pack online
December 27, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can now get the 12″ Valorum and Guard 2-pack at! Price is $39.99, just search on valorum.



Ultarama Winner of the Week
December 27, 2000 | 10:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Stephen Prescott as he is this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand. Many thanks to Mort for the free stands.



December 26, 2000 | 9:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Plo Koon wave is out in the US. A friend of mine found many at Target in NV today. Also, I have recieved reports of it being found at Target in CA as well.



Han and Tauntaun at EB?
December 26, 2000 | 9:34 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true…? Yak-er Tony Roberts found the 3 3/4″ Han and Tauntaun at an EB in Va today, but what makes this extra cool was the low price of $13.98. Tony said the box was not in the best shape and thought it could’ve been a return or one found stashed in the back somewhere. No matter what Tony got a steal most would kill for now. This is a piece that remains one the few truly “rare” pieces in the line, and still many people need it. Great score Tony. Anyone else that comes across any odd ball things like this let me know, give me an email here.



No more Insider?
December 26, 2000 | 9:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I’m sure some have heard the talk that the Insider will no longer exsist, but I asked Dan Madsen today and he denied that. The Insider will continue under the control of new management Wizards of the Coast. So despite what has been said, it looks like we will still see it produced.



More 300th Fett finds
December 26, 2000 | 9:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports from many different states are coming in on the 300th Fett being found on shelves. People seem to be finding these in Walmart, TRU, and Target now. Here’s some sku and DPCI #’s for you to help with the search.
Walmart # 0 76930 84566 0
TRU # 165215
Target # 087060493
Good luck guys and keep those reports coming in. No reports in the
N East have surfaced, where I am, so if any people up my way come across any give me a holler here.



Custom Ep1 Senate
December 26, 2000 | 4:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Our friends over at Rebelscum are celebrating their 100th week of custom critiques with an awesome group custom of the Galactic Senate, made by some members of FFURG. You can check it out here. These guys do some great work, definetly worth a look.



Dagobah Vader back online
December 25, 2000 | 2:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow have the Dagobah Vader wave and the Boss Nass wave (minus Fode & Beed and Gungan Warrior) along with all the earlier figures in stock now for $8.99. Thanks to Clint for the news!



Target Clearence
December 24, 2000 | 11:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We’ve started to receive reports of some Targets putting the Mega Action figures on clearence for $6.90 and 12″ figures for $12.90. Some people have been lucky enough to find the new 12″ bounty hunters at the discount price. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the price change.



Carbon Freeze!
December 24, 2000 | 9:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is it – the winners of ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest are up: check it out if you want to see who won.



300th Fett at TRU
December 24, 2000 | 5:46 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It appears the new 300th Fett is now showing up at TRU as well. It was found at a TRU in NJ today. Thanks to Art for the news.



Boss Nass at Etoys
December 23, 2000 | 11:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the The Power of the Jedi: Temple Boss Nass for $5.99 in stock now.



2001 Technics Out Now
December 23, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are images of the boxed Technic Lego sets. These were purchased at the FAO in Troy MI. $48 a set.
Stormtrooper Front
Stormtrooper Back
C-3PO Front
C-3PO Back



Happy Holidays
December 23, 2000 | 4:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want to take a minute to wish all of our readers the happiest of holidays and a great coming year. This year has come in gone and left my head spinning… I still wonder where it went? We have seen a lot happen this year with the line and Hasbro itself, I’m sure we have a lot more to come. Thanks to all the former employees who gave us some great things in our collections and we wish you the best. Thanks to all the employees still employed and for anything we may have coming to us. We especially thank you the readers for checking us out everyday and all the kind words we get here on how great a job we do. You make it happen and keep us going. Enjoy the coming days and stay safe.
The Yak crew



New Vader variation
December 23, 2000 | 4:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My Jawa buddy Innis over at sent me a heads up that he got some pics of the new Dagobah Vader variation we’ll see on shelves soon. I had heard, as many had, this was coming but we all didn’t know for sure, until now. Head over and check it out. Thanks and congrats to Innis for getting those pics up.



Even more Fett finds
December 23, 2000 | 4:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

More and more reports of Mr Fett being found at Target are coming. Some reports are coming from the states of Iowa and Illinois now. Yak-er Travis in with this…
Just wanted you and your readers to know that the 300th Fett was found at Target in Waterloo, IA. One left so I snagged it, who would’ve thunk you could find one in IA?”

Then Yak-er Mike wrote in saying this…

“I spotted the 300th Fett at Target in DeKalb IL. There was a full case of six there.”

Also a report of Fett being found at Walmart has now surfaced, Yak-er darthmadonna wrote…
“Hi there, I thought I’d let you know that there was 3 cases of 300th Fett at the Walmart here in Washington there were 18 figures and they were all nabbed up within minutes. So its not just @ Target. Oh yeah it was today 12/22/00”

So maybe you will have a surprise under that tree… Here’s to hoping…



KB run-down
December 23, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin sent in this list of all the things he found at a recent trip to KB. COuld be useful to see a big list assembled rather than individual reports:
12″ Chancellor Valorum & Senate Guard at $14.99
all four Complete Galaxy (Endor w/Ewok, Tatooine w/ Luke, Dagobah w/Yoda, Death Star w/Vader) at $4.99
Jabba’s Palace 3D Diorama at $4.99
Cantina 3D Diorama at $4.99
Anakin and Sebulba Podracers at $6.99
Naboo Fighter electronic at $9.99
Watto’s box and Tatooine Showdown at $7.99

The answers for ACPin’s Carbon Freeze contest are now online @ – winners to be announced shortly.



George in Love for Free!
December 23, 2000 | 12:27 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has a neat little Star Wars section and if you stop over there you can enter to win a FREE DVD of George Lucas In Love.



Pod Figure is Aurra Sing
December 23, 2000 | 12:26 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Pod Figure in the case assortments is Aurra Sing. It is confirmed by Hasbro in their sneak preview section where they preview the Aurra Sing 3 3/4 figure. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it. Here is a quote from that section.

“For a few months now, people have been asking us about a “Pod Figure” they have seen listed on various plans. Other fans have been begging us to create an Aurra Sing figure, unquestionably one of the coolest and most mysterious characters from Episode I. Well, now is the time to let you know: the “Pod Figure” is not an actual Podracer, but none other than Aurra Sing herself!”



SSG Poll
December 23, 2000 | 12:21 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

SSG is running a good poll, Let’s ALL make our voices heard. They was asking if you like the new Darth Maul, or if you hate it. Take a click over there and VOTE! Let’s let Hasbro know what they can do with ANOTHER DARTH MAUL.



LEGO DSDK on Sale for 60% Off
December 22, 2000 | 9:16 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Today, has placed the Mindstorms Dark Side Developers Kit, which allows you to build a walking AT-AT Walker, on sale for 60% off. They have also marked down several more sets. FBTB has the complete listing of what is on sale there now.



Future Case Assortments
December 22, 2000 | 5:12 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a list of future case assortments for the next few months. Some new figures listed are Pod figure, Sandtrooper, Qui Gon Jedi Armor, Crusade Obi Wan and Squidface. Thanks to various sources for the case assortments and the confirmation.

Collection 1, case 000 X (Jan 01):
(4) Chewy Mechanic, (4) Pod Fig, (4) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000 4 (Feb 01):
(1) Han Solo Bespin, (1) Biker Scout, (1) Battle Dam Droid, (2) Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, (3) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000E (April 01):
(2) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape, (2) Qui Gon Jedi Armor, (2) Crusade Obi Wan, (2) Sandtrooper

Collection 2, 84455
case 000 R (Jan 01):
(1) Calamari, (1) K3PO, (2) Plo Koon, (2) Bounty Hunter, (3) Amidala Red Throne, (3)Sae Sae Tin

case 000 S (Mar 01):
(3) Squid Face, (3) Holo Nute Gunray, (3) Jar Jar Tatooine, (3)R2-D2 Black



More reports on Mr Fett
December 22, 2000 | 1:39 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted late last night, I have got more reports of this much wanted fig being found at Target. Most reports are coming from Ohio but who knows where Mr Fett will pop-up. Here’s a few snippets from a few Yak-ers…
Yak-er Hank 5 wrote in saying…
“I thought your readers might like to know I picked up the 300th Boba Fett at my local Target in Stow (Akron area), Ohio this morning, 12-22-00. I don’t have a digital camera to make scans of the figure but, it is .0100 and all the logos are on the shoulders and the chestplate, so no variations yet. This looks like an awesome figure. Only one was left on the shelf when I got there at 8:20.”

Here’s another from Yak-er Craig, he found it in the same store…
“300th Fett found in Stow, OH Target”

Just one more for some extra reassurance, Yak-er Mark wrote with this…
“Hey Sidster,
I just got back from Target in Akron Oh they had six
300th fetts on the shelf this morning.”

So looks like they are out there, how many who knows but could be worth the trip. This is a great fig and I think it shows what Hasbro is capable of. Good Luck guys.



Deals at
December 22, 2000 | 1:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some more deals over at
Star Wars 12″ Emperor Palpatine Action Figure $4.99
Star Wars Authentic Miniature C-3PO Helmet $14.99 Sale
December 22, 2000 | 7:41 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the following items on sale.
LEGO Technic Destroyer Droid $34.90
LEGO Millennium Falcon $69.90
LEGO Naboo Fighter $11.90
LEGO Technic Pit Droid $11.90
LEGO Slave One $11.90
LEGO UCS Tie Interceptor $59.90
LERGO UCS X-Wing $104.00
LEGO X-Wing $20.90
LEGO Technic Battle Droid $20.90



Action Fleet holy grail finds?
December 22, 2000 | 12:54 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yes it’s true Yak-er Chris out in New Jersey found some at a Mace’s outlet store. Chris got his hands on the ultra-rare E-Wing, Tie Defender, and Jabba’s Sail Barge for an unheard of $4.99. Man now THAT’S a steal. Condition wasn’t mint but heck for $4.99 I would be estatic, and being an opener of all my AF man I’d be happy. These three still elude me… Chris also mentioned the same store having the preview Stap for $1.99. Sounds like this Mace is the place…



More KB finds
December 22, 2000 | 12:47 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports just keep coming in on finds from KB. Yak-er Nick found Invasion Force Obi, Maul, and Battle Droid along with the cool Jabba’s Palace pop-up playset. This playset is really cool and I love the melted down Carbo Block that comes with it. Nick found these in N Charleston, SC. Thanks Nick for the tip off.



300th Fett found at Target
December 21, 2000 | 11:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well big news to report from a mystery Yak-er in Bismarck, ND. Mr Fett was found at 8 pm on a Target shelf there for $9.99. There was a case of six found. Could we see more of these pop up? I think we could some were reported a little while back so maybe a few are still lingering just waiting to be found. So now the search begins. If anyone else finds these please give me a holler here.



New 12″ OUT NOW!
December 21, 2000 | 11:16 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting the new 12″ Sith Lord 2 pack is now showing up at TRU in CA. And is reporting the new 12″ Bounty Hunters are showing up at Target for $24.99 in CA.



Plo Koon on the Way!
December 21, 2000 | 2:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item #84455D, $89.99) is on the way. Hasbro just confirmed shipment of this great new case assortment. Expect delivery to you by early January! Includes 3x Plo Koon, 3x K-3P0 – Echo Base Protocol Droid, 3x Mon Calamari Officer, 3x IG-88. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Hunting for Bounty Hunters?
December 21, 2000 | 12:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the 12″ Bounty Hunters in stock right now for those of you who’re searching! Head over and check it out!



Need new POTJ?!
December 21, 2000 | 12:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Liz sent this info in:
“I just wanted to let you know that i bought all the new star wars figs for $6.95 at they had all the new ones dagobah, biker scout, bespin han and many more. i thought that this was a great buy and wanted to share it with everyone.”
I don’t think we’ve had any feedback on this website before, so if you order and have any complaints, let us know. We try to mention only sites who have a lot of positive feedback rather than complaints. Thanks!



Hallmark Ornaments
December 21, 2000 | 12:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt writes:
“Last night I visited my local Hallmark store (in Worcester, MA
area) and found some great deals. I was able to pick up both the Naboo Starfighter and Han Solo ornaments (from 1999) for only $1 each. They also had many other non-Star Wars ornaments for only a buck (e.g. Star Trek stamp, Superman stamp…basically anything left over from 1999). Interested collectors may want to check out their local Hallmark shops.”



Who Got Carbon Freezed?
December 21, 2000 | 12:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Don’t forget that today is the last day you can enter ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest. The prizes are as follows:
First Prize: Luke and Wampa Beast Asst
Second Prize: FF Weequay Trilogo
Third Prize: Watto’s Box CS
Fourth Prize: Kabe & Muftak
Fifth Prize: Jabba’s Skiff Guards CS
Ends midnight tonight (EST).
To enter, check out the details on ACPin’s website. I haven’t had a try at it myself, not had time to sit down and look properly, but I had a quick look at it and it looked quite tough! Good luck!



Swimming Jar Jar Surfaces
December 21, 2000 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Marsboy picked up the Swimming Jar Jar Binks wave at a Family Toy Warehouse store in the Cleveland area, NE Ohio. He said that there was only one Jar Jar, but plenty of other soft goods wave figures. Priced @ $1.97 each.



Boomer Damage Ideas
December 21, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The had a link to the possible variation of the boomer damage droid, but what I found on this link was much more interesting than the possible variation. Did you know that the damage glows in under a UV light. Check out the images and what they did with the damage on a regular R2-D2.



A New Direction for the Star Wars Fan Club 
December 21, 2000 | 8:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The Start Wars fan Club Has a new home and a new annoucement from, click on the link to read all about it. We should also see a new online store from Wizards in the Spring of 2001. And as mentioned here back when the news broke, anyone that is a current member will have an extra issue added on to the end of their membership.



Late Ep1 waves at Big-K?
December 21, 2000 | 12:01 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well got another email from another Yak-er, this time Pat Pscherer wrote in with some cool finds. Pat found some late Ep1 figs at Big-K in Crofton, MD. He found Sio Bibble, Ascension gun Amidala, Holo Sidious, and Naboo Royal Guard-the one with the removable helmet and goatee. Pat also mentioned they had a bunch of Pit Droid 2-pks. None of the figs were clearanced he mentioned but like Pat said “Retail is way better than the prices for these guys on e-Bay”. So check any stores you can, you never know what you’ll hit and where you’ll hit it. Good luck guys.



Wizards poor shipping…
December 20, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Mike wrote in with info on some product he ordered from the new owned Wizards of the Coast Star Wars FC. Mike wasn’t pleased with shipping so he called and got some possible good info here’s the full scoop.
“I just got in a UPS package from Wizards of the Coast online fan club. It arrived quickly, but boy, was I disappointed when I opened it! I ordered a LEGO X-Wing (the first, smaller one) and two Pote Skitkins. They sent along a free Darth Maul bank, as the website said they would. The packing was so poor that the bank had pierced a thumb-sized hole in the X-Wing box and had crushed one corner and part of the bubble on one of the Snitkins.
When I called this morning, I told them how important it was to collectors that items arrive in pristine condition. The operator was very sympathetic, and said they would try to improve their packaging. He said they would make some gesture to compensate for the problem with some amount of credit to my account (a manager is going to decide how much, and call me back).
At the end of the conversation, I said how great it has that the shipping was free. AND HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART: The operator said that they’ll probably keep doing that.
Free shipping from the Fan Club?! This would be great. It may even make up for the slightly-overpriced figures. Let’s see how it turns out.
Thanks for maintaining an EXCELLENT website!

Though Mike got his stuff in not so great condition they seem to be real cooperative. So free shipping? That would be really cool like Mike said, but we’ll see… Thanks Mike for the good words and for the info of course.



Bothan Collectables stock update
December 20, 2000 | 11:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mark over at Bothan Collectables in the UK wrote in with this info on some stock they have in right now. This is a definite plus for anyone living in the UK that needs POTJ figs.

We now have the POTJ Biker Scout wave in stock at the moment.
We have:
Biker Scout
Han Bespin
Battle Droid Boomer damage
Ben Kenobi
and more
UK customers should be able to get them from us at a significantly lower price than the majority of UK retailers charge.
Thanks & Merry Christmas.

Of course here’s a quick link to them.



Wuher Update
December 20, 2000 | 4:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

VMRP called the fan club and was told Wuher was being put on their wish list for next year. Hopefully we’ll see a new supply coming back in soon.
He was also told that the Carbon Freeze Chamber will retail for $24.99.



Them crazy Jawas
December 19, 2000 | 11:57 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The little brown scavenger friends of mine at are giving away R2… R2 you ask? Yup good ol’ R2-B1. So get over there now and register, they will give him away on Xmas day.



Hasbro poll
December 19, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Ok people we need to get over to Hasbro and vote now….
Guys seems like this is as close as the US presidental election. I understand the lead our favorite Jabba’s alien Amanaman has is only around 2%. So let’s get him higher. Hasbro claims this is our last chance to get him, and we know if Yarael is doing as good as he is we’ll most likely see him produced in the future. Guys get over there and vote now. Here’s a link to the site.



MORE from KB
December 19, 2000 | 6:52 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Chad Ryan writes:
“This past Monday I found the Falumpaset and Ammo Wagon at KB as well as the Jabba with the Two headed announcer here in Huntsville, Al. My TRU also got the CommTech Vader and Stormtrooper that same day.”

George Moppin sent in this report from Harrisburg/central PA:
“Our local kay bee toy stores are carrying watto’s box and tatooine showdown for 7.99, sith attack speeder/darth maul and gungan scout sub/obi-wan for 2.99, ammo wagon w/falumpaset 5.99,and the 12”
chancellor valorum/guard 2-pack for 14.99. No commtech waves at our toys r us stores, no new power of the jedi anywhere!



Wuher gone for good?
December 19, 2000 | 6:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Jayson wrote in to say that he called the Fan Club to check on his order for a Wuher figure and was told he is no longer available – they have sold out their existing stock and doubt they’ll get more. Refunds are on the way in the next few weeks. If anyone else hears a similar story, please let us know so we can confirm this.



R2 Holo at TRU
December 19, 2000 | 5:03 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mail has been pouring in about people finding these from all over. I would definetly take a pit stop in to TRU if you need this piece still. I haven’t seen any yet here in S East Ma area but I think we’ll see them soon. I have had reports of some finding these in the Boston area and also in Conn, so any day these could hit here. As for the rest of the country reports scattered from everywhere have come in. Good luck and report any finds to any of us here at Yak.

Update [Greg]: Tor Gundersen reports finding about 10 cases of the R2/Stormtrooper/Vader wave at a TRU store in Atlanta. Please, if you find these, post the location and quantity of the figures in our store reports section. That’s the best place to look if you’re trying to find info on where to pick these up.



Valorum at KB
December 19, 2000 | 4:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys it is true, a few emails here and some reports on some various sites can be confirmed by good ol’ Sidster himself. I picked one up at KB in Warwick, RI today for unreal low of $15. Still hard to believe considering these went for $70 originally at the FC. Another funny thing is that these aren’t even a year old. I can’t figure out what is up with Hasbro and I probably never will. Don’t feel bad guys I was also one that paid the full FC price, but I couldn’t leave it there for $15 either. Also saw some more older 12″ at this KB the New Hope asst. and the Return asst. were there also for $7.99 each. Not much else in the way of warehouse stuff though. Good luck and grab the deals while you can. SALES
December 19, 2000 | 12:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some awesome deals! has these special deals going on right now.
Darth Maul Trophy Figure $1.99
12″ TC-14 Electronic Figure $4.99
Darth Maul and Sith Speeder $2.99
12″ Electronic Ben and Vader $9.99
Interactive Yoda $14.99



December 18, 2000 | 10:25 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys a great friend of mine finally got a page up for his incredible dioramas. He does some unreal work and someday I got to fly him up here to get him to do something for me… His name is Bill Cox and some of his work has been shown on CollectStarWars and Niub Niub’s Universe. You can check out his page here.

UPDATE:Well I am proud to say that Bill will soon join us here at Yak and have is own diorama section. For now hit the link above to see some of his incredible work, but look for a new section with all of Bill’s work soon… Congrats Bill welcome aboard.



Holo Sidious at KB?
December 18, 2000 | 10:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got a mail from Yak-er Scott in Georgia and he reports finding good ol’ Mr Holo Sid and the Naboo guard on the pegs today at his local KB. If anyone else is finding these at KB let me know, first I’ve heard of them showing up there but these days anything is possible. Looks like the warehouses are getting another good ol’ cleaning. I wonder when it’ll stop but some are loving it I’m sure.



Variation or error?
December 18, 2000 | 10:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

George over at has posted a possible variation on the Boomer Damage Battle Droid. It shows two different versions, one has a purple tint on the Boomer Damage part whereas the other is just blue. Of course with me being a variation hunter I am curious now to get my hands on one. I am looking to know though if ths is more an error (black vest Maul) or a true variation. Anyone else that has one give me a shout here.



New POTJ figs
December 18, 2000 | 9:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Toymaniacs has some new POTJ fig in stock such as Han (Bespin capture), Boomer battle droid, Fode and Beed and more.



More on Mega Destroyer
December 18, 2000 | 6:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rob wrote in to say that he found a Mega Destroyer Droid at an Electronics Boutique store. This backs up Sidster’s report so be on the lookout at your local store if you need this one.



KB Finds
December 18, 2000 | 6:46 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

JediSpawn writes:
“I was in my local Kay-Bee Yesterday (Valdosta, Ga.) and to my total surprise I found: Wattos’ Box, and the Tatooine Showdown for 7.99. And in Wal-Mart I found the POTF 2 Death Star Escape and Cellblock Escape playsets, which is great because I never bought them in ’95!”



Jabba Diorama
December 18, 2000 | 6:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Robb Kale found the Jabba’s Palace diorama with Han Solo/Carbonite at a KB in Boardman, Ohio. Worth a look if you’re still after this set.



Jar Jar Naboo Swamp
December 18, 2000 | 6:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We just received the very last shipment of Star Wars Episode I action figures containing the rare Jar Jar Binks – Naboo Swamp (a.k.a. Swimming Jar Jar). E1 Asst. Coll. 1 (Wave 11) (Item #84085K, $149.99) case was the only case this item ever shipped in. After our limited supply is sold out, these will be gone forever! Only at Entertainment Earth.

E1 Asst. Coll. 1 (Wave 11), $149.99 Contains: 1x Jar Jar Binks – Naboo Swamp, 3x Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master – AKA Soft Goods) 3x Destroyer Droid with Battle Damage, 2x Anakin Naboo Pilot, 2x Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight), 3x Darth Maul (Sith Lord), 2x Darth Maul Tatooine.



More Commtech Figures Appearing
December 18, 2000 | 5:31 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

News from the MSWCC and other emails from around the states have it that the R2 w/Holo Leia and the Comttech Vader and Stormtrooper have been showing up more readily at your local Toy’s R Us stores.



Princess Leia on TV
December 18, 2000 | 5:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Philip over at Rebelscum has pointed out that Carrie Fisher will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Primetime” this Thursday. 10:00 PM Eastern.



This Weeks Winner
December 18, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Stephen Prescott as he is the winner of this weeks Ultarama Stand provided by



Who has what?
December 18, 2000 | 3:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Did a little surfing around net today and found some stuff you guys might still need or want. Here’s what I found at a few places.

Entertainment Earth
– 12″ Sith Lords set, 12″ 100th Luke, 12″ Bounty Hunters and almost all POTJ waves except Plo Koon wave.

Amok Time– Seem to be still taking orders for the FC Carbon Chamber set and also 300th Fett.

John’s Toys– Has the 12″ Sith Lords set and some POTJ Han Bespin wave.

eToys– I noticed a few cheaper POTJ figs and they still have the 12″ Chewie in chains.

Newforce– Has the 12″ Sith Lords set, and some POTJ. I understand the 100th Luke and 12″ Hunters should be in soon also.

So guys I hope this helps. Shop away, if you have any $ left that is…



Battle for Naboo
December 18, 2000 | 7:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Can’t wait for the inital release on Wednesday? It appears that Amazon has it in stock now. Star Wars Episode 1 : Battle for Naboo, the page states that it will ship within 24 hours. Update, Thanks to all that wrote in, it appears that this is on the shelf already on some parts of the country.



Mega Destroyer Droid at TRU
December 17, 2000 | 4:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I’ve gotten a few reports of the Mega Destroyer Droid starting to show up at TRU. This is the first I’ve heard it showing up anywhere but Target. Thanks to Dan and Bob for the news.

UPDATE:I can help confirm this with Brian. I saw three Mega DD’s at a local TRU this morning. Also pop into an EB if you have any local, saw a couple there last week too.



Qui Gon Production Figure
December 17, 2000 | 4:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I saw a Qui Gon Moisture Farmer production figure (Item #527241794) on ebay today. An interesting piece to own if you like rare items.



Marmit Vader? NOT!!!
December 17, 2000 | 10:13 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Ok, special Thanks to C L for the news. Here is a link explaining everything. The figure that has been shown all over is nothing but a model. Click on the link for all the viewing that needs to be taken. Sorry for the mis-info.



Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) Variant?
December 17, 2000 | 6:24 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted a scan of two Battle Droid Boomer Damage figures which have slightly different paint jobs. Could simply be a factory error or possibly a variation. In any case, it’s interesting to look at.



Marmit Vader or not…?
December 16, 2000 | 5:06 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Ok guys now things are getting weird, got an email from a
Yak-er in Japan and he said that the Vader shown here last night is not made by Marmit… Hmmm so now this makes things even more interesting. I guess since pics of the doll have shown up it was thought to be a prototype for the Marmit Vader that has been talked about, but it really isn’t. Now I have been told it is just a fan-made piece. Here’s a link to some better pics, click the thumbnails for some large clear pics.
Thanks to our overseas Yak friend for helping clear this up.



Are You Still Having Troubles?
December 16, 2000 | 4:25 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Are you still looking for some of the first wave of POTJ Figures?
Email me if you are looking for any of the following….
Darth Maul with Sticker
Darth Maul without Sticker on bubble
Anakin with Droid
Obi-Wan Jedi Knight
R2-D2 with Wheels



12″ Legacy Asst Review
December 16, 2000 | 6:38 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Keith Jakubowski sent in this photo and the following review of the 12″ Legacy assortment:

“I received my 12” Legacy assortment from EE today and they were definately worth the wait (well, except for 4-LOM).
The first thing I noticed was the box. It says “SW 12″ POTF BNTY HUNTER ASST EXCL” on the side. Were these originally slated to be exclusives somewhere?”

IG-88 is by far the best of the group. He stands over 13″ tall and the articulation is superb with outstanding detail. He has a ball joint head and his arms can go up and down at the shoulders. The elbows can be moved up and down and they also swivel to provide a wide range of motion. The wrists also swivel to add just a little more articulation. You have to extend his legs after removing him from the box and unfortunately, I’ve already noticed that they don’t really “lock” into place when you extend them. The right leg on my IG-88 is already a little loose and he tilts right when he is standing unsupported. Looks like this one is definately going to need a stand. He has a standard issue Imperial blaster (thank goodness Hasbro decided to get rid of the bright red missles) and a longer rifle. IG-88 is the best of the bunch.
9.5 / 10

Next up is Bossk. Bossk has your normal 12″ articulation (neck,
shoulders, elbows, waist, knees). His flightsuit is similar to Luke X-Wing’s but it is definately different. His blaster is very nice as well although with the way Hasbro attached the strap, you really can’t do much else with it besides slinging it on his shoulder. 8.5 / 10

Our worst fears just got worse. The legs and arms were taken directly from C-3PO and TC-14. One hand was removed and changed so he can actually hold his blaster rifle (which, incidentally, is exactly the same as IG-88’s). The torso was changed a little bit from C-3PO and the head is just awful. From what it looks like to me, it is GLUED onto his body and cannot be moved at all. Its also a much lighter shade of grey which really looks out of place with the rest of his body. I would have much rather seen Dengar or Zuckuss.
6 / 10



Some clearance finds
December 16, 2000 | 1:47 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have been getting a few reports of people finding some of the much talked about, “elusive” clearance toys lately. Some finds range from Jabba with Fode and Beed to R2 with Holo Leia to Invasion Force Obi and Maul. Here’s a quick rundown of some stuff and where to look…

KB/KB Toyworks- Wattos Box, Jabba with Fode and Beed, Invasion Force Obi and Maul

TRU- R2 with Holo Leia, CT Stormtroopers and Vader, Naboo Guard and Holo Sidi, Maul and Obi-Wan two packs, Invasion Force Jar Jar, Trade Federation tanks, Royal Starship

So get out there and be one of the lucky few. I myself can confirm some of this stuff, as I have seen it myself. Deals are to be had guys so that quick run in may prove to be worth it.



Marmit Vader?
December 16, 2000 | 1:27 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true? Well talk of this has floated around in the past and with these prototype pics looks like the talk is true. I must say I can’t wait to see some better pics, but in the mean time these tie me over, see if you agree. Here’s pic oneand here’s pic two. I’m sure the detail will be just as equal as we have seen on all the other Marmit dolls so far, if not better. Word is we’ll see Mr. Skywalker in 2001.

Here is another set of nice images of the Vader, Thanks to Inky for them.



POTJ Concept Figure
December 15, 2000 | 7:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting that the Darth Maul Sith Apprentice figure will be the first of five non-movie figures planned for 2001. A Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan based on concept art, and two figures based on comic book adaptations of Episode I characters will be the other four figures.



12″ Request
December 15, 2000 | 6:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

To the 100 plus people that responded to my inquiry “Do you collect all the 12″ figures? Are you crazy about 12″ figures? If so I need to hear from you. Send me an email.” I apologize that I had a severe mishap with my email and I lost all the responses. Please resend your email to me, all I need at this point is your name and email address, I will be sending you a return email with what I am looking for. Once again I do apologize.



25 Star Wars LEGO Sets on Sale at!
December 15, 2000 | 4:25 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Hinted at by the Deal of the Day, actually has 25 Star Wars LEGO sets on sale right now, including some that I’ve never seen before! FBTB has the complete list. Just in time to finish your holiday shopping!



Who Got Carbon-Freezed?
December 15, 2000 | 12:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin in running a competition on his website with the above title. Here’s the information he sent:
“As a token of my appreciation and in the spirit of the holiday season, I’m giving all of those who’ve come to my site a chance to win some Star Wars figures from my collection.

First Prize: Luke and Wampa Beast Asst
Second Prize: FF Weequay Trilogo
Third Prize: Watto’s Box CS
Fourth Prize: Kabe & Muftak
Fifth Prize: Jabba’s Skiff Guards CS

Hurry, contest ends on December 21, 2000. Winners to be announced December 24, 2000.”

To enter, follow the instruction on his website.



Sith Lords in stock
December 15, 2000 | 12:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the 12″ Sith Lords in stock for $44.95! They also have new prices on a lot of POTJ items. Stop by and take a look!



Still need Biker wave?
December 14, 2000 | 11:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Still need the Biker scout wave? Well John’s Toys has them in stock now for $9.99 a piece not a bad deal if you need them. Strike while the irons hot they say, good luck.



12″ In Stock at
December 14, 2000 | 9:22 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are 4 older 12″ figures that are now available online for the low price of $12.99, just Click Right here and search on each figure.
12″ Grand Moff Tarkin Action Figure with Interrogator Droid
12″ Greedo Action Figure
12″ Luke Skywalker Action Figure in Ceremonial Gear
12″ Sandtrooper Action Figure



12″ Dewback for $24.95??
December 14, 2000 | 4:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There have been several reports on the Action Figure Times that the 12″ Dewback is now on sale ONLY in Canadian TRU’s for $24.95. A huge bargin if you live in Canada.



LEGO UCS Sets 1/2 Off!
December 14, 2000 | 3:59 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

With all due apologies to the ‘Buy of the Day’, De has reported at FBTB that has both of the LEGO UCS sets (the TIE Interceptor and X-Wing) for $50 and $75 each! We’ve got coupon codes as well to save you even more . . .



Free Shipping!
December 14, 2000 | 12:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M & M are offering free US shipping to all orders over $25 until Dec 15th! Head over and check out what they’ve got in stock.



Looking for a Last Minute X-Mas Gift?
December 14, 2000 | 10:19 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well I have taken the time to root through some sites looking for the best deals I could find. So click right here to see the entire list.



Need the Gungan Scout Sub?
December 13, 2000 | 10:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Action Ace has the Invasion Force Gungan Sub with Obi-Wan in stock for $13.99



Is Your Favorite Place For News?
December 13, 2000 | 2:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is holding a poll at the moment for their readers to vote for their favorite Star Wars Collecting Site. is listed on the poll and we would like it if you voted for us. But don’t vote for us because we said to make your own choice. Even if yakface isn’t your favorite. Head over and take a moment to vote. Let everyone know which site they like the best.



KayBee Jabba?
December 12, 2000 | 9:01 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Could this be the latest for KayBee Stores? This came in from Bobb, “Not huge news but I bought the Jabba EP 1 beast pack today from Kay Bee in Zanesville Ohio for $4.99. The Fode and Beed that comes with this is far superior to the carded version!!” Thanks Bobb. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you find one.



Some stuff around the net
December 12, 2000 | 6:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I was just doing some surfing around the net and spotted some stuff worth checking out, here goes….

Our friends over at have some cool info for the holiday shopping season. They have a few reports of where to find that perfect gift for the Star Wars collector in your life.

The little brown cloaked dudes over at have another cool give away going on. This time they have hoarded the ultra cool Dagobah Vader and Mos Espa Qui-Gon. This contest runs til Dec 18th, go get’em guys.

CollectStarWars has some great pics of the Carbon Freeze Chamber playset. They did a great review and also got some great loose shots for your pleasure.

Coruscant has a cool poll going on, asking for what new figs we’d like to see. They have three choices all that I’d love to see a fig of. Yarna D’al Gargan, Imperial Dignitary, and Oppo Rancisis round out the choices. I noticed the Dignitary in the lead but I would love a Yarna before that one. We all ask for new figs and she is as new as we can get, considering a figure has never been produced of her outside a vintage prototype. So head over and vote guys.



$4 POTJ at Target
December 12, 2000 | 9:17 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Tom for the following news.

“Thought I’d let you guys know that while I was in the Chicago area this past week, I noticed that Target had their figures marked down to $4.09. I talked to a local, and they said that another Target store in the area had done the same thing. The prices apparently dropped a couple of weeks ago.”

This is not the first Target I have heard about having $4 POTJ figures. It is not known though if this will turn into a nationwide price change.



The Results Are In!!!
December 12, 2000 | 7:27 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We have the winners!!! After SEVERAL recounts and appeals, we have completed the 100th hand recount and the Winners can be seen in the new header. I know we only asked for your top six, however, I needed eight to complete the header, then I decided that since number eight and nine were so close, (it was a tie) I added the ninth figure. To complete the top ten, Slave Leia was number ten. Thanks to all for voting.



New Poll
December 12, 2000 | 7:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

In letting you the fans have your voice here are the results of the last poll:
Do you like the new Force Files?
Love them (165) 13%
They are OK (410) 33%
They are terrible (125) 10%
Don’t Care (245) 20%
Bring back the Freeze Frames (277) 22%

There is a new poll, please take the time and make your voice heard. Sorry no recounts on these.



Ultarama Stand
December 11, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This weeks winner is Tom Davidson. Congrats to him and a special thanks to Ultarama Stands for the special giveaways. If you have not entered, click on the image to the left and send in your name.



Shipping for Christmas
December 11, 2000 | 6:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’m posting the latest M & M Collectibles newsfeed here because it’s something that everyone should read now that Christmas is so close:

“Christmas shipping. For international customers, today (Dec 11)is the last day to place an order and expect it to arrive before Christmas – unfortunately, we cannot guarantee international delivery times. However, it usually takes about 10 days for international addresses.

US Customers – Friday December 15 is the last day we will GUARANTEE
Christmas shipping. More than likely, orders placed by December 20 will arrive in time for Christmas, but we will not guarantee them.

We have added several items to the main page that we have been asked about lately. Along the right hand side you will find links to our privacy statement, returns/security policies, and info about us and a FAQ.”



Charity Event
December 11, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I received this from after the charity event we mentioned recently – the one we were asking for volunteers for. They got a few helpers and they sent this along:

“I wanted to let you know our event with the Ronald McDonald House was a great success. We gave out over 920 carded action figures and 100 Applause Toddler cups along with several large toys and dolls supplied by Jeff Romanoff who is now along with our other 4 volunteer’s great friends. We are including 3 pictures from the event
and will gladly supply more if you want. We want to thank your site for posting the request’s for costumed troopers because without you
we would not have gotten the 4 great volunteers we had. If you could post their names I would greatly appreciate it. They are all from the 501st: Lance Starmer, Jeff Romanoff and his girlfriend Jane, Keith Arbeeny and George Metz.”

So, big thanks to all of you for helping out! You can check out some photos from the event here:
Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3



The new Trade Federation
December 11, 2000 | 6:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys in the past I have spoke of, and recommended an online collector group I have been part of for almost two years now called the SWCU (Star Wars Collector Union). Well soon the SWCU will be defunct, BUT replacing it will be the incredible Trade Federation. The group is totally revamped from the name to a great news site to all new forums. Anyone is welcome to join, BUT please read all rules before… There is a strict no scalping rule and also a very strict eBay rule. So if you are looking for some great help and a crazy bunch of people visit here, guys you won’t regret.



SW#2 for 2000
December 11, 2000 | 6:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Raving Toy Maniac posted today that the NPD Group Inc., has released its list of the Top-Selling Action Brand Toys of 2000.
1. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – Bandai
2. Star Wars – Hasbro
3. Pokemon – Hasbro
4. WWF – JAKKS Pacific
5. Transformers – Hasbro



Target LEGO sale
December 11, 2000 | 10:33 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

In the new ad this week, they have the B-Wing for $24 dollars, and we have received various reports stating that the Budle pack with the Mos Espa Pod Race, the Small Lego set with Quin Gon and Maul and the 3rd set, the Droid Fighter has been seen on sale for an even lower price of $30. So keep an eye out for that incredible deal.



Bespin Freeze Chamber Playset
December 11, 2000 | 10:24 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Stop in over at Rebelscum as Philip has posted some very nice shots of the playset. They also have a nice little article in the new Toyfare. Stop in there to read it.



Star Wars Trilogy on VCD
December 11, 2000 | 10:22 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Want the trilogy on the next best thing to DVD, stop by and order the trilogy for $29, they also have Episode one for $13



All I want for Christmas is a Marmit Boba Fett… Recall?
December 11, 2000 | 9:42 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Hobbylink Japan issued this email to their customers who ordered the Marmit Fett.

“Marmit plans to recall this item because of a color error in the production process. Our distributor asked us to return the merchandise.

The “error” is as follows: Boba Fett’s shoulder plates and knee covers are supposed to be the exact same shade of yellow. However, in the figures from this production run, the knee covers are a very slightly darker shade of yellow than the shoulder plates, with a very small hint of orange in them. The difference is apparent if you study the two parts carefully, but the two colors are very, very close.

We would like to provide you with a photo to show the two colors directly compared, but in our digital photo tests, it was impossible to tell the two colors apart in jpeg format. As such, after careful consideration, it is our judgment that this problem does not detract from the appearance of the figure, and we have decided to ship the stock we have received. However, for those customers who are willing to wait until Marmit produces a “perfect” batch, we are happy to accept your cancellation at this time. We have been informed that the replacement production for this figure will not be available until April 2001, so we will not be able to get you one any sooner than that time if you choose to cancel now.”

Interesting, and an example of quality control we could only wish from Hasbro. I’m mulling over a speak-up article on that topic, but surprisingly enough I didn’t even notice this paint discrepancy until after getting this email. I do, however, think the red tones on his helmet are too muted. Mind you, I still think this figure is AWESOME!

Thanks to Dennis for forwarding the actual email.



12″ Sith Lords
December 11, 2000 | 7:37 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those that may have missed the news bit.. Yak-er Stacy noticed the 12″ Sith Lords two pack at eToys for $49.99 + $5.50 shipping. I’m sure these won’t last long hit here for a direct link. Thanks to Stacy for the tip.



KBKids Sale Items
December 11, 2000 | 7:36 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are a few new deals over at;
Electronic Power F/X X-wing with Figure $17.99
Mos Espa Encounter Cinema Scene $2.99



December 10, 2000 | 11:51 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Not sure if this has been posted before but here are several SKU’s from TRU for upcoming SW figs. Thanks to Brad for the SKU’s.

142894 – 12 inch Luke Skywalker
165215 – 300th figure Fett
119380 – Vader and Maul 12 inch 2 pack
204709 – 12 inch Legacy Bounty Hunter Assortment



New Figures for $5?
December 10, 2000 | 6:21 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tom McNeal writes:
“In Birmingham, Alabama, I just found the Biker Scout wave at a local Wal Mart… and the shelf tag said $4.98 on each peg (around 20 pegs or so) and they rung up at that price too.”



12″ Bounty Hunter Pics
December 9, 2000 | 11:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If anyone is curious Entertainment Earth has some really nice clear and large pics of the new 12″ bounty hunters. Clickhere to see them.



Skiffs in Australia
December 9, 2000 | 11:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to the GhostWhoRuns for the following news.
“Just writing to let your Australian readers know that the Tatooine Skiff has finally appeared in Australia. Found a lot of them sitting at the Melbourne TRU.”



December 9, 2000 | 7:19 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A note to any readers who ordered something or were going to order from R2DToys, the British company we mentioned recently in association with the 300th Boba Fett figure. Clive, owner of the company, and also Yakface reader James let us know that they have caught a rather nasty computer virus which seems to be causing havok right now. I personally have received infected attachments to e-mails a lot recently. it’s one of those viruses that will attach itself to all outgoing e-mail without you knowing. Make sure your virus protection software is up to date.
If you want to contact R2Dtoys in the meantime, they can’t receive e-mails, but you can call them on 0208-340-5566. That is dialling from inside the UK. For US readers, the number is 011-44-208-340-5566.

On another note, I received my Boba Fett from them and it was well packaged. Great figure!



Sebulba recall?
December 9, 2000 | 6:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got an email from Yak-er Jake, he sent over some strange info he received from eToys regarding why they did not ship his Sebulba figure. Here’s what they said…
Thank you for contacting eToys.
The Sebulba figure in question has not been cancelled by Hasbro, it has been recalled. In accordance with the United Commercial Code products deemed a negligent hazard maybe voluntarily recalled as a protection from punitive damages. Hasbro has done this with the product in question because certain plastic parts were deemed a choking hazard for children under the age of three.

If you have any other questions, please call us toll-free at
1-800-GO-ETOYS (1-800-463-8697). We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. For calls outside the U.S., please dial 310-664-8530. Or you can e-mail us at

Wishing you and your family the best for this holiday season,
William H.
eToys Customer Service”

Strange, isn’t it? Well I’ll look into this more and see if I can find out a specific reason. Anyone else out there know why gimmie a holler here.



100TH Luke boxed pics
December 9, 2000 | 12:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay from ADC sent an email over letting me know he has some boxed pics of the 100TH Luke up. Another packaging change has surfaced like what happened on the 12″ Sith Lords set. I do think that the new package looks good though. I am diappointed with the set for a few reasons… We have had all the outfits and accessories in the set before, only a very few are new and nothing to scream about. Head sculpt is great but is that worth screaming over either? I think some new style of clothing would have been killer (e.g. Luke from end of Empire in robe, Luke in Endor gear). But what can we do… I wonder if all these package samples will suface one day soon and what they will go for…? Hit the link above for pics.



Another Mega DD problem?
December 9, 2000 | 12:17 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just got another report of a broken Mega Destroyer Droid, but this one is not the legs, this time it’s a broken arm. Check it out here. This came in from a very good friend of mine, he said he noticed it after some company left Thanksgiving day… Looks like someone isn’t invited again next year. Anymore trouble let me know here. Still can’t understand why Hasbro seems to have gone the cheap-o way on this piece with them owning the Transformer line. Oh well can’t live with them, can’t live without them…



12″ Legacy Wave OUT
December 8, 2000 | 6:10 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The most anticipated 12 inch action figures of the year just arrived. The new Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.1 (Item #26470A, $139.99) includes 2x IG-88 with Rifle and Imperial Blaster, 2x Bossk with Blaster Rifle, and 2x 4-LOM with Concussion Rifle. All backorders will be filled as soon as possible. Enjoy these awesome figures! Only at Entertainment Earth.



Mega DD problems?
December 8, 2000 | 10:26 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lately I have had a few emails and talks with some friends about the legs on the new Mega Destroyer Droids breaking. I had noticed this on one I have loose myself, as I transformed it a few times the legs started sticking and were almost impossible to move. I, at one point almost broke mine but luckily didn’t. Strange coming from the company that does the Transformer line themselves. What I did to help prevent this was unscrew the screw in the ball joint section where the legs stick out of, you also have to pop the section open cause it is also glued in. Once I got it open I took the legs out dipped them in oil (you could use any lubricant) and put it all back together and BAM worked fine. So if you have this problem do what I did or run the risk of them snapping. A great toy otherwise just a flaw I can’t figure out the reason for.



Bounty Hunter pics
December 8, 2000 | 10:16 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My man Moby-wan sent over an email to let me know him and the guys at have some boxed pics of the 12″ Bounty Hunter’s. Must say they look insane and can’t wait to nab them. We should see these very soon as I talked with a source on these, and they are in transit to some stores and warehouses now.

OPPS guys I goofed I put in a link to Echostation and should have been Echotrooper, link is all set now. Think my mind is frozen, we are having our first snowfall this year and it’s freezing



New SW Fan Club Website
December 7, 2000 | 5:49 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a now a new transitional SW Fan Club website up at Wizards of the Coast. There isn’t much there or in stock to buy, but there should be more as time goes on. Click here to go see it.



New In Stock at EE!
December 7, 2000 | 1:33 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

New Star Wars Figures In Stock
SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 5) (Item #84455C, $89.99 – Fode & Beed – Podrace Announcers, Sebulba – Boonta Eve Challenge)
SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 7) (Item #84445C, $89.99 – Han Solo Bespin Capture, Battle Droid Boomer Damage, Scout Trooper – Imperial Patrol (Biker Scout)) are both in stock and shipping!

Be sure to check out our complete line of Star Wars POTJ Action Figures in stock now including:

84445AA, SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wv 1.5), $89.99
Includes 3x Qui-Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 3x Leia Organa General, 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic
84455B, SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 3), $89.99
Includes 2x Jek Porkins X-Wing Pilot, 2x Boss Nass Gungan Sacred Place, 1x Gungan Warrior, 1x Tusken Raider, 1x Chewbacca Dejarik Champion, 1x Mas Amedda, 2x Coruscant Guard, and 2x Battle Droid Security.
84445B, SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 4), $89.99
Includes 3x Dagobah Darth Vader (POTF), 3x Obi-Wan Kenobi (POTF), 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x Qui Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic.



Muftak invades Factory2U
December 7, 2000 | 1:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Factory 2U stores in Arizona have been receiving the Kabe/Muftak exclusive two-pack. Thanks to Kyle for the news. If anyone knows what price these are being sold for, please let me know.

UPDATE:Greg the Muftak packs are going for a mere steal of three dollars. Yup imagine guys get out there and grab them.



December 7, 2000 | 1:24 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has updated his dioramas website with his take on how the Snowtroopers actually got out of the AT-ATs. I took a look at it myself and it looks good to me! I used to picture those Snowtrooper dropping down to the ground with parachutes or something!!



The Jawa’s do it again
December 6, 2000 | 10:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Head over to and try to score yourself some Ep1 “soft goods” figs courtesy of our little scavenger friends. The little guys are giving away a Qui Gon (Jedi Master) and Obi-Wan (Jedi Knight) for nada, zilch, zero, nothing. Not much is truly free anymore, so good luck.



KBkids in Stock Sale Items
December 6, 2000 | 9:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Now back in stock are these two items.
12″ Star Wars Princess Leia Ceremonial Gown $9.99
Star Wars Deluxe Rancor Creature with Luke $19.99
December 6, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Star Wars was Kenner’s most successful toy line, but have you ever
wondered about the other toys Kenner created?
can show you everything else Kenner has to offer. This site offers a history of the company, links to an ever-growing list of Kenner collecting sites, and message boards to talk with fellow collectors about specific toy lines.



Online Star Wars Blues
December 6, 2000 | 2:17 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

I’ve received many reports from readers who have ordered carded figures from online toy stores only to find them shoved in boxes too small or arrive otherwise damaged. My suggestion is that if you’re interested in mint condition, don’t buy from the big guys like Amazon, eToys, etc. They sell toys! Customers being upset at a slightly crushed package or illplaced inventory sticker is a foreign concept to them. They see them as toys not collectibles. Their view is that kids tend to tear open the packaging anyway. I personally get mine from the store, where I can cherry pick them myself, or utilize a place like EE or TNCUniverse, but as one would expect, you pay extra for the added attention to mint condition.

Here’s an eToys example sent in by Rich



Bespin Freeze Chamber
December 5, 2000 | 6:47 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, after looking into this a little more, it appears the Freeze Chamber Playset is still on track just a little off target. We will definately be seeing it in the near future, just not the immediate future. The projected date will be in January or February. Looks like we get a late Christmas Present.



Vader Case Assortment Change
December 5, 2000 | 12:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It appears that there has been a change in the Vader wave case assortment. General Leia has been dropped and replaced with another Qui Gon Jinn. The new case assortment is now.
3x Dagobah Darth Vader
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi
2x Darth Maul Final Duel
2x Qui Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise
1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi
1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic
Entertainment Earth has also changed their case assortment to this new one and I’ve personally seen a few of the new Vader wave cases at Target this week.



Fan Club Confirmation
December 5, 2000 | 11:16 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The broke the story about the sale. I have been able to confirm it as well with the following information. If you call the 1800-truefan number today, you will wait on hold for sometime. However the person that you finally will reach will be someone from Wizards of the Coast. You will no longer be able to reach someone from Fantastic Media. I plan on speaking with Dan Madsen today to see if I can figure out what the details are. The insider will be moved from Fantastic Media to Wizards of the Coast as well as all merchandising. Also if you are waiting for issue 51, they are planning on shipping it by the end of the month. In an effort to compensate you for the wait, they will be adding an extra issue on to the end of your subscription. I will post more as I know it. Look for the official press release due out by the end of the week, maybe as soon as the end of the day.



Need to Spruce Up The Tree?
December 5, 2000 | 9:01 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Haven’t had time to get out to the local Hallmark and pickup your Star Wars ornaments. Check out this link to place your order online.



Etoys Package of Figs??
December 4, 2000 | 10:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

While scanning Etoys, I can across this..The Power of the Jedi Action Figure 4- Pack: Obi-Wan- Naboo Swamp, Anakin- Machanic, Qui-Gon- Moisture Farmer, Darth Maul- Generator Duel $22.99



Star Wars LEGO – Here It Comes . . .
December 4, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Starting on the east coast and now as far west as Ohio from the reports I’ve received, the new Star Wars LEGO sets are hitting WalMarts – although De has found them in a Target as well . . .



SW Fan Club SOLD!!
December 4, 2000 | 8:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is reporting that the Official SW Fan Club has been sold to Wizards of the Coast. Wizards of the Coast however, is owned by Hasbro. This could be very good since the Fan Club for the past few months has been pretty much dead. Though I’m interested to see what will happen to the SW Insider.



They do it again
December 4, 2000 | 7:53 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Both sites I mentioned earlier have some pretty cool stuff worth visting them for. and both have posted some release dates for upcoming figs check them out they look pretty on target too… Though with Hasbro things change by the minute.



Old Ben variation or error?
December 4, 2000 | 4:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just got done checking out my brown cloak friends over at and noticed a cool variation/error on the good Ol’ Ben POTJ fig just released. Jawa reader Dan Emmons scored a cool Ben with a weird saber. I would think myself it’s an error but only time will tell if many slipped out like this… Interesting nonetheless especially for us variation/ error collectors. Here’s a direct link.



K-3P0 wave OUT NOW!
December 4, 2000 | 2:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new K-3P0 wave has now been spotted in K-marts in NY and NJ today. Thanks to Dan for the news.



December 4, 2000 | 1:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine, ryo_hunter, is selling a few cool items just now on eBay. One of them is the cool promo watch that is currently featured on the left of the page, and the others include a 3D Pepsi dangler poster! Search for auctions by seller ryo_hunter.



December 4, 2000 | 1:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out our newsfeeds section on the left side of the page for some cool deals. You can read some more about the new vintage REALStands and you can see how to take advantage of a 15% off voucher for M&M Collectibles, exclusive to Yakface readers!



Utah Toy Show
December 4, 2000 | 1:04 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scoop7 writes: “There is a toy show on Saturday Dec. 9 at the Davis County Fair Park 151 S. 1100 W. Farmington, Utah from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is 3.00 with free parking. Normaly I wouldn’t make a big deal, but this is the only toy show in Utah that I have ever heard of.”



Vintage Real Stands
December 4, 2000 | 9:02 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My buddy George over at sent along some info about new Real Stands for the vintage line. Pay George and the crew a visit for all the info. Sounds like the cries of vintage collectors round the world may have finally been heard. Still want to know how George gets all the girls… You’ll see what I mean…



Still need Fett
December 4, 2000 | 8:57 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

We all have heard that good ol’ Mr 300th Fett will not be around until after the new year… But wait, maybe just maybe you can get him before that. ADC is giving away Mr Fett and a set of POTJ figs which contains Gungan Warrior, Jek Porkins, Temple Boss Nass, General Leia, Mos Espa Disguise Qui-Gon Jinn, Dagobah Darth Vader, Fode & Beed, Ben Kenobi, Sebulba, Biker Scout, Bespin Capture Han Solo, & a Battle Droid(Boomer Damage). Not a bad round up if I say so myself. Readers have til Dec 31st to enter and on Jan 1st Jay and crew will pick a winner. Good luck people, go pay them a visit for all the details and to get yourself entered.



Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar
December 4, 2000 | 8:01 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

After giving you a simple way to get your own custom Jawa minifig yesterday, I thought since the Sandcrawler was still parked out back I’d go ahead and . . . well, click here and check it out for yourself 😉



Plo Koon soon?
December 3, 2000 | 9:24 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys not to sound like a poet, but looks like we will see the new cases containing Plo Koon, IG-88, Calamari Crewman, and K-3P0 soon here in the states. Just talked to a very reliable source and he confirmed this. Sounds good, man Hasbro is slamming us from left and right, good though as after holidays we’ll have that Jan/Feb lull. So he said these could show anytime soon another hunt to get ready for.



Duros and more
December 3, 2000 | 2:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Action Figure Times has posted some cool pics of the Duros prototype. They got some real up close and detailed pics, he looks like another winner for Hasbro. Also check out the Aura pics and some good shots of the 300th Fett. Hasbro has given us some good stuff lately, and look to continue that, well minus the EEECK concept Maul.

UPDATE:I got a few emails saying these were same pics from the Hasbro site…Opps I hadn’t noticed the Duros four different shots there. I don’t visit Hasbro site much at all so that would explain. Thanks guys for the heads up.



New LEGO at WalMart
December 3, 2000 | 2:40 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve received several reports today of them showing up at WalMarts on the east coast. FBTB continues to track all of the deals out there this holiday season, so stop in if Star Wars LEGO is on the Christmas list!



Real Scan Ep II figures is TRUE
December 3, 2000 | 2:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

According to the new issue of Toyfare the Real Scan company, Gentle Giant have been signed for Episode II figures. Gentle Giant will scan in characters from the movie. No word on what figures will be made using the Real Scan technology. For those not familiar with Real Scan it is currently used by JAKKS on their WWF figures. The result is the faces on their figures look exactly like the real person.

UPDATE:Gentle Giant is only the company that uses the Real Scan technology, they do not make the figures themselves. Hasbro will still be making the Ep II figures.



Amazon Deals!!!
December 3, 2000 | 10:42 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Check out these prices at!
Jar Jar Binks Interactive Talking Alarm Clock w/ Pit Droid $4.98, normally 29.99
Episode I Micro Machines Platform Action Set: Theed Estuary $2.98, normally 10.99
Episode I Micro Machines Deluxe Platform Action Set: #1 Royal Starship Repair $2.98, normally 19.99
12″ Star Wars Episode I Figure Set #1: Pit Droids $2.98, normally 7.50
Qui-Gon Jinn Interactive Talking Bank $4.97, normally 29.99
Sound Activated Dancing Jar Jar Binks $3.98, normally 29.99
Star Wars Episode I Action Fleet Set: Podrace Hangar Bay $1.98, normally 15.99
LEGO Star Wars Episode I Droid Fighter $1.98, normally 5.99

There are MANY MORE awesome deals. Many more MicroMachine Deals as well. Check it out.



Yet another new Maul
December 3, 2000 | 7:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Yesterday brought us Darth Maul in his armor (which, by the way, doesn’t look like it’d help him much in a fight). Today brings us hungry Maul! Thanks to Brian Levine for the pic.



Need Dagobah Vader?
December 2, 2000 | 6:06 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

He’s in stock now for $8.99 @ StarShow, along with Ben Kenobi and some other POTJ figs. Stop by if you need him! The Vader for sure won’t last long. Thanks to Clint for the info!



Maul (armor) Another Picture
December 2, 2000 | 5:54 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here’s another picture of the Darth Maul (Armor). Thanks to Shawn for the pic.



New figs…
December 2, 2000 | 3:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Finds on the new figs are popping up everywhere across the net, from Rebelscum to CollectStarWars to toADC to right here at Yak. Reports from NY across to Texas have come in. I can verify also these are hitting as I found them myself today. These were found at Walmart in N Dartmouth, Ma. Though I called this store earlier in the morning they said they had got a bunch of new figs overnight but not what I mentioned… So I decided to visit and BAM right there sitting on the pegs one Han Bespin, one Boomer B/D, and two Biker Scouts. I’m sure a minute later I would’ve missed them… So you might want to visit rather than call. Guys they are out there so gas up the car now….



Darth Maul Battle Armor??
December 2, 2000 | 11:26 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Yes it is a real figure. Head over to Rebelscum or SirSteve’s Guide, he has an image of this figure. I must say, while the image is good, the figure looks like….. well to quote Sebulba… POODOO!!!!!!!! What a LAME figure. With all hope to this one going by the way side and getting dumped. Let’s see, Hasbro in thier infinant wisdom, decided on this figure over Shmi, the mother of Darth Vader. Real brains there! I might add in after reading several emails that point this out. The Maul figure is based on the concept drawing of Darth Maul. I am not anymore impressed. Yes it does look like the concept drawings, but there are way more figures from the four movies that could have been produced rather than ANOTHER Darth Maul. I mean, he was only in the movie for 10 minutes. We now have a production drawing of the most under-utilized character in the Star Wars universe.



Are You Interested In Kubricks?
December 2, 2000 | 10:43 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Do you know what the Kubrick Legos are? check them out here. If you like them and want to order a set for $72.00, then click here. You will get all three sets with backdrops and the Exclusive Han Carbonite. Our friend Inkferno is offering these items, he is overseas where they are made and is VERY trustworthy.



Last Day of Voting
December 2, 2000 | 10:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are the lastest top 10:
Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet
Stormtrooper(POTF2 commtech)
Dagobah Vader
Boba Fett(300th Edition)
12″ Speeder Biker Scout
12″ Han with Tantaun
Slave Leia
Han Solo Cantina
Bespin Luke POTF
Remember if you want to vote, just read the rules on the left column. For those that have not read it, this vote is for your favorite top six figures from 1977 to the present 12″ and 3 3/4″, when making your vote make sure you specify the line and whether it is the vintage or new figure.



Chewie Mechanic, Leia (Bespin), Amidala (Theed) Pics
December 1, 2000 | 9:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are brand new pics of Chewie (mechanic) and Leia (bespin). Also, there is a pic of the new Amidala (Theed Invasion). A big thanks to Shawn for the pics.
Chewie (Mechanic) & Leia (Bespin)
Amidala (Theed Invasion)



Etoys Toys
December 1, 2000 | 9:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Right now in stock Etoys has 12″ Chewy in Chains for $19.99



Need New Figures…?
December 1, 2000 | 4:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is mainly for UK readers, but anyone can check out this list of new stuff that Dave of Startoys & Collectables in the UK has in stock right now:
300th BOBA FETT (£17.95)

If you’re interested, you can contact Startoys @

The Kubrick toys are something we haven’t really mentioned before. They are little fig- actually, it’s kinda tough for me to explain it very well so just check out item number 509364295 on eBay – thanks go to ACPin for pointing that one out. You’ll find more on eBay if you search the Star Wars categories for ’em.



Boba Fett 300
December 1, 2000 | 4:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A quick reminder from R2Dtoys that their Boba Fett figures arrived and they expect to have run out of them by Saturday. $35 including worldwide courier shipping outside the UK, or £20 shipped inside. They are expecting more on Monday, which will be an extra $5 due to a premium they had to pay. If you’re interested,

Update: You can pay by credit/debit card and delivery to the US will take 2 days or less, insured and guaranteed.



My order from the Guide
December 1, 2000 | 12:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well I just got my lone 3-P0 helmet from the Sportsman’s Guide. Box arrived good condition small tear nothing major, but I open it and the helmet had been opened before… OK so I take it from styrofoam, helmet nice and shiny nothing wrong but wait… I insert batteries works fine when on, but no motion sensor. So to me looks like this was a return being previously opened and all. So needess to say it’s going back with a long winded complaint to say the least. I will never deal with these people again after all their mess ups that occured, then this. I did hear some people were happy and that’s good. I’m happy to hear not all were burnt by them. Ok I digress…



New Fett Pics
December 1, 2000 | 12:28 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here’s a good clear pic of the 300th Fett out of the box and the Marmit Fett still not assembled.
300th Fett
Marmit Fett



Biker Scout Wave Confirmed
December 1, 2000 | 12:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I can personally, confirm that the Biker Scout wave is in stores since I found the wave today at two Wal-marts in NY. Of course, all the good figures were gone but I saw lots of Boomer Damaged Battle Droids.



Some info on FC
December 1, 2000 | 11:41 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys not sure how many of you have been hearing the Fan Club rumors as of late, but I had a few emails asking what was going on with them… I just heard back from Dan Madsen on things and he confirmed what we are hearing as JUST rumors. The FC is not in trouble, in fact he said there are some exciting things he’s been working on with Lucasfilm and someone else to help the club grow. He also mentioned they were good things and we should hear about them shortly. So guys don’t sweat it FC is still ok and I understand we will still get the Carbon set from them. Keep a lookout…



More Dioramas!
December 1, 2000 | 11:08 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For you diorama loving readers, ACPin has updated with some more cool dioramas: if you’re interested.



REVENGE of The Jedi
December 1, 2000 | 8:08 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Josh Ling, for those who know him, is a very REPUTABLE collector, has has posted on EBAY 100 Authentic REVENGE of the Jedi Patches. The Item Number is #509052843, hop on over a take a look. This is a dutch auction, so if you want one you can probably get one.


November 2000 Archives

Happy Holidays from FBTB
November 30, 2000 | 11:58 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d get a calendar that opened up to something new every day as you counted down to Christmas Day? Well, we’re going to do the same thing at FBTB. Robert Martin is known for his incredible minifig work – and he’s going to open up and give you some of the labels he uses for the figs, as well as give you some insight on how you can use them to make some quick and easy custom minifigs. But while we’re at it, he’s also going to dabble in a few items he’s built. We hope you enjoy – we’ll be adding a new one every day until Christmas! Now where did I put his instructions on how to build those Sandcrawler droids? . . .



Complete Galaxy Tatooine and Endor
November 30, 2000 | 8:31 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has the Star Wars Complete Galaxy 2-pack of Luke w/ Tatooine & Flying Ewok w/ Endor on clearance for $9.99

Thanks to Dave for the tip



Sportman’s Guide complaints
November 30, 2000 | 6:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just talked with George over at and he personally lives 15 minutes away from the Sportsman’s Guide offices. George mentioned that he would be stopping in there tomorrow and talk with them about the mini helmet fiasco. George asked that anyone with complaints send over to him at Sandtroopers and he would print everyone up and bring them over. Sounds like maybe someone might finally pay attention to some of our gripes. Just hit the link above and send George your mail there. Thanks to George for doing this for us all.



Tie Interceptor
November 30, 2000 | 5:49 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well rumors abound to this illusive item. Will it be? Is it false? Well after speaking to TWO different people, one at Hasbro Cincinnati and one at Pawtucket (which is where it WILL be made). Notice I put WILL, I can confirm what the fellas at CollectStarWars and have been saying. This will DEFINATELY be coming out and will include a figure, not sure which. As to when, don’t believe everything you read. There is NO time table set for this. It is in development. Knowing that it takes a year from development to shelf, plus tack on the consolidation that Hasbro is going through right now. I would say, end of next year, maybe. Probably 2002.



November 30, 2000 | 4:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

StarconstruX have updated with some more great dioramas – Watto’s Box, Docking Bay 94 and the marketplace – plus new custom figures and a feature called “Snapshot” – check it out!!!



Biker Scout wave OUT NOW!
November 30, 2000 | 4:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Dave for the following news.

“Just letting everyone know that I found the new wave of POTJ figs that include Han Bespin escape, Fode and beed, Sebulba, Boomer Damaged Droid and Biker Scout at my local upstate NY walmart.”



POTJ in Australia
November 30, 2000 | 4:43 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Collars for the following news.

I was in TRU today and much to my amazment I found the new POTJ range of figures. The figures available were:
-Chewbacca – Dejarik Challenge
-Coruscant Guard
-Mas Amedda
-Security Battle Droid
-Tusken Raider – Desert Sniper
They were priced at AU$12.93.

Also available for the first time at TRU are:
-12″ Darth Maul with Sith Speeder
-Trade Federation Armored Attack Tank
-Ammo Wagon and Falumpaset
-Invasion Force: Armored Scout Tank
-Invasion Force: Gungan Assault Cannon



100th Luke and Legacy 12″ figs
November 30, 2000 | 3:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hasbro confirmed shipment of the SW 100th 12in Figure – Luke (Item #32437A, $49.99) and highly anticipated Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.1 (Item #26470A, $139.99) (IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM). Both items will arrive during the second week of December and if all goes well, they should arrive to you before Christmas! (subject to change, of course). Only at Entertainment Earth.



Another election contest?
November 30, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

I recently ran into an interesting tidbit, which relates to Hasbro’s upcoming fan’s choice figure, the Duros. TFN reports that Lucasfilm has officially stated, both in Dark Horse’s Dark Empire Handbook and soon to be confirmed in Del Rey’s upcoming Essential Guide to Alien Species, by Ann Lewis, that Neimoidians and Duros are from the same species. So it would appear that there are Duros figures rotting on pegs already, if looked at from a certain point of view. In light of this, maybe Amanaman should be certified the true winner of the election… not that any of us needs another election contest.



Tie Interceptor?????
November 30, 2000 | 11:29 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

YES as reported by the guys at both CollectStarWars and could this be a reality soon? Reader Moby-wan also sent in the same info, that it was being shown in TRU computers. Hopefully it is true and will be confirmed soon. If anyone CAN confirm send it to any one of the sites… I, myself have already been trying to get a confirmation and if I get one I will let all know. I’m sure Mike at CollectStarWars and George and crew over at Sandtroopers are working just as hard to get a confirmation so hopefully one of us can confirm soon… I do hope this is true, I’m already excited…

UPDATE:Mike over at CollectStarWars reported Andy said no vehicles for 2001… Does that mean no mass release or none at all is the question? Remember the B Wing?… I’m sure more info will follow…
UPDATE2:OPPS-I goofed guys actually Mark from Rebelscum talked with Andy on the Tie and he mentioned he didn’t know what Hasbro Direct had in line… So we could still see both the Tie and B wing, let’s keep our fingers crossed.



Sportsman’s Guide update
November 30, 2000 | 11:07 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well seems feelings for the Guide are from one extreme to another. Some people report being very satisfied while many others (myself included) are not. I did get an email stating my lone, C3-P0 helmet would be in soon. But my wife did send two emails to them stating how we thought their business practices were not up to par, with no response… Oh well live and learn. Thanks guys for all the mail letting me know how you faired and good luck to anyone still waiting on word from them.



Toy Drop Off Volunteers
November 30, 2000 | 10:57 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If anyone can help these people please e-mail them.

“We have arranged an event with the Ronald McDonald House on the 9th of December for 150+ children suffering from numerous types of Cancer and bloodborn diseases so we will still be able to bring smiles to children who definitely need happiness this time of year. We still need more volunteers for this event. They will allow volunteers in Stormtrooper costumes and we need these volunteers. We will be distributing over 1000 toys to these children and it would make it a lot better with costumed helpers. We do not want any toy donations what so ever we have that part more then covered what we need are volunteers for this special event. The event will take place in New Jersey about 15 minutes from Philadelphia. If you have access to any star wars costume and have the time on December 9th please contact me
at or”.



New POTJ Cases including Biker Scout 
November 29, 2000 | 7:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Tons of New POTJ Figures In Stock at Entertainment Earth!
SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wv 1.5) (Item #84445AA, $89.99) (Leia Organa General,R2-D2 Naboo Escape)
SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 3) (Item #84455B, $89.99) (Jek Porkins X-Wing Pilot, Boss Nass Gungan Sacred Place, Gungan Warrior)
SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 4) (Item #84445B, $89.99) (Dagobah Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi).

They are also starting to fill backorders for SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 7) (Item #84445C, $89.99) (Han Solo, Battle Droid with Boomer Droid, Biker Scout). They are expecting more cases in soon.



Sportsman’s Guide update
November 29, 2000 | 5:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well I have got a few emails recently from people saying that the helmets they ordered were coming in. I have yet to see my lone one that they said was in stock. Some people are reporting all three or four they ordered came in while others say different-on their orders. If you ordered from them let me know the results give me a holler here.



New Ultarama Offer
November 29, 2000 | 3:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A new Ultarama promotion is running now – Buy 3 get a 4th free! You can read more about it in this press release.



POTJ coming to Canada?
November 29, 2000 | 1:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Eric for the following news.

“The official scoop on POTJ in Canada; they will not be available until Spring 2001. This was an official letter sent by Hasbro Canada to one of my fellow collectors here up north. The main reason behind this decision is the fact that the retailers were stuck with too much E1 products. Right now there are liquidations happening in most of the Wal-Mart’s across the country.”



Boba Fett 300 In Stock
November 29, 2000 | 8:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

R2dtoys sent in this bit for you overseas collectors. “We have 200 pieces of 300th Fett arriving, I am told the US market has it cancelled ’til next year? Anyway we are leaving the price the same at £19.99. This week we expect calamari general, biker scout, saesae tin, plokoon, ig88.” If you are interested, send him an email.

Update: For US readers, the price for the Fett is $34.99 which includes Priority shipping by worldwide courier. The number 200 is now down to 96 – their first delivery contains 96 figures, but they have been charged a premium on the next 104 and they will let us know when a price has been set – they’re trying to keep it down. Thanks to R2Dtoys for the update.



Top Six Figure Vote
November 28, 2000 | 10:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We will be closing the voting this weekend. Here are the top vote getters to this point.
1) Dagobah Vader
2) Stormtrooper(POTF2 commtech
3) Darth Vader rem hel
4) Boba Fett(300th Edition)
5) 12″ Han with Tantaun’
6) 12″ Speeder Biker Scout
7) Slave Leia
8) Amanaman
9) Bespin Luke potf
10) Coruscant Guard
There is still time to vote for your favorite six action figures, mail your entries to Top Six. Sorry, no recounts when the balloting has completed. The votes have already been hand counted and the final numbers will be certified this weekend.



Ep2 stuff on TV
November 28, 2000 | 5:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Enrico Leano sent this in for those who don’t mind some spoilers on E2: “I was watching Entertainment Tonight yesterday and they mentioned about an Episode II segment (something in Tunisia) on tonight’s show (11/28/2000). Tune in everyone!”



Marmit Boba Fett 
November 28, 2000 | 4:05 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It’s finally here. The incredible new Marmit 12in. Boba Fett (Item #MTS4,$149.99) is now in stock and shipping. We brought in a very large quantity of this awesome action figure kit from Japan. Order now at Entertainment Earth.



New LEGO pics
November 28, 2000 | 1:42 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB now has your first good look at the upcoming Imperial Guard, TIE Pilot and . . . Stormtrooper minifigs!



More new POTJ pics
November 28, 2000 | 12:00 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s some great new loose photos of the carded figures posted yesterday:
Mon Calamari Officer, IG-88 and Battle Droid (Boomer Damage)
Han Solo (Bespin Capture) and Biker Scout
Plo Koon
Mon Calamari Officer



Canadian POTJ Petition
November 28, 2000 | 11:27 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Shane wrote in to tell us about a petition going on to try and convince Hasbro to bring POTJ figures to Canada. Click here to read about it.



Custom card contest 
November 27, 2000 | 11:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys Jay from American Dream Comics mailed to say they are doing another giveaway for some cool POTJ figs. The prize is a set of Porkins wave figs including the hard to find Gungan Warrior. Jay wrote in with this…

“Between now and December 30th 2000 people can send us up to 3 entries of their own custom made blister cards of Star Wars, Star Trek, G.I.Joe A Real American Hero, Transformers, DC Super Heros, or Marvel Super Heros. People can see out site for all the details.”

Check them out at the link above.



New POTJ figs at eToys
November 27, 2000 | 10:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Great heads up for those needing these and looks like eToys has come thru with a great price. Yak reader Jake sent this in…

“Hey Sidster – just wanted to let everyone know that eToys has most of the new POTJ figures for just $5.99 each. They have Dagobah Vader, Obi Wan(Jedi), Sebulba, Fode and Beed, and Gungan Warrior just to name a few. The only one they didn’t have was Jek Porkins.”

Thanks for the heads up Jake. Guys get there quick at that price I don’t see them lasting long. Visit them here.

UPDATE: Out of Stock except for Ben and Qui Gon



Ultarama Stand Winner of the Week
November 27, 2000 | 9:43 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Bill Grogan, this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand. We have four more stands to give away. If you have already entered, please do not enter again. If you have not, click on the stand to the left and send in your name. Good Luck!



EE’s New Look
November 27, 2000 | 9:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those of you that are unaware, check out the new site design at Entertainment Earth. The new design is much friendlier to use and designed to help anyone find the new items, plus you can now search on all of the Star Wars items they have at one time. If you want to know what just came in, just take a look at the handy “Just off the truck” section on the main page. Overall I would rate the site a 9 out of 10. Stop by and take a look.



300th Boba Fett Delayed?
November 27, 2000 | 8:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The 300th Star Wars Figure – Boba Fett (Item #84566, $11.99) has been delayed until Spring 2001, sources report. No official explanation or reason has been given at this time. Apparently a very small quantity of these items shipped in error to some other retailers a few weeks ago, but the majority has been held back by Hasbro management. Again, no explanation has been given. Entertainment Earth is once again accepting pre-orders for this item, but can not guarantee that orders will be filled until they officially hear from Hasbro.

Rebelscum spoke to Hasbro and confirmed this news. After the holidays Fett should go into higher production and be out in full force.



Jedi Quest
November 27, 2000 | 5:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Joseph’s Toys, who host the Spanish version of, have posted scans of the third issue of Jedi Quest. Head over there to check it out! It’ll be posted with English text on later today. giveaway
November 27, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My little Jawa friends let me know they were able to scavenge up 1 of the new Star Wars Trilogy Wide Screen Edition VHS sets, and are giving it away… Boy these little Jawas work hard for free, no? So get over and register could be 1 less gift to get for the holidays… or maybe not. Good luck guys the contest ends Dec 4th.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to For some reason I’ve had some trouble with links in my 2 most recent posts, hope this works.



Marmit Fett at John’s Toys
November 27, 2000 | 5:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got a call from John of John’s Toys and he let me know they just got in a shipment of Marmit Fett’s. Get there quick as these won’t last long, John’s price is $129 but all Yak readers get a 10% discount by entering promotion code “Yak” in the promo box. This is an incredible and long awaited piece and finally he’s here in the US. Good luck guys.
Opps forgot to add a link here’s one for you and also John’s toll free # 1 800 505 8697.



New Carded Figures!
November 27, 2000 | 12:31 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here are some great photos of a whole slew of new POTJ figures that have been found in Hong Kong. This usually means that these toys are getting ready to ship and there’s a very good chance they could hit US shores for Christmas.
IG-88 card front
K-3PO card front
Han Solo (Bespin Capture) card front
Biker Scout card front
Mon Calamari Officer card front
Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) card front
Plo Koon card front



New England show
November 27, 2000 | 12:30 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For anyone living in New England or near, there is a big toy show on December 9th at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro, Mass. You can get more info @ Thanks to Steve for the news!



Notes on Marmit Fett
November 27, 2000 | 12:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Justin sent in this info which is very useful for anyone who will be building the Marmit Boba Fett in the future. I can totally agree with him here after slaving away over the Sandtrooper:

“Just a note about the coming Marmit Boba Fett. Or rather a useful tip you will not live to regret.

First of all, this guy is a magnificent work of art. The parts are easy and the instructions included are rather self explanatory. The big tip is this:

PLEASE browse the instructions first!!! In the heat of excitement you might be not too bothered and start fixing everything up. I did this and i am now regretting…his belt broke at two points!!! But nevermind, i have since patched him up with super glue.

With regards to the tight belt and wonderful child bearing hips…the problem lies therein. Before you do anything, remove his overalls and pull the leggings down to his ankles. NOTE: his thigh pouches must be past his ankles. Then with a hairdryer blow hot air on the belt to make it expand. Do it for at least 30 seconds, depending on the heat. Then quickly pull the leggings thru the belt and the respective leg holes. Make sure the thigh pouches are pulled below the belt. Then slowly push the whole belt and at the same time pull up his overalls. If required, continue to use the hairdryer when necessary. Be gentle. Whenver it feels too tight please please heat up the belt. And a very important thing to notice is the little strap that goes between the legs from the groin guard to the back of his belt. This strap that will straddle Fett “Junior” snug and nice should be given due attention cos it breaks easily. Don’t tug on his belt too much. And if the going gets though, remember, the hairdryer is there for a purpose.

Other than the fragile belt, everything else is rather easy to put on. You might need a couple of dabs of super glue for the elastic bands that will hold the knee pads. This guy is easy to assemble. The only difficult thing is the belt. Last but not least, do remember that heat will of course expand the belt to make it go past his hips, but at the same time will make the pastic brittle. So use your own discretion and don’t force it onto Fett.

The fiercest bounty hunter does have a quality chastity belt!”



Carded Wookie
November 26, 2000 | 6:20 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Obi-Wan BRENTobi sent in a couple of nice scans of the carded Roworr figure from the Wizards RPG game:
Card Front
Card Back



Figures In Action
November 26, 2000 | 1:41 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

It is with great pleasure that I welcome back an original member of Rich, whose main section here was Figures In Action, has moved back in to his home here at Yakface’s Realm. You can find his section on the side menu bar labeled Figures In Action. I have placed the first section “A New Hope” up with the rest to follow in the coming week. Please take a look around. I believe you will like what you find. If you have any comments about his work, send me an email until we get his hooked up and I will forward it on.



Just some info on the Sportsman’s Guide
November 25, 2000 | 11:16 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys my wife ordered 3 of the “available” Riddell mini helmets they were blowing out earlier this week, for Xmas for the Sidster. Well today she got a notice 2 were discontinued, 4 days after the order was placed and confirmed. Very disappointing to hear for us both. Our big thing is they were not shown discontinued when she placed the order, nor did they show up that way even after the order was finalized. Not the greatest way to handle “sold out” or “discontinued” items. Also to get a response 4 days after the fact is also not good business. So in essence I can say I (we) won’t order there again in the future. If any reader did order you just maybe getting a response similar to ours. Good luck guys and hope most others get what they wanted.

UPDATE: Well looks like I wasn’t the only dissatisfied customer, many people wrote in with the same story. Guys best thing to do is complain and maybe enough complaints will get some sort of action taken. What could be done who knows, but it’s worth a shot.



Star Wars Attakus statues
November 25, 2000 | 7:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just spoke with a friend across the water in the good ol’ UK and he mentioned these great statues will be out very soon. I had posted a month or so back on these, and now hear they will be ready for shipping soon. They are truly great pieces for any collection. Made of resin and very limited in #, I believe 1,200 pieces each character. Great for the coming holidays and the “have it all” collector. I understand they will be ready in the next few weeks, you can check them out here.



Rorworr at Borders
November 25, 2000 | 6:14 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just a quick fyi for those looking for the new Invasion of Theed RPG, I got it today at Borders in Warwick, RI. I know reports of it being found at Borders have surfaced on the web, but none with it being found discounted. I got mine for 30% off the listed price, so maybe worth popping in and checking on. Not sure if this was this store only or maybe a weekend type sale, but it came to 11 dollars and change. Not a bad deal especially if you are only interested in the fig itself.



Custom Homer as Rebel Pilot
November 25, 2000 | 12:30 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Alan wrote in to tell us about his custom Homer as a Rebel Pilot figure on ebay. It is Item #508088805 and in my opinion is one of the best custom figures I’ve seen.



Marmit Fett Pre-Order
November 25, 2000 | 8:34 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Need to pre-order the Marmit Boba Fett? Brian Levine from Anime Collectibles let us know that you can pre-order the item from them for $99 plus a $4.95 shipping charge. You will be asked for a $50 deposit. For more info or to order, contact Brian at



TRU Update
November 25, 2000 | 8:20 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Brad from Indy sent in this useful info:

“This is a message to solve the mystery as to why only certain TRU’s received great figures for yesterday’s sale. First of all, all TRU’s will get in more figures from EP1 collections 1,2, and 3 as well as classic commtech figures. As for who will come in these cases, please don’t ask an associate at TRU because we simply will not know until they come off the truck. If my memory serves me well, I believe there were about four different case mixes for the classic Commtech figs. I looked up these orders yesterday, and for my area they are now pending to come in to the wharehouse. This means we could see these in the stores as early as next week since most stores are receiving trucks on a daily basis. As for the black Friday sale, this was used to clear out old inventroy sitting in TRU wharehouses. Some markets had great stuff sitting in thier wharehouse. Others did not. As for my area (Indiana, Southern Illinois, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky) we were not so lucky for the big sale. But I am looking forward to next week. $1.97 is still not that bad.”



R2-D2 with Holo Leia & TRU
November 25, 2000 | 7:52 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A note to everyone – our mailboxes are being filled up with TRU store reports right now. Waaay too many to post here. If you want to report a finding, please post it in the Store Reports section of our forums. A lot of people are finding these, and many stores aren’t putting them out straight away, so you might want to watch the forums to see if anything comes up in your area.



Variation Hunters!
November 25, 2000 | 7:48 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is for all the variation hunters out there. Here’s a pretty big list of the cardback changes (ie first cardback to new cardback) appearing in the latest assortments of POTJ figures:

These figures are now .0100 as of the Sebulba coll 2 case and the Vader coll 1 case:
Anakin Skywalker with Pit Droid
Darth Maul (Final Duel) [with bubble sticker] Princess Leia Organa: General
Qui-Gon Moisture Farmer (there is also a variation with a black sticker over an incorrect date stamp on the .0000 cardback)
Tusken Raider
Battle Droid: Security
Jek Porkins
Gungan Warrior
Boss Nass: Sacred Place

The following figures are ONLY available on .0100 cardbacks:
Dagobah Vader
Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH version)
Fode & Beed



Marmit Fett
November 25, 2000 | 7:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Click here for a photo of the Marmit Boba Fett box. Thanks go to Franky Chan of Hit Toys in Hong Kong for the use of his photo!



Speak Up!
November 25, 2000 | 7:41 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’ve posted my Speak Up! article about scalping. Please take a look and send any comments/nasty e-mails 🙂



Looong story -short
November 25, 2000 | 12:16 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys I’ll sum up the “Black Fri” TRU sale now… Honestly most reports I personally got were of people finding nothing worth the early get up time or crowd fighting. Did get reports of R2 being found, but seems more not as lucky stories. Reports ranged from 1-20 R2’s at 1 particular store… But maybe (and most likely) this means we will see R2’s in he stores that didn’t get any today, I might stop in over the next few days. I hit my TRU again later in the afteroon and I can say they will definetly need to restock some shelves, Star Wars upon a few others were empty… So maybe soon us unlucky folk will have something to talk about and just think alot less competition to deal with at the same time. Good luck guys and congrats to the lucky take 1’s. Guys please lets remember 1 thing though let’s not treat these like gold now considering they were found for a buck and the whole”rare” factor has been knocked down a few notches…



LEGO Watto minifig and New Pics
November 24, 2000 | 7:49 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB now has a larger pic of the upcoming Watto minifig, as well as box back art for 7106 Droid Escape, 7126 Battle Droid Carrier and 7127 Imperial AT-ST.



Back in stock
November 24, 2000 | 3:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow have General Leia and Qui-Gon back in stock now.



November 24, 2000 | 8:05 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup guys I’m back and my TRU tanked and had nothing, zero, zilch, nada… Only “new” figs were coll#1 F/F so big waste. Now I’m tired and cranky and nothing to be excited about. Did get some reports of coll#3 F/F reports but nothing that said Sandtroopers, Fett, Weequay,
or any of the “rarer” (is that even a usable term anymore). Also no real confirmations such as scans. So please let me know what you guys are finding. Hope most had better luck than I.

UPDATE:Well mixed across the board on how things faired for people, some did good others were in Sidster’s boat. I am hearing from the obvious no R2’s to 1-2-20 at 1 store. I haven’t given up and hope to see some at my TRU soon. I and a few Yak-ers noticed alot of mom’s and dads’ getting figs for the lil 1’s, so that’s good they are the future-us. Also met up with a great kid today looking for figs for himself my bud Sid (coinky dink or what) was a teen collector, customizer, you name it. Love seeing that. I’ll try to keep some updates up as I hear more stories. Thanks to ALL you great people for reporting in.



Vote For the Header
November 24, 2000 | 12:56 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

As the vote is nearing its end and with over 560 votes, here are the top 10 so far:
1) Dagobah Vader
2) Commtech Stormtrooper
3) Vader w/ Rem Helmet
4) Boba Fett 300
5) Amanaman
6) 12″ Biker Scout
7) Bespin Luke POTF2
8) R2 w/ Holo Leia
9) Coruscant Guard
10) Slave Leia
If you still want to vote, you have just a little time left. You do not have to vote for any of the above names, just click on the link to the left to send in your vote.



Happy Life Day??
November 23, 2000 | 11:46 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Official SW site updated today wishing everyone a Happy Life Day. Go here to see LucasFilm’s Happy Life Day message which even comes with a singing Ewok. No, I’m not making this up.



Need some HELP
November 23, 2000 | 8:25 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I am looking for some major help and hopefully a burning question answered. I had a report of Coll#3 F/F figs showing up at a TRU for the sale, no definite proof was given but came from a person on a list I’m part of. IF anyone can help me find out if this is happening or not PLEASE mail me here. Also a friend says 2 very good sources told him we’d see these show up. I would love any help finding out the truth here. I find it almost hard to believe as we never saw these the 1st big dump, so if you have any info please let me know. Any TRU employees or customers that can help I would greatly appreciate.



Sebulba Wave at KB
November 23, 2000 | 7:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Sebulba wave is now showing up at KB Toys. Thanks to Ray for the news.



Happy Thanksgiving to all and some R2 confirms
November 23, 2000 | 12:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys before I head off stuff myself silly and…sleep. I wanted to share some comments on the prized holy grail we will be out looking for tommorrow, R2 with holo Leia.
Since my post last night I have had some more comments AND some scans to confirm. I won’t post scans cause there are a few but some people ARE finding the lil guy for sure, but not 20 at time has been confirmed YET. Here are some comments 1 from a TRU mgr.

John in Houston, Texas said this
“Hey Sidster,
Figured I’d drop you a line in response to your post. I went by my local TRU today to find a (and I mean A) R2 with holo Leia. They did have at least 50 or so commtech Vaders and Stormtroopers. ”

John from Indaiana had this to say
“I was able to stop in at two Toys R Us stores before work on Wednedsay afternoon. The first stop was in Merrillville Indiana
( Southlake Mall). There were at least 20-30 commtech Vaders and
Stormtroopers at this store. Only a few were on the pegs but as I went
to the back wall ( on the way to the storeroom 🙂 there was a large
bin about 2 feet deep and they were full of vaders and troopers not ONE R2.The second stop was at the Toys R Us in Lansing Illionis. No new markdown figures were on the pegs so I asked a clerk and he found a case of markdown POTF commtech figures. As he opened the case I saw
the R2 and gently reached into the box and held on to it.
For CERTAIN there will be a few more R2’s at the Lansing store and
Definetely NONE at the Merriville store.”

and 1 last from a TRU mgr
“I believe I can shed some light as I am a manager for a TRU.
40 Commtech R2’s are possible. A good chunk of the TRUs are recieving anywhere from 10 to 50+ cases of this wave…not EVERY TRU is getting these HTF figures, my store is one of them although my friend at another store hooked me up and got me 3 R2’s and a buttload of

So there ya have it again good luck and regardless try to enjoy guys.
Remember that alot of other stores will have stocked shelves too, so you may find many other goodies lurking you need/want.



LEGO 2001 a TRU Exclusive?!?
November 23, 2000 | 9:59 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has all the latest on this development . . .



More on R2 and TRU
November 22, 2000 | 11:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well since I posted I have got a few bits of mail with some reports of people finding the lil guy. Thing is some people are reporting exuberant amounts that just don’t seem real for 1 store alone to get in, while others seem more realistic. Then there are those that don’t add up 1 way or another. Some reports from 10-12 being found then some 40+ at 1 store which is kinda hard to fathom. I would love to say where the reports are coming from but with so much inconsistency across the board I will wait. I ask that from now on anyone reporting a find if you could scan a receipt or even a pic of how many you landed, otherwise it’s tough to honestly report what’s out there. In some instances I believe it to be a hype issue and for that, until further proof is shown I will leave it alone. IF in fact R2 is showing up as some claim then Hasbro pulled a quick 1 on us AGAIN…



A Special Request
November 22, 2000 | 6:12 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I am seeking fellow collectors that live in Japan. PLEASE, if you are living there and are at this page, email me as I have a special favor to ask of you. Thanks.



Marmit Fett coming real soon
November 22, 2000 | 4:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend in Japan let me know that Marmit now intend to release their 12″ Boba Fett doll/kit next Wednesday, 29th November. At last…



To get R2 or not to….
November 22, 2000 | 4:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys lots of reports of R2’s being found lots of it not…. I myself popped in at 2 TRU today and nada yet, I will head back to 1 tonight cause they expected 1 truck today. So it’s really a 50/50 chance and here’s some proof…

“Hey Sidster!
I work at the TRU in Beavercreek, Oh. and am sad to say that last night, I unloaded the last truck before Fridays sale and no R2/Holo Leia’s were on it. Rumor has it that we will be getting it, sometime.
When I pull it off the truck, I will certainly let everyone know.
Interactive Yoda has been reduced to $19.95”

So there ya go though some of us may get up early for nada (I hope not me), others will score. But there still maybe hope for us early birds that don’t get anything. Thanx Assailant for the info man.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and good luck on Fri.

UPDATE:I have been recieving more reports of people finding out their TRU won’t have some of the elusive stuff expected. I, myself can attest as my local looks like it may have only some but not quite what was thought. But I also understand that if some TRU don’t have the product for Fri it still may come in. So still hope there and heck I ‘m not complaining to get some CT Troopers or R2’s for even 2 bux. So again good luck and congrats to those that have scored already.



99c finds
November 22, 2000 | 4:09 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin was at Jack’s 99c Store in Manhattan, NYC and found the following figures and other items:
Captain Panaka
Naboo Royal Security
Battle Bags
Accessory sets (series 1)
Nute Gunray cup toppers
E1 gift wrap
All, shockingly enough, 99c!

ACPin also mentions that he has updated his cool dioramas site with a bunch of new toys in action! Stop by and take a look!



Star Wars and Sci-Fi 2nd Annual Collectors Show
November 22, 2000 | 3:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

November 26th, 2000
9am – 4pm
Location: Howard Johnson Hotel
Wright Brothers Blvd
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Just off I-380 at the Eastern Iowa Airport Exit
For all inguiries call (319) 373-1386: Ask for Mike



12″ Qui-Gon and Amidala sets
November 22, 2000 | 12:54 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

More on these sets showing up at Value City, this time from AustinDPowers:
“Found a “ton” of “escape From Naboo 12inch” sets at Value City in Paramus, New Jersey, as far as I know, this is the only store in the NY/NJ area, but yet I may be wrong.”



HUGE Sale!
November 22, 2000 | 8:48 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has the complete 22 set listing of Star Wars LEGO sets currently discounted at!



TRU report from Florida
November 21, 2000 | 11:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Marc “Draven” wrote in with some info on some figs in the still yet undecided electoral win state. Marc said a TRU by him recieved several cases of Holo Sid wave and some Soft goods wave also. He also stressed no classic waves yet, but we know there’s still time. So now most of us just have to wait and see what Fri brings. Marc wished all good luck as do I. Now getting up will be the hard part…



New Hasbro Site Open
November 21, 2000 | 10:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hasbro has redone their site and it has opened today. There are a few pics of the upcoming Aurra Sing 3 3/4 figure that you can see after you register. There is another poll for a fan choice figure. This time the choices are:
Admiral Ozzel, Amanaman, Ben Quadinaros, Major Bren Derlin and Yarael Poof. Finally, there is an update on the Duros figure, which looks excellent and even has a blaster holder on his ankle. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it and Rebelscum.

Update: (Greg) – Vote Amanaman! This guy deserves a figure. Major Derlin and Admiral Ozzel would end up really similar to existing figures such as Hoth Rebel Soldier and Captain Piett respectively. Ben Quadinaros? C’mon people! Yarael Poof? Ok, he’s not bad…but to make him fit in the box he’d probably end up badly out of proportion. Amanaman is the way to go! And besides…fruit is good for you.



Forget Black Friday
November 21, 2000 | 9:04 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Start Shopping NOW!!!!!! now has many figures in stock, all just .97 a piece. Use the search box and search on the figure that you want.

Search Now:
In Association with




Wookie Scout Images
November 21, 2000 | 8:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I received my Invasion Of Theed game today in the mail. These are images of the Wookie Scout that comes with the game. Overall the figure is a decent figure. The game is very nice, with many items inside. If you are into roleplaying this looks like it could be a very fun game.
Wookie Scout Loose
Carded Front Shot
Carded Back Shot



U.S. Retail for LEGO Star Wars 2001
November 21, 2000 | 8:38 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has the pricing for the upcoming sets onsite now . . .



Let’s help each other out
November 21, 2000 | 6:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys with all the reports of people finding R2’s with Holo Leia at TRU already looks like my confirmation was on it… I just want to stress to all that we know without the stuff expected, TRU will be a zoo on Fri anyway, but with it OH BOY… Let’s just all try to be fair and help the next man out if you get in the door 1st and get to the isle to find 30 R2’s don’t hoard them guys. Remember your fellow collector if you can grab some and give some to those looking that made it in after you. I mean things could work out cool or very bad… Lets’ try to make as many people we can happy. We know the insanity that can happen (e.g. Cabbage Patch dolls, Nintendo, PS2) so let’s TRY to avoid all that. I wish all luck I’ll be there and I’ll leave either happy or frustrated hopefully it’ll be…
Oh and 1 more thing grab 1 toy at least for the Toys for Tots, some kids get nothing and man that hurts to know…



Free Roworr….?
November 21, 2000 | 5:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup that’s right guys you can try and nab yourself a brand new Invasion Of Theed Boxed Set With Exclusive Roworr Fig this week at These guys have been coming thru with some cool giveaways lately, dirty scavengers I tell ya…. So head over and try your luck out.



Great news from Ultarama
November 21, 2000 | 5:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys got some great info from my buddy Mort at Ultarama on a great free shipping offer. Guys definetly take advantage and get that “has it all” Star Wars collector some cool display pieces for the holidays. You can read the press releasehere.



Watto’s Box
November 21, 2000 | 4:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Shabby Blue found Watto’s Box @ a KB in Tulsa, OK for $7.99! As I remember, someone else reported a similar find not too long ago. Sounds like this set, along with R2-D2 with holo Leia, is starting to surface again. Sadly, no similar news on the Eopie yet.



R2-D2 with holo Leia
November 21, 2000 | 4:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lots of e-mail about this figure and TRU. And there are two different stories appearing – either people are walking into the stores and finding this figure by the dozen for $1.97, or they are being told that it’s not available, they don’t have any and won’t get any. One TRU in Killeen, TX, seems to have taken the R2-D2s out and then put the rest on the floor….sounds like some nasty employees at work there rather than the toys not being available. Basically, if you have been told these toys aren’t coming in at all, that doesn’t sound right at all – keep checking back. The chances are that the employees saying things like that are getting fed up with collectors asking about them and just want peace. These are positively definitely out there…keep looking! And be glad if you didn’t pay extra money on eBay.



12″ Aurra Sing
November 21, 2000 | 4:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

eToys have the 12″ Aurra Sing with book for the lower price of $45. Thanks to Jonathan Pagaduan for the news!



R2 with Holo Leia
November 20, 2000 | 10:55 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Toys R Us stores have been the place to find the elusive R2-D2 with Holo Leia and they should be even more plentiful the day after Thanksgiving. Stores are being told to keep the stock in the backroom until Friday November 24th. Reports of it being clearance priced at $1.97 also add to the drama. If you’re brave enough to tackle a toy store on “Black Friday,” good luck. I’d check in earlier also since most retailers don’t tend to obey street dates on “that” Friday.



Ultarama Stand Winner of the Week
November 20, 2000 | 10:29 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Dave Weisberg, this weeks winner of the Ultarama stand. If you have not entered click on the link to the left. Send in your name.



Top Ten Survey
November 20, 2000 | 10:09 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This in from the fine collectors at “Our goal is quite simple, getting more of the figures collectors want made. In talking with Andy, taking into account the increase in “classic” figures and Episode II on the horizon, I asked what other Episode I figures we might see made. Andy expressed a real interest in finding out what figures collectors wanted and we developed the idea of a very simple survey that would allow fans to pick ten they wanted most.”
So I am not sure what you are waiting for, click on the link and cast your vote.



R2-D2 with Holo Leia is BACK!
November 20, 2000 | 5:25 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Coruscant Toys are reporting a find of a supply of R2-D2 with Holo Leia @ a TRU store – head over there for more! Thanks to t-bone28 for the info!



Cheap Maul Mask
November 20, 2000 | 2:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tony sent in this info on a recent find: “I was at K-Mart shopping, and I noticed a Darth Maul mask Not a plastic one but a full head latex. There was a sign saying 90% off, but no price on the mask. I asked a guy and he said they were (originally) $8.99. When I got to the counter, the same guy, couldn’t figure how to ring it up, so he sent a coworker to find an Item for 8.99. He came back say this cost 6.99. Well to finish this, I paid .69 for a real nice Darth Maul mask”



Rorworr in the UK
November 20, 2000 | 2:13 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Unbelievable as it sounds, there is a way to get the Theed RPG game set with Rorworr in the UK right have the toy in stock. For more details, and info on how to get a further £5 off the price, check out The Public Universe. Thanks to Walrus Man for pointing it out!



Sales, Sales, Sales
November 19, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

During this holiday season, FBTB continues to keep a daily eye on all of the Star Wars LEGO sales. I’ve added information for Best Buy, Media Play and today. If you’re looking for deals, then look no further!



New Star Wars LEGO Sets Arrive
November 19, 2000 | 6:36 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve received multiple reports of them showing up at Zellers and Toys’RUs stores . . . in Canada!



Invasion of Theed/Roworr pics
November 19, 2000 | 3:18 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are some nice pics of the Invasion of Theed box and Roworr figure. Thanks to Womprat for the pics.

Invasion of Theed Box
Free Figure Sticker



Canadian Store Reports
November 19, 2000 | 11:48 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

While we do, of course, invite collectors from all over the world to add their store reports to the section in our forums, the new forums over at TheCollectorConnector have a section for just Canadian reports, alongside other things. Here’s the news I received from webmaster Bill Roth:

“I have finally got around to generating Forums for THE Collector Connector.COM’s SMUGGLER’S RUN ( The first forum I have setup up is the Canadian Store Report. I will be generating many new forums in the very near future. In fact, I hope to have a Trading Post Forum setup before the end of the day today. I am also taking suggestions for Forums from my visitors Just email me your suggestions (”



New Videos
November 19, 2000 | 9:34 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Steve was kind enough to send over some pics and info of the new set of videos. Firstly, here are scans of the Widescreen cases:
ANH & ROTJ boxes
ESB box

Steve also sent in some info about the Episode Two content of the set. Since there is some factual information on Episode Two contained here, I’ve put it in a separate text file. Click here for the E2 information.



November 19, 2000 | 9:21 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Coruscant Toys are giving away the first wave of POTJ Collection 1 figures – head over to enter your name.



Defense of Naboo
November 19, 2000 | 9:18 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Yet more reports about this “exclusive” set showing up. Romeo Jun reports that he saw about 30 Defense of Naboo sets at a Value City in Streamwood, IL. $21.64 after tax. They also gave him a 20% off coupon (only valid until tomorrow though) and they had some of the items that have been found on clearance at TRU (Epic Force figures and Beast packs).



Epic Force cheap @ TRU
November 19, 2000 | 9:15 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Toys R Us in Beavercreek OH had 3 full cases of Epic Force Boba Fett, Darth Vader, C-3PO and Bespin Luke wave. They were just $1.97 each. Thanks to Rich for the news.



Invasion of Theed
November 19, 2000 | 2:09 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Now online at CLICK HERE to order it for $11.96. This is the one that has the action figure. Normally $14.99



New Star Wars LEGO Now Shipping
November 18, 2000 | 7:43 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB is reporting tonight that the new sets are beginning to show, along with the new Life on Mars line.



Still looking for…
November 18, 2000 | 4:42 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Porkins and crew well I spotted some at a KB today 1st I have seen or heard them being available at KB. So just another place to drop into if you still can’t nab them yet. Also a quick fyi but they were on .0000 cards of course no Gungan chilling with Nass And Porkins but we knew that right…?



Clarification on Rorworr
November 18, 2000 | 12:25 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Vic for the following news.

The Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game. This is an
introductory version of the Star Wars RPG aimed primarily at people who don’t typically play RPGs. It contains everything you need to start playing, and also includes the Rorworr action figure.

It will appear in two different packages, depending on where you buy it. Hobby stores wanted a box that will fit in with their other RPG product, so they’ll be carrying a windowless box that’s roughly 9×12. Chain stores like Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us, prefer boxes that are sized more like board games, so they’re getting a box that’s about
11×16, with Rorworr visible through a window. (I’d expect that TRU will stock it not in the Star Wars section, but in the Wizards of the Coast specialty section, alongside the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game.)

To be clear, the contents of each box are identical – only the box itself is different.



Pick the New Yak Header
November 18, 2000 | 12:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

All you need to do is send an email with your favorite SIX figures (only Six), 3 3/4″ or 12″ to us. The top Six vote getters will be added to the new header. When voting for your figure, please specify
which line you are talking about (ie: vintage, POTF2, etc..).



November 17, 2000 | 8:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

My post from earlier on today about TNC Universe prompted a couple of e-mails about scalping. This topic seems to come up time and time again, so next week I will post a new Speak Up article, which I will write myself, about scalping in general. I think there are a lot of points which need to be spoken about. So, if you were thinking of writing, please hold off until you see that and then feel free to send in feedback. Thanks.



Mega Figs Cancelled
November 17, 2000 | 6:40 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

New Force Comics and CollectStarWars are reporting that Hasbro has cancelled the Mega Action line and that the Destroyer Droid will be the last one made for this assortment. No more quantities are available for order at the Hasbro warehouse.

Personally, I’m not suprised since Maul and Obi-Wan have barely sold around here and are collecting dust.



POTJ Cases
November 17, 2000 | 6:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Just in time for the holidays, Hasbro has promised to ship us more quantity of new Power of the Jedi action figures. Choose from these new case assortments scheduled to arrive within 10 days:

SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wv 1.5) (Item #84445AA, $89.99 with Qui-Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise and Leia Organa General)

SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wave 4) (Item #84445B, $89.99 with Dagobah Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi)

SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 5) (Item #84455C, $89.99 with Fode & Bede – Podrace Announcers and Sebulba – Boonta Eve Challenge)

Also, at Entertainment Earth they have this new case assortment.
SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 8) (Item #84455E, $89.99)
3x Queen Amidala Red Throne Room Gown (Theed Invasion)
3x Saesee Tin (Jedi Council)
2x Plo Koon
2x IG-88
1x K-3P0
1x Colonel Calamari



Need the latest figures?
November 17, 2000 | 12:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Received this from TNC Universe:

“Just wanted to let you know really quick that I have all the newest Star Wars releases in stock such as:
Leia Qui Gon Boss Nass Gungan Warrior Jek Porkins Darth Vader Ben Kenobi 6″ Destroyer Droid etc…
I also have the new waves of figures on the way as we speak.”
If you need any of these things, head over to their site!



Rorworr OUT NOW!
November 17, 2000 | 11:54 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Christopher for the following news.

“Just to let you know, I picked up the new SW Role Playing Game boxed set which includes the new Rorworr figure. The figure is very cool, and the set cost only $15. Unfortunately, there is no window to see the fig, so you’ll have to open it. I should probably mention that I scored this piece at Borders near Chicago.”



Updates updates updates
November 17, 2000 | 11:22 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out these cool photos courtesy of Dave Ross of Startoys and Collectables in the UK:
Boss Nass (Sacred Place) comparison – this pic shows a .0000 and a .0100 carded Nass. Dave says that there is an obvious paint change between the pair. It’s not highly visible in the photo, but it is clear when you see the figures.

.0000 and .0100 Boss Nass cardbacks – this pic shows the two card backs that Boss Nass is available on.

Darth Maul (Final Duel) with bubble sticker.

In other updates – a new Speak Up! article has been added, written by Sidster. Check it out! And also, a new newsfeed has been added from M&M Collectibles. The newsfeeds box is updated regularly so keep checking it!

Update: Just to clarify – the Boss Nass paint variant – which a couple of other people have confirmed by the way – is not a case of ‘one verion comes on a .0000 card, one on a .0100 card’. Uh uh. Deco changes have no effect on the numbers of the card – especially not in POTJ where all figures share a cardback. The two varying decos can be found on each card. Thanks to Bob for pointing out the possible misunderstanding there.



Harrison Ford Flies Solo
November 17, 2000 | 5:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is an interesting article in the new People. It seems that the once most envied marriage in Hollywood is now on a down side.



New Sebulba Images
November 16, 2000 | 11:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

here are some nice images of the new POTJ Sebulba compared to the figure that came with the Pod Racer. Thanks to Ian for the pics.
Sebulba Front
Sebulba Helmet On
Sebulba Helmet Off
Sebulba Side



$0.70 Applause 10″ figurines
November 16, 2000 | 11:18 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Talk City has quite a few 10″ Applause figurines for $.70 a piece.
Thanks to Mike for the news.



Vader Dagobah Case Assortment
November 16, 2000 | 11:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

4 Dagobah Vader
4 Ben Kenobi
1 General Leia
1 Qui-Gon Disguise
1 Anakin Mechanic
1 Darth Maul w/Break-Apart Sticker

Thanks to Brian Levine for the news.



POTF2 Rancor
November 16, 2000 | 9:45 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Star Wars Deluxe Rancor Creature with Luke for $19.99 in stock.



Almost forgot
November 16, 2000 | 4:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

John of John’s Toys also wanted to mention a special for Yak readers only. John is offering 10% off any order whether in stock or on back order, so once again John comes thru with a great deal. Check them out now with an extra 10% off some steals are to be made… Just type in “Yak” for promotion code. If you happen to run into any trouble you can also give John a call at 1 800 505 8697.



Some info from John’s Toys
November 16, 2000 | 4:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just talked with John at John’s Toys and he sent me over a list just recieved from Hasbro on coming figs. Most we have heard of others were put on hold (or were they?). Does this list confirm? Who knows anymore with them but here’s what was on it…
Han Solo Bespin
B/Droid Boomer Damage
Biker Scout
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice
Chewbacca Mechanic
Leia Bespin Escape
Colonel Calamri
Squid Face
Holo Nute Gunray
Lando Calrissian
Plo Koon
Amidala Red Throne
Sae Sae Tin Jedi Council
Jar Jar Tatooine
R2-D2 Black
I thought I’d put it up to see if Hasbro will respond with the same ol’, “we have no plans to release at this time”, answer. If that is the case then they need to not send these lists to the buyers, right? Also the poor ol’ Gungan Warrior looks to be a 1 per for quite sometime… A new case ratio was given on 1 future asst and here’s what it says…
Colonel Calamari x3
K3-P0 x3
Plo Koon x3
IG-88 x3
Sounds like a totally new fig case there, we’ll see…



Trilogy on shelves?
November 16, 2000 | 4:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be… Well guys came back from a hunting trip (Star Wars that is) and saw a ton of trilogy vidoes sets at Walmart. This is in the N Darthmouth, Ma store so you might want to see if any round your way are doing the same, I also heard that some Sam’s club stores, part of Walmart, have done the same. Not sure on price I didn’t ask or buy, figure I’ll wait for sales. Good luck all.
Opps this is a surprise cause release date is supposed to be NOV 21st.



Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion)
November 16, 2000 | 12:17 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new issue of Tomart’s has a pic of the upcoming Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion) figure. It looks like a nice figure but is kinda dull. So if you are curious you might want to pick up the new issue. Thanks to Paul for the news.



What the people think…(and know)
November 16, 2000 | 11:35 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Here’s some finds and reviews from a couple of our friendly Yak-ers (Yak readers). Thanks guys much appreciated.

“Hey, Sidster. Tim Enloe here from GA. Just figured I would drop you guys a note and relay what I found at a local walmart yesterday:
1. POTJ Obi-Wan ( Jedi-knight) – This figure rocks. Looks exactly like Alec Guiness. His posture is appropriate as well.
2. POTJ Leia / General: One word: Boring. Her hips look like she could bear triplets with ease.
3. POTJ Qui-Gonn / Mos Espa Disguise: Ho hum. Another Qui-Gon from Tatooine. He appears to be made from various past Qui-Gonn figures. Nice sculpt, but just too similar from figures past.
4. POTJ Dagobah Vader: Ok, every figure has to relinguish the #1 spot, so Removeable helmet vader, step down. This figure shows what can happen when Hasbro puts their minds together and listens to the fans. The face plat fits perfectly, and the emotionless face of Luke looks EXACTLY like that in the movie. The entire figure is clear with a black dusting with some areas darker than others. The eyes are a dark cranberry red and are transparent. In my twenty someodd years of collecting, this figure is #1.
Best regards,
Tim Enloe”

I agree with Tim on the Leia and Qui, nothing to drive and waste gas on… Can’t comment on Vader wave yet cause don’t own them unfortunately *sigh*… On another note Yak-er Marsboy
wrote to say he found a case of Vader wave also and noted Vader and Old Ben has both 4 per case with all others at 1. Thanks guys.



Han Bespin Capture and Battle Droid Boomer Carded
November 15, 2000 | 7:47 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are pics of the new Han Bespin Capture and Battle Droid Boomer damaged carded. Thanks to Clive for the pics.

Battle Droid Front
Han (Bespin Capture) Front & Back



November 15, 2000 | 11:45 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum says that if you do a running a search for “Star Wars: Fighter with Pilot” at EToys you will find an item for the price is $26.99, and with a description of “x”. However, the title of the product is “Star Wars: Fighter with Pilot Assortment”. Could this be the Y-Wing? We heard that Etoys was going to get the Y-Wing eventually however there is no way to tell if this is it. So if you feel lucky and need a Y-Wing you might want to go over to Etoys.

UPDATE: The search doesn’t work anymore and I cannot find the item under anything else. If anyone is able to find it again please let me know. Thanks.



5.99 POTJ 
November 15, 2000 | 11:40 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Eric for the following news.

“Stopped in family toy warehouse yesterday and they had POTJ figures for $5.99.”

They are located in Ohio ,as well as PA . There are about 25 stores



More Wizards!
November 15, 2000 | 7:24 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Matt was kind enough to send in this bit of news about Wizards of the Coast.
Wizards of the Coast now has retail store locations! They are called
Wizards of the Coast, are located in malls, and stock Wizards RPG,
Wizards CCG, computer games, board games, and much more.
Thanks Matt, also the URL to order it online is, hope this helps.



.00 and .01 Porkins wave
November 14, 2000 | 10:59 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got a mail from a Yak reader and guess the search is on now… Like we have previously heard new figure waves with Porkins and Qui and crew are shipping on .0000 backs as well as new .0100. So the vari collectors better get the hunt on especially with the Gungan Soldier being 1 per case. Here’s what our Yak reader had to say…
I picked up the new Porkins wave/coll 2 tonight at Wal-mart in central Cali, all figures have a new card back w/ K-3P0 and are .0100.
This is a first in our area as all the others where .0000 including General Leia”
Sorry no credit given but no name was given. Thanks for info though and guys get your hunt on…



Still need an Admiral in your army?
November 14, 2000 | 10:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The little scavengers at are giving away that *cka cka* Admiral *cka* Motti you need… So head over and rescue him from Vaders grip or is it the Jawas grip? Hmmmm…



Mega Destroyer Droid Case Assortment
November 14, 2000 | 9:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There are four figures in the new Mega case assortment. 2 Obi-Wan’s
and 2 Destroyer Droids.

Thanks to Eric for the news.



New figs at Toymaniacs
November 14, 2000 | 5:01 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay from AmericanDreamComics mailed to say he noticed that Toymaniacs have the Porkins and Qui Gon waves in stock. I’m sure they won’t last get there quick.

UPDATE: All but Qui Gon are sold out.



POTJ for $5 at EB
November 14, 2000 | 11:10 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Warren for the following news.

“I went to my local Electronics Boutique last night and found the new
Darth Maul and Anakin Mechanic for $4.99. They also had R2 and hooded
Obi-Wan, but they were still regular price of $7.99. I asked the clerk and he said that they had “had the others for a while, and that’s why they were on sale.” I was under the impression they were from the exact same case assortment, but hey, whatever.”

Might be a good time to check EB and see if you can get some of the earlier POTJ figs for the correct $5 price.



Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine RIP
November 14, 2000 | 11:08 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Gary for the following news. He received this in the mail just yesterday.

Dear Star War Fan:
We regret to inform you that Topps has ceased publishing Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine, with issue #8 being the final issue. Attached is your refund check for the unused portion of your subscription. Topps regrets any inconveniences this may have caused and thanks for your patience and support.
May the Force be with you.
Topps Publishing



News on Star Wars RPG
November 14, 2000 | 7:50 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Wanna get the new RPG Game with the exclusive wookie figure? release date is Nov 22nd, if you are having trouble finding it in a local store, you can always order online. The price will be $14.95. Here are some things that you will want to know. The Star Wars RPG will retail at $34.95, that is the full scale game and does not come with the figure. The game that you want to get is the Star Wars Roleplaying Game :Invasion of Theed, this game comes with the figure, source book, maps, Rules, and dice. This is a basic introductory game set so that you can see if you will like the game and then you can get the full scale game if you like it. I hope this helps. Deals
November 14, 2000 | 7:08 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some more good deals for the holiday season.
Star Wars Episode I: 12″ Electronic TC-14 Action Figure $7.50, normally $29.99
Star Wars Electronic Power F/X X-wing with Figure $19.99
Darth Maul’s Double Bladed Lightsaber (Hasbro) $6.25 normally $24.99
Use the code FIRSTTIMEBUYER to get $10 off a $40 min. purchase (expires 12/31, new customers only)



Skiff and Y-Wing no more?
November 13, 2000 | 8:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Trevor wrote to Target about the Skiff and Y-Wing and this is what he got back.

“At Target, our mix of merchandise constantly changes to reflect the
ever-changing trends and needs of the communities surrounding our stores. I am sorry but the item you are seeking has been discontinued and our manufacturers are no longer producing it. Once an item has been discontinued it is marked down for clearance to make room for new merchandise. Because these items were manufactured exclusively for Target, they are no longer available through our manufacturer or any other outlet. We are unable to search for clearanced merchandise or transfer between stores. I am sorry for any disappointment.”



Star Wars LEGO Sales
November 13, 2000 | 7:39 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

De, Ace and myself are committed to bringing you all the latest sales information for the Star Wars LEGO line this holiday season – so stop by FBTB if you have any sets on your Christmas list!



This weeks Ultarama Winner
November 13, 2000 | 5:51 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Bill Wallin, he is the lucky winner of the Ultarama Stand. If you have not entered already, click on the picture to the left and send an email to us. It is that easy to enter.



Info on Star Wars RPG premiere
November 13, 2000 | 5:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got this from a bud and fellow Unioner, on the Star Wars RPG game premiere on Sat in Seattle. Read more below…

“Hi Sidi,
Stuck at home with a cold, but I did make the Star Wars RPG premiere on Saturday. I saw Jake Lloyd and Peter Mayhew , along with Drew Stuzan(artist). All were signing autographs but were limiting items to one per person. Only Jake L was signing items other than posters.
I did see Rorrworr in person (4″), to be honest I think all wookiees look the same. (i.e. he looks too much like Chewie with lighter fur.).
The game wasn’t on sale although the packaging with contents could be held in ones hand. I think I saw two versions of the packaging – one with a window, and one without — I am not sure which will actually show up. (I hope the window version).”

Thanks to Pete for the info (get better man), sounded kinda fun. Sounds like they brought along both the proto packaging and the 1 that’ll be released. Thanks again man. Anyone else go and have any more to share let me knowhere.



News in Spanish!
November 13, 2000 | 3:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Joseph’s Toys will, from now on, translate popular news site into Spanish and repost it there. So for all you Spanish-speaking collectors…check out Joseph’s Toys for news in your own language! They are also giving away a Sebulba & a Fode & Bede figure, see the site for more info.



TRU prepares for $0.97 sale
November 13, 2000 | 2:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

“I went to a TRU in Paramus , NJ, they already had the sticker for the $.97 figures on the pegs, I questioned the manager, he said it was pre-mature, but gave me the figs anyway for the price….got a “Sandtrooper” and “Luke As Stormtrooper”…not a bad deal…..”

Thanks to Austin for the news.



Sith Lords shipping soon from EE
November 13, 2000 | 2:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Chad Ryan called Entertainment Earth today about his 12″ Sith Lords 2-pack, and was told it would ship in the next 2 days. I would assume that this is the same for anyone else who has ordered the set from EE.



Are you still looking for that…
November 13, 2000 | 1:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I know a bunch of you guys are still looking for that vintage Star Wars watch from ’77… Give it up guys it isn’t in mom’s attic or 1 of your 30 boxes in the garage. But it is at John’s Toys for a mere $49.99. Yup John and I were chatting today and mentioned he had an old stock of these, case fresh I might add, vintage Texas Instrument Star Wars watches. C’mon guys this is when the digital watch days ruled, start an ol’ school comeback. I remember myself owning 1 and thinking I was the man, HA.
John also mentioned getting some cases of new figs again this week and would let me know what and when. So keep checking here.
Also I figured I’d mention he has the elusive R2 with Holo Leia still and some other goodies. Check them out at the link above.



Deluxe Figure Line?
November 13, 2000 | 7:49 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Could the deluxe figures be on their way back? I have spoken with Hasbro and it appears they are working on a new line (obviously for sometime in the future, probably 2002). One of the figures in the line that is being worked on is Luke in the Bacta tank. Let’s see how far this progresses to becoming reality. On another note, it appears the Luke with CD will not be coming out. Latest word is we can chalk that one up to the prototypes that may never be released.



Target LEGO Ad
November 12, 2000 | 4:42 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Check out the ad, very good combo deal for these LEGO sets. This equals close to 70% off. CLick on the image for a full size scan of the ad.



November 11, 2000 | 7:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has updated his customs website with some cool new “in-flight” dioramas. If you’ve not checked out this site yet, take a look – these are nicely done and they’re something different to the standard diorama.



You will be rewarded nicely…
November 11, 2000 | 5:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Hey guys got a mail from Jay over at AmericanDreamComics he wrote me and mentioned their custom contest and very cool winning prize. Read below…
“Hello Sidster,
I was wondering if you could let your readers know about our custom contest we are having at for a free R2-D2 w/Holo Leia. People can see our site for all the details.



More TRU News
November 11, 2000 | 9:00 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Brad sent this in:
“Info from the INDY market! While the rumors of large amounts of figures on the way IS TRUE, the exact details of exactly who will be in the cases will not be known until they arrive in the stores. Any rumors at this point will be pure speculation, unless anyone out there knows one of our buyers at the national office. They tend to not respond to e-mails about action figures- I know from experience. We will however, be seeing EP1 collections 1,2, and3, POTF classic commtech, EP1 beast packs, EP1 cinema scenes, Naboo fighters, Droid Fighters, Queen Starships, and a few Trade federation tanks. In my market (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and some of Illinois) there are no current orders out for Invasion force or the 3 3/4″ Sith 2pk. The orders for the figures are due to hit the DC around the 11th of the month with them showing up at the stores within about a week of that date. The day I pull the cases off of the truck, I will e-mail you and let you know what the bounty will be.”
So, all being well Brad will write again when some solid info is available.



Speak up!!
November 10, 2000 | 8:08 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I have added a new story to the Speakup section. Check it out, click on the link on the right side menu in the features section. You can email me if you have any comments on it. I will be glad to add items from the fans.



POTJ Wave 8 Assortment
November 10, 2000 | 6:58 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth and Rebelscum are saying that POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 8) will include:
3x Queen Amidala Red Throne Room Gown (Theed Invasion)
3x Saesee Tin (Jedi Council)
2x Plo Koon
1x K-3P0
1x Colonel Calamari
2x IG-88

With a possible release in Jan 2001. Of course everything is subject to change.



12″ Sith Lords OUT!
November 10, 2000 | 6:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The all new Power of the Jedi Action Collection SW 12inch Sith Lords 2-Pack (Item #32438, $49.99) is now in stock and shipping.

Limited quantity available. Once this small shipment is gone, no more units will be available. Due to the manufacturing process, the clear window boxes on all units are slightly creased or scratched and are estimated to be in C-8 or better condition. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Figure List
November 10, 2000 | 6:36 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine found this list of figures in the Wal*Mart computers. Some of the stuff is out already, but there is some interesting stuff on these that has been rumored before, plus some newer things. Luke (Bacta) is there, along with Ketwol and Darth Vader (Battle). Also interesting is that Holo Amidala and Obi-Wan are in there. These were, supposedly, cancelled, although Hasbro never officially said that. Actually come to think of it, Hasbro never officially announced those figures in the first place (as far as I remember)…but samples or prototypes of both did show up. In any case, it’s not a Hasbro list so it’s not confirmed information, but interesting nonetheless.



Mr X stops by…
November 10, 2000 | 5:22 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My friend and 1 of my inside guys, Mr X just stopped by and confirmed some info on TRU stuff….He said these are confirmed buys that TRU made from good ol’ Hasbro.

POTF cases with Holo R2’s
Ep1 cases of both Coll#1 and 2-Coll#2 cases look to be the Holo Sid wave and not Sio
Wattos Box cases
Invasion Force cases with both Obi/sub and Maul/probe
and Ep1 beast cases BUT not with the Eopies as these were only made for overseas-but most likely with Jabba and announcers
Queen Starship looks like it will make a return too but still at the $50 price tag, but still early and maybe that price might lower

So there ya go guys, whether this stuff will hit on Black Fri is another issue. This could just be stuff ordered for the holiday shopping season, and shipped sporadically. I will try to find out more soon.



Cheap figs – again!
November 10, 2000 | 11:50 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M&M Collectibles are offering some special deals with select figures for $0.99! Check out their latest newsfeed – in the newsfeeds section on the Quick Links bar – for more info!

Update: Please note that this offer is limited to 2 of each figure per person.



Some more TRU sale speculation
November 10, 2000 | 11:15 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well as Mark posted earlier and we all have heard TRU will have some sales on SW merchandise on Black Friday. Now what it will be everyone is wondering…
These are some things that have been told we could see.

Vader/Trooper/R2 Holo waves
Coll# 2-3 Ep1 wave figs-Holo Sid-Sio Bibble-TC-14 waves
Final Duel 2 packs
Wattos Box cs
2nd Invasion Force Obi/Maul wave
Jabba w/ announcer/Eopie beast wave

Please guys keep in mind that this TOTAL speculation and hearsay.
Me I am in the school of “I’ll believe it when I see it”. If even some was there it’d be cool for sure, but Eopies? I can’t see that. Also many people are screaming R2 HOLO but guys remember even IF they are there, they still will only be 1 per case so don’t expect tons at all. I’m working on finding out more and if I can confirm ANY of this I will let all know.

UPDATE:If any TRU employees can confirm please gimmie a holler here.



Christmas Helpers
November 10, 2000 | 10:46 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’m posting this again because I messed up and there was a typo in the original link. So here goes again. If this is of interest to you, please head over to

“In December we are doing our hospital run to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and need costumed helpers. Stormtroopers, a Vader, Sandtroopers, a Boba Fett, etc…. There will be no pay in this for anyone participating except the ability to make a child’s Christmas holiday season (possibly in some of their cases their last) a better one. We will be giving these children wrapped action figures and vehicles from star wars (both boys and girls) and desperately need help. It will be a great event and would really appreciate anyone’s assistance with this. We have done this in the past and it gives you the greatest feeling inside seeing these kids faces especially with the costumed characters helping. Anyone in the Philadelphia area who has access to these costumes and is willing to help we would like you to contact us.”

Once again, head over to if you can help!



Toys R Us Thanksgiving day sale.
November 10, 2000 | 9:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Tom writes in with this info. “Looks like the day after Thanksgiving we will see all kinds of great deals. Including figures for a measly .97 cents. These will include POTF2 and Ep1 figures. He has received word that there are figure cases on order from Hasbro that will be shipping to the stores, these cases could even include the rumored r2 Holo cases that Hasbro has been sitting on. This is not fact but just a specultaion.”
Thanks for the info Tom. Looks like this could be an interesting Friday after Thanksgiving.



Hasbro Website?
November 10, 2000 | 8:24 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

ave you been wondering about the lack of updates? Well I spoke with Andy yesterday and he asked me to pass this on to you. They are getting ready to launch a new Star Wars website. Completely overhauled. This new site will eventually contain the most complete inventory of images including all of the toys Hasbro/ Kenner has made for Star Wars. This include the vintage toys dating back to 1977. As the date nears we will post more information.



November 10, 2000 | 8:20 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Don’t forget that tomorrow the 11th, if you live anywhere near Seattle or are going there, the Wizard Star Wars Roleplaying game will be premiered at Planet Hollywood. Peter Mayhew and Jake Lloyd are featured guests. You can read about it RIGHT HERE! Lego Sale
November 10, 2000 | 8:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Trade Federation AAT (7155) $14.99
Millennium Falcon (7190) $79.99
TECHNIC Battle Droid (8001) $19.99
B-Wing at Rebel Control Center (7180) $19.99
TIE Interceptor (7181) $79.99
Slave I (7144) $14.99
Also they seem to be getting many of the MicrMachines that Toys R Us online had. Here is a list of coupons that you can use….
Use the code MMTYS3674539 to get $15 off ($60 min. purchase, Toy department only, expires ??/??)
Use the code AMAZ-SPEC-NNVV to get $10 off ($30 min. purchase, Toy department only, expires 11/20)
On a side note, this was posted on Amazon yesterday…. Breaking News: Another shipment of PlayStation2 game packs is expected to arrive next week. They will be available for sale as soon as we receive them in our warehouse. Unfortunately, we are unable to give exact arrival times, so your best bet is to check back here early and often. We expect that these will sell out very quickly. Don’t worry if you miss out–another larger shipment will be arriving next week.
(Editors note – The game pack comes with the system, three games, a DVD movie and an extra controller, there are three different games packs to choose from)



OK now them Jawas have done it….
November 9, 2000 | 7:40 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I talked earlier with my brown cloaked Battledroid buddy 00m-9 from and he warned me to check them out later…..Well I did and what I see I could sell a body part for (well maybe a pinky lol). My man Innis scored pics of the most incredible unreleased carded figs in a LONG time….Headover and check out carded pics of Chewie Dejarik champ on an unreleased POTF CommTech 2 style card. Innis also has incredible pics of POTJ Tusken Raider, Mas Amedda, and Coruscant Guard on unreleased Ep1 CT2 cards. Guys must say these are well worth your time and what a find. Congrats Innis and crew you guys found some incredible pieces I, and many others would LOVE to own.



Cheap figs now!
November 9, 2000 | 5:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Pete S in NJ: “Today and tomorrow only, (11-9 & 11-10), all of the leftover Episode 1 Star Wars figures are on clearance for $.97 each at Bradlees stores!!!”



Porkins wave at EB stores
November 9, 2000 | 3:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just some quick info that the Porkins wave of figs are starting to hit EB stores now. I called my local store early in the week and they were able to tell me they expected a case this week. I called or checked in everday and finally scored today. Guys be nice if they say they are coming and it takes a few days don’t get the impatient attitude cause that don’t get ya anywhere. The woman in this store actually put them aside knowing how much I wanted them but also said it was cause I was a nice guy. Guys it works I have been in retail mgt for 9 yrs and I was the same if you were nice you got it if not I could’ve cared less. Also just a wanted to mention these were on .00 backs as I have heard this wave is shipping on .01 now, so not sure how rare the .00 backs could turn out. Anyway good score in 2 ways. Good luck guys.



Watto’s Box at KB
November 9, 2000 | 1:48 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Watto’s Box has begun showing up at KB’s around the US. So far its been spotted on the East Coast and in the South. If anyone else has found it please let me know. It is priced for only $7.99.



Mega Action Destroyer Droid Set
November 9, 2000 | 1:47 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The newest Star Wars Power of the Jedi Mega figures are now in stock and shipping. The Mega Action Figure 2-Pack (Item #84355A, $23.99) includes the new Destroyer Droid and Obi Wan Kenobi (individually boxed). The awesome new Destroyer Droid transforms from offensive attack mode to armored transport mode. Only at Entertainment Earth.



12″ Elec Vader Cheap
November 9, 2000 | 12:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Electronic Vader for only $20 now. Good deal if you have been waiting for it to become cheaper. Thanks to Grayhank for the news.



New Poll
November 8, 2000 | 11:00 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We have now added a poll, please check it out. It is on the left menu bar, just scroll down a little. Also don’t forget to click on the ultarama image and send in your name to have a chance to win one for free. We are giving them away once a week until x-mas.



Mega Destroyer Droid OUT!
November 8, 2000 | 2:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Mega Destroyer Droid is now out in stores. It has been found in both Oregon and WA.



Which Fett Will We Get?
November 8, 2000 | 1:09 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

It seems as though we are not sure which box we will get. There are a couple of boxes that have been has some nice pics of the finished 300th Fett figure as Brian Pointed out below. They mention on the site that it is a .01 box. That boxed image is the one that we have had posted right here This was taken at the Plano show, this image comes from SirSteve’s Guide has a nice shot (kinda small but a good shot) of what appears to be a prototype box. You can see it right here. We may soon find out which is the actual box that will ship and which one may be a holy grail for variation hunters. If you have any info send me an email.



300th Fett Pics
November 8, 2000 | 11:32 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has some nice pics of the finished 300th Fett figure. It looks to be one of the best if not the best SW figure ever.



The Official Star Wars Fan Film Network
November 8, 2000 | 7:55 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Lucasfilm and AtomFilms have joined forces! Find out how to submit your own “Star Wars” inspired short film to the Official Star Wars Fan Film Network! Click Here to read all about it.



Info on DPCI# for 12″ Tarpals set
November 7, 2000 | 11:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I decided to remove the 1st post and repost, cause it got kicked down from all our helpful posts ;). I figured most still want to see it and/or those who didn’t would. So here it is again with a BIG thanks once again to Ryan for this info.
Target exclusive 12″ Tarpals and Kaadu
Price: $59.99
DPCI# 087-06-0543
Remember guys BE NICE when calling, yes Target can get on your nerves. But does it matter more if they get on yours or you on theirs? Momma always said…



More finds at EBWorld
November 7, 2000 | 11:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay from AmericanDreamComics sent this info in on the pudgy Porkins wave over at EBWorld
“Hey Sid,
Just thought I would let you guys know that
ebworld has this wave in stock.
Thanks Jay so another option for the new stuff, I’m sure they won’t last long. Get over there now.



New Star Wars LEGO Deals at
November 7, 2000 | 10:23 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

If you head over to, you’ll find that they now have the B-Wing and Technic Battle Droid sets for 33% off, as well as Slave I and the AAT for 25% off. This is in addition to the six sets that they still have on sale at 50% off, including the very popular Snowspeeder set.



Eletronic Deals at Etoys
November 7, 2000 | 8:11 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some good deals on some electronic Ep 1 items.
Episode I: Escape from Naboo Lazer Air Battle Game (think of the game Operation) $5.00 normally $24.99
Episode I: Naboo and Droid Fighter Laser Fighters $5.00 normally $22.99
Episode I: Naboo Royal Starship Answering Machine $12.99 normally $49.99



POTJ Cases
November 7, 2000 | 4:43 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 3) (Item #84455B, $89.99)
Includes 2x Jek Porkins X-Wing Pilot , 2x Boss Nass Gungan Sacred Place, 1x Gungan Warrior, 1x Tusken Raider, 1x Chewbacca Dejarik Champion, 1x Mas Amedda, 2x Coruscant Guard, and 2x Battle Droid Security.

SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wave 1) (Item #84445A, $89.99)
Includes 4x Darth Maul Final Duel, 4x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape and 2x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic.

SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wv 1.5) (Item #84445AA, $89.99)
Includes 3x Qui-Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 3x Leia Organa General, 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic. Only at Entertainment Earth.



November 7, 2000 | 3:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

EBWorld is taking pre-orders on a bunch of new items, and have expected shipping dates too:
300th edition Boba Fett
12″ Legacy asst
12″ Sith Lords 2-pack
Jedi Power fig
100th edition 12″ Luke
The expected shipping date is the same for all of these items: 2nd December 2000.
As you can see, the detail they give on the items is…well, no good. For instance, there is no way to specify what you get if you pre-order the 12″ Legacy asst. But nonetheless, there are the links for anyone who wants to order.

Thanks go to Patrick for the list of links!



John’s strikes back
November 7, 2000 | 3:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just talked with my buddy John at John’s Toys again and figured I’d pass this on to those still in need (like me). John just got a bunch of cases of both the new Porkins and Qui Gon wave so act quick I doubt they’ll last long. He also mentioned he got a bunch of the still hard to find army builders- Coruscant Guard, Tusken Raider, Security Battledroid. Good for us East coast dwellers as I still have yet to see these new figs anywhere. So guys next thing to do is hit the link above or call John at 1-800 505-TOYS.



12″ Aurra Sing
November 7, 2000 | 3:51 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Trevor Parkinson: has the Aurra Sing book and 12 incher for $48.75, plus if you go via, you can use a coupon for $20 off when you spend $100.

A little off subject, but I originally had a very poor flamingo joke in the title of this post but removed it in the interests of the readers.



A bunch of sightings
November 7, 2000 | 3:42 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Since so many people write and ask where the new stuff is to be found, here’s a few recent reports of findings. Remember to check out the store reports area in our Forums to read about more finds, and please post your own!

Steve found the Porkins wave at a K-Mart in Lodi, New Jersey.

Chris and a bunch of others have found Porkins wave, Qui-Gon and Coruscant Guards (still tough to find) at Target and TRU stores in the Chicagoland area. And Chris adds that Boss Nass and Qui-Gon are already warming the pegs.

Qui-Gon and Leia were found at local Utah Target stores by Mitchel.

Rob found Porkins wave @ Target in Kokomo, Indiana last week and also found the Leia/Qui-Gon figs in Indianapolis.



Qui Gon/Leia at Target
November 7, 2000 | 1:25 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Qui Gon/Leia Wave has started showing up at Target. It has been found at Targets in CA only so far. Thanks to Jason for the news.



Free POTJ figs?
November 7, 2000 | 11:42 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup my favorite lil scavengers have hoarded some POTJ and are giving them away. Visit for your shot at a couple of figs, heck they’re free why wouldn’t ya.

“Hello Sidster,
I just wanted to let you know that we are giving away a POTJ Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion) and a Tusken Raider (Desert Sniper) this week at
Steve (Jawa)”

Good luck guys.



Wizards RPG
November 7, 2000 | 10:09 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Coming this Friday the 11th to Seattle’s Planet Hollywood. Read the news article at the Wizards Home Page. Very interesting, seems that Chewy and Anakin will be there also. Head over and check it out.



12″ Dewback and Sandtrooper
November 7, 2000 | 8:04 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Now back in stock at Click this Star Wars Dewback & Sandtrooper link to get yours. Enter this code AMAZSPECNNVV for $10 off a $30 order.



Giraffes also don’t seem to change their spots.
November 6, 2000 | 10:10 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Even giraffes from the Amazon…

We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following
item from your order:

“Electronic C-3PO and R2-D2”

Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we’ve
since found that it is not available from any of our sources at this
time. We realize this is disappointing news to hear, and we apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you.

Please know that we expend significant effort to keep abreast of
prices and availabilities. However, occasionally our web site will
not reflect all changes in supplier availability. Once again, we are
sorry for any inconvenience such inaccuracies may have caused you.

Your order is now closed.

Thanks for shopping at, and we hope to see you again!


Customer Service Department



300th Fett On the Way
November 6, 2000 | 7:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Jason for the following news.

“The new Boba Fett figure is in the TRU computer systems. The warehouse that services his area (SW VA) does not have them yet but they are ordered.”



Mega Destroyer Droid
November 6, 2000 | 6:34 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum have some great pics of the upcoming Mega Action Destroyer Droid figure – stop by and take a look!



Sci-Fi Expo
November 6, 2000 | 4:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out this newsfeed from the organizer of the Sci-Fi Expo event:

Star Wars Villians appearing at the Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show Nov 11 and 12

What: Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show
When: 10a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m Sunday
Where: Crockett Center, 6301 Highway 290 East, 1/2 mile east of Interstate

As far as movie villains go, bounty hunter Aurra Sing is little more than a blink of the eye in ‘The Phantom Menace’, the latest in George Lucas¹ Star Wars series. Yet the character played by Michonne Bourriague has become a cult favorite among sci-fi fans who will be able to meet the actress Saturday and Sunday. She’s on screen for just a few seconds but everyone is nuts for her. They call her ‘Babe-Fett” said expo organizer Ben Stevens. The name is a take-off on Boba-Fett, the bounty hunter who chased pilot Han Solo and his friends through two Star Wars movies. Ms. Bourriague will be joined at the show by Dave Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy. Mr. Prowse, who lives in England, is flying in just for the show. ‘Dave is always popular with the fans, and not just because he’s one of the all-time favorite movie villains’, Mr. Stevens said. ‘but he’s always got a minute to chat with fans and answer questions about Star Wars and his weight-lifiting career. He’s really friendly and down-to-earth, and the fans appreciate that.

The celebrity guests will be available both days, signing autographs,
shaking hands and talking to the fans. To avoid long lines, numbers will be given out at the door, allowing fans to shop for toys and memorabilia while they wait for their turn to meet the actors. And with 150 exhibit tables at this show, there¹s plenty to see, Mr. Stevens said. Of course we have Star Wars’ and Star Trek’ toys and memorabilia, but we go beyond that, he said. Many of the exhibitors will be bringing Pokemon, Gundham, Hot Wheels, comic books, movie posters, vintage toys & Beanie Babies.

Anyone who is into toys or movies is sure to find something they love. The expo will also feature an ongoing demonstration of Decipher Cards newest Star Wars game. The Young Jedi game will be played tournament style throughout the weekend, with children and adults competing for prizes.

Tickets to the Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show are $6 for adults, $3 for ages 6 to 12 and free for ages 5 and under. Celebrity guests have photos available to sign and charge for autographs, usually from $10 to $15 depending on the item.

For more information, call 972-578-0213 or visit the Web site at



TRU Vehicle Markdown?
November 6, 2000 | 4:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Have the TRU mid-size vehicles been marked down again? Mattrix sent this in:
“I was just in my local Toys ‘R Us yesterday and I figured I would finally get around to getting an A-Wing. The price was marked at $10 but when I took it up front it rang up as only $5! I couldn’t beleive it. I can only assume that the T-16 was the same price seeing as it was marked in the aisle at $10. I’m not sure if it was just a local thing or if all of the Toys ‘R Us stores are doing this, but it certainly would be worth checking out if you don’t have these toys.”

If you see the same thing near you, let us know!

Update: Chris reports the same – $4.97 for the A-Wing or the T-16 @ TRU in Lynnwood, WA.
Update2: Greg the Vader Tie fighter is also 5 at TRU as i mentioned I think last week. Good deals guys get’em now, I saw 2 cases today at a nearby TRU so they seem to be still shipping.



Another great bargain
November 6, 2000 | 12:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got off the phone with my buddy John at John’s Toys and wanted to let you guys in on a great deal he has going on. John told me he was just able to buy the remaining stock of the Applause Luke Bacta tank statues and has them-CHEAP. For those not familiar with the piece I personally think it’s 1 of the best they’ve done. The attention to detail here is awesome, 2-1B at his control panel with Luke hanging in the tank, but the clincher-the tank lights up. I personally have this piece and honestly it’s 1 of my favorite pieces in my collection. Great for the Empire lovers, and something from a scene we have never seen much-if anything-produced for. John’s is able to bring this piece at a drastic discount too. These sold originally for $125, John’s price $39. A steal again so grab them while ya can, heck these would make killer presents for the holidays.
John also mentioned he should be recieving cases of the new Porkins wave this week, and he mentioned some cases were still available for order. Good for us East coast people as I have yet to see any in stores. Check John’s out at the link above or call them at



Sith Lords 12″ 2 pack coming soon
November 6, 2000 | 10:40 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got an email from Yak reader Tom in Colorado, he had this to say about the 2 pack at TRU.
“I noticed in our system yesterday that the 12″ Sith Lord pack was now being allocated to stores. From what was told to me this set could show up in our store(s) this week or next.”
Tom also noted some stores may get things before others, which we know cause I still can’t find new POTJ FIGS… lol
So keep an eye open at your local TRU and let the Sidster know if and where you scored it.



Hasbro clearance everywhere
November 5, 2000 | 11:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Seems everyone is getting the Hasbro warehouse cleanup remnants from the big guys to the discount stores. A local discount chain here in the S. East Ma. area called Ocean State Job Lot has got a bunch of Star Wars stuff in, CHEAP. Here’s what I saw…
Complete Galaxies all 4 for 5 bux
Queen Amidala dolls from the hair dolls to Portrait edition 8-10 bux
Older Classic die cast 99 cents
Jabba glob 3 bux
R2 art center 5 bux
Window box Stap with Battledroid 3 bux
A ton of Kfc, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell toys and even some cup toppers
99 cents-3 bux
Saw some older green card figs too not sure what they were priced at.
They had some other stuff too like puzzles, Illuminations for the walls, few other things. Definetly worth a stop.



Cool reviews at Rebelscum
November 5, 2000 | 11:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Looks like the hearsay of new figs is true, the guys over at Rebelscum have some good mini reviews on the new figs just hitting now. Also they have a scan of the new added sticker to the Maul, like we don’t have enough of them hanging around on pegs… I still need the Porkins and Qui wave nevermind the Vader and others, sooo many figs sooo little time… Good luck with the hunt guys. Just an fyi I am hearing just the upper West coast is getting the Vader waves so with luck I’ll see them here on the East coast by uhhhh new year. Check out Rebelscum with the link above.



Info for the East
November 5, 2000 | 6:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For those of you on the East coast – I’ve been getting many many reports of the Porkins wave showing up in quantity on the pegs @ K-Mart stores. If you’ve not been checking there, it’s definitely worth a look because lots of people are finding them.



Gold plated Micro Machines strike back..
November 5, 2000 | 4:22 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak reader Pete wrote in with these finds at a McFrugals store near him…

“Just wanted to let you know that my local McFrugals (Chico) has those gold plated Micro Machines for $14.99. I’m not sure if this is a good deal, but then again, I haven’t seen them before. I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that they were an FAO exclusive, so I assume this would be a good deal. Anyways, I picked up the Imperial Shuttle/Galactic Symbol. They also had the Slave I, Millunium Falcon, Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, Luke’s X-Wing. I can’t remember how they were packaged, but they had all of the ones that I listed.”

Good score Pete those ran around the 100 mark when they 1st popped on the scene and they were an FAO exc. I had picked up an Imperial Shuttle a month or so back at a KB outlet store for 4.99. But never heard many others finding them that cheap. But even at 14.99 they are definetly a good deal. Thanks Pete.

UPDATE: Jim from Cali wrote in to say he saw these same sets at a Pic-nSave so you might wanna check them if nearby.



General Leia and Qui-Gon in stock
November 5, 2000 | 8:39 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow Collectibles have the General Leia and Qui-Gon (Moisture Farmer) figures in stock for $8.99 each. They also have the first 5 Collection 2 figures and the first 4 Collection 1 figures if you’re still after those.

Update: The General Leia and Qui-Gon are sold out but the rest are still there.



PayPal available to the UK
November 5, 2000 | 8:30 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The popular credit card auction payment system PayPal is now available for UK residents to sign up. Thanks go to Johnny on The Public Universe for the news.



Trivia @ KEBco
November 5, 2000 | 7:53 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From KEBco Toys:
“We had such a great success with our last trivia contest, we are doing it again. We are having a Star Wars trivia contest running from Sunday, November 5 thru Saturday, November 18th. The prize is a set of 12 inch figures. Boss Nass, Sebulba w/Chubas and Anakin w/Naboo Hanger Droid. Come on over and try your memory on the trivia questions.”



Ultarama Stands
November 5, 2000 | 2:54 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

On the success of the contest and the interest in the stands that was generated. and have teamed up to keep the giveaways going. We will be giving one away each week from now until Christmas. No contests, just click on the image to the left and send the email. One entry per person please. If you enter once and you do not win we will leave your name in the drawing for the next week. You can use any email address, we do not require you to send one from one specific email. But please be fair. Be sure to include your name in the email. If your name is not in the email it will not be counted as an entry and the email will be deleted from the contest. Good Luck to all.



Porkins wave for under $3 each!!!
November 4, 2000 | 6:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Kaisalb sent this in:
“Today at Johnny’s toys in Milford Oh, I found all new collection 2 figures (Boss Nass, Gungan Warrior, and Jek Porkins). The best thing was they were all for $2.99. They also had all the old POTJ figures for $2.99 as well.”



Green Skiff mystery continues…
November 4, 2000 | 10:52 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I myself have had a few reports of people getting the dk green Skiff from eToys opposed to the tan more authentic looking 1 we’re are used to seeing. I would go out on a limb and say that the dk green is the more rare of the 2 though. Reason I do say this is I obtained a Skiff way back back in Dec of last year long before Target released them, and it was the dk green. The 1 I got way back was from an employee and had a Hasbro standard tag with the different specs and approvals. It said that the Skiff could be molded in the dk green at only 3,200 pieces made then changed. So unless Hasbro decided to make more in that color I myself feel that the dk green would be the more rare. But that is if the 3,200 piece run was kept at that, in toy terms that is not much at all, and with the # of Star Wars collectors-definetly not much. So keep those mails coming in if you get your Skiff from eToys and it’s dk green. I will try to have some pics up of mine and also the tag with the info.



Jedi Braid offer down under
November 4, 2000 | 7:35 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

In Australia, if you pre-order the new Star Wars Trilogy video set @ TRU you get a free Jedi Braid accessory set! Click here for a scan of a TRU ad which mentions the offer. Thanks go to Darth Hasbro and Casey Chan who both wrote in with the info, and extra kudos to Darth Hasbro for the pic.



Bespin Guard figure
November 4, 2000 | 6:48 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

We seem to have been able to nail down Hasbro’s ingredients for the Bespin Guard figure:
Head is new
Torso – Darth Sidious (under the cloak)
Arms – Complete Galaxy Luke
Legs – Han Carbonite

Thanks go to James McAllaster and Shane Heron for picking out the parts!



Plush Ewok
November 4, 2000 | 6:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Doh, I made a bit of a mistake yesterday – if you remember, I posted a picture of a plush Ewok a friend had sent and asked if anyone knew what it was. Now, a few people wrote in saying it looked similar to the Disney exclusive Ewok but not identical. The reason for this is my fault….it is a CUSTOM Ewok. A great one too! Nobody wrote in to even suggest it was custom. So I’d definitely say congrats to the creator. You can still see the picture here.



300th Fett is coming
November 4, 2000 | 6:38 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I received this today from which is pretty interesting:

“Hi. We just wanted to pass on to your readers that we have received the following shipment of Star Wars products in our California port and will arrive in our Hawaii warehouse very shortly!

– Boba Fett 300th Figure (It’s here!!)
– 2000 Collection 1 Wave 2 (3 x Qui-Gon Jinn Mos Espa Disguise, 3 x Leia Organa General, 2 x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2 x R2-D2 Naboo Escape, 1 x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi, 1 x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic)
– Mega Action 3-Pack (Destroyer Droid, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi)

So, it appears that the next new releases for POTJ are shipping out already – 300th Edition Boba Fett & Mega Action Destroyer Droid. If anyone has ordered these from or anywhere else and receives them, or if anyone sees them in any stores, let us know!



Leia/Qui Gon in Stock
November 3, 2000 | 10:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Toymaniacs has Leia General and Qui Gon (moisture farmer) in stock.

UPDATE: Out of Stock



12″ Custom Anakin’s Pod Racer
November 3, 2000 | 9:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hans’ Star Wars 12″ Scale Customs has posted pics of a 12″ Anakin’s Pod Racer. You probably remember this site for other incredible 12″ custom vehicles such as a AT-ST and TIE Interceptor. Check it out.



Ebay Finds
November 3, 2000 | 9:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a Mega Destroyer Droid up on ebay (Item #487579260). Some nice scans of it as well are with the auction.



Leia/Qui Gon Wave
November 3, 2000 | 6:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The newest wave of Power of the Jedi action figures is now in stock and shipping. SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wavev 1.5) (Item #84445AA, $89.99) contains 3x Qui-Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 3x Leia Organa General, 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic.

We are also filling backorders for Wave 3 containing Jek Porkins, Boss Nass and the Gungan Warrior. This item is not currently available for sale due to Hasbro’s supply shortage at a Entertainment Earth.



eToys Skiff
November 3, 2000 | 4:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lots of reports of the -I guess- once Target exc Skiff being shipped from eToys are coming in. So head over and grab 1 before they all go. 1 report over at RebelScum reported the rare 1st dark green variation Skiff showing up at someones doorstep. If you got the Skiff from eToys and it was the dark green version please let me know here, I have a few friends that have been clamoring to get 1 like this with no luck…
Just curious if that was a fluke or not. Thanks guys.



Some steals to be made…
November 3, 2000 | 4:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys I just stopped in from a Spencer’s store here in my area and scored a Don Post Naboo Pilot helmet for a mere….4.99 Yup that was it can you believe it, originally they were selling it for 69.99 it was marked 19.99 and 75% off that. I scored the same type of deal last year at Spencer’s with the Ani Pod race helmet but if I remember right it wasn’t that cheap. I’d definetly take a peek inside if there’s 1 aound you. They did have some Ani Pod Race helmets this year too, but I got lucky and nabbed the last Naboo Pilot.



Carbon Freeze Chamber
November 3, 2000 | 12:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine overseas sent in these detailed photos of the new Carbon Freeze Chamber which he picked up. The fact that he managed to get this suggest to me that the toy is done and that the Fan Club will probably start to take orders very shortly. In the meantime, check out these great pics he sent over:
Carbon Chamber loose with box
Bespin Guard
Top of playset
Carbon Block with Guard inside
Playset instruction sheet
It’s interesting to note that the Bespin Guard pictured here was marked copyright 1996 – the most logical explanation I could give for that without having the figure in front of me would be that parts of it are reused from an older figure.

As a side note, my friend who got these pics also obtained recently this plush Ewok and is looking for information on it. If you can help, let me know! Thanks!

Update: Padawanrulz points out that the legs are the Han Carbonite figure legs (the original one) and were also reused on the Jabba’s Palace Diorama exclusive Han figure.
Update 2: I spoke with Dan Madsen last week and he said that FC should start taking orders towards the end of the year and shipping early next. If I find out different of course I’ll let you know.



Vader and Sebubla wave OUT NOW!
November 3, 2000 | 12:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Dagobah Vader, Sebubla, Obi Wan (ANH) and Fode and Beed figures have been spotted at Wal-mart in both Spokane & Lynnwood, WA. Thanks to ORBLES for the news.



Leia/Qui Gon at
November 3, 2000 | 12:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

General Leia and the new Qui Gon are both in stock at However, they are in low supply and shouldn’t last long.



EB 2 pack info
November 3, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just want to thank all that mailed with their thoughts on what this could be but I think someone has finally confirmed. Yak reader TheDestroyer2000 got ahold of customer service and they in fact concluded it was the MOTDS 2 pack, so I want to send a big thanks to TheDestroyer for getting this mystery solved… Alot wrote in with thoughts of the other 2 packs we had heard of at 1 time (Qui/Battledroid, etc) but they didn’t crosss my mind at the time cause we haven’t seen or heard of those in a while, so I assume they got cut. Anyway this could be good news for those still in search of the MOTDS pack, just visit EB here and type “Star Wars” in search. Skiff
November 3, 2000 | 10:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Word has come in about the Skiff, it is indeed the Target Skiff. Hope everyone that ordered one is happy. Thanks to Greg for the news.



KBKids Deals
November 3, 2000 | 9:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

As I was posting they sold out of the Naboo Royal Ship, so keep checking as these are continually popping up.
TC-14 $7.50
12″ Jar Jar $3.75
3-D Jabba’s Palace w/Han $3.75



Europe’s Star Wars Convention
November 3, 2000 | 8:42 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Jedicon UK Star Wars Convention PART 2
Sunday 19th November 2000 (11am to 4pm)
Basildon Sports Centre
Nethermayne Basildon Essex UK

If you book your ticket in advance you can gain entry 30 minutes early!

Tickets are available on the door
For more information please check out our web site at:
or Call: 020 8523 1074
or Email:



POTF Toys at
November 2, 2000 | 6:10 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Rancor w/ Luke Jedi $19.99
12″ Jar Jar (not Electronic) $7.50
Anakin LEGO Pod Racer $3.75
12″ Electronic Jar Jar $7.50



Still Looking for the TRU Dewback?
November 2, 2000 | 5:55 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

It is online now at Amazon/ The price is $79.99, but this may be the only way for some people to get the 12″ Dewback w/Sandtrooper. So go get it if you want it.



Free R2-D2!
November 2, 2000 | 3:28 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M&M Collectibles are offering the chance to win a free R2-D2 with Holographic Leia among other offers as part of their launch party of their new combined site. Check out their latest newsfeed, posted in our newsfeeds section on the Quick Clicks menu to the left, for mroe information.



Target Code
November 2, 2000 | 3:16 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This may prove very valuable when next restocks on Skiffs. Brian Levine sent us this 10% discount code: YCK11222. Keep your eyes open!



NEW POTJ Card Back
November 2, 2000 | 1:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a large scan of the upcoming new POTJ back. This should start appearing w the Dagobah Vader wave. New figures pictured on the are Han Bespin, K-3P0, Mon Cal Colonel, Biker Scout and Boomer Damage Battle Droid. They are set for a release in Winter 2000 according to the card.



Free 12″ Mace Windu
November 2, 2000 | 1:31 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Artoonews.comis giving away a free 12″ Mace Windu in their free giveaway.



Ebay Find
November 2, 2000 | 1:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Found this on ebay today and figured people might want to check it out. It’s a carded Dagobah Vader (Item #487271702).



Trivia Contest
November 2, 2000 | 9:23 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The winners have been notified and will be posted when I receive their response. To see the answer to the quiz check out the Trivia Page. We will be giving one stand away every week from now until Christmas. So check back tomorrow for the details.



Something interesting…
November 1, 2000 | 7:36 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Here’s something I spotted while cruising around looking for
Star Wars goodies on the net… This 1 I saw at EB World and honestly unless I am getting bad memory loss I can’t remember any figure 2 packs coming out (that aren’t 12″).
Here’s what it said and a link, there are no pics so I am very curious as to what this is…
(Pre-Order, Ships On 12/02/2000)
Price: $17.99
Category: Toys/Collectibles
ESRB Rating: N/
If anyone can help with this or help Sidster regain his memory please let us know.
UPDATE:I removed the link cause when hit nothing came up but it’s still there on the site just search “Star Wars”. Also Yak reader Jared (jedinite) wrote in what he thinks it could be, Jared you may definetly have hit it right on. Jared thinks it could be the Vader/Maul 2 pack and EB is just getting theirs allocated now, sounds like a good possibility. But still if anyone knows for sure mail us here at Yak.



NEW 12″ Sith Lords 2 pack pics
November 1, 2000 | 6:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are two pics of the what the actual 12″ Sith Lords 2 pack will look like boxed. There have been some changes from previous images of this item.
12″ Sith Lords 2 pack Front
12″ Sith Lords 2 pack Back



Freeze Frames and Green Cards
November 1, 2000 | 6:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It’s been a few years since Hasbro released popular Freeze Frame (FF) and Green Carded (GC) Star Wars action figures. We’ve been selling these figures all along in full cases consisting of 12 or 16 figures.

Over the years we have received hundreds of requests by customers to sell these figures individually. Finally, we are now able to offer you these Star Wars Classic action figures sold individually, in MINT CONDITION!

Our shipping staff will inspect each and every figure you order to insure the highest quality available only atEntertainment Earth.



Smuggler’s Run
November 1, 2000 | 1:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Due to increased Imperial pressure, Smuggler’s Run has been forced to move to a new location. Our new home is not really that new. Just go to to find all your favourite Star Wars news from north of the border. have Skiff again
November 1, 2000 | 10:09 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Jonathan reports that the Skiff is back in – and it never lasts long:

All gone!



Online comic
November 1, 2000 | 9:40 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Issue 4 of the online comic Dark Evolution is availble now @ Gonkdroid.



New POTJ Maul Packaging
November 1, 2000 | 12:55 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to kgirl for the news.
“I recently came back from Wal-Mart where I found what was left of the new collection 1 wave (General Leia, Qui Gon). All that was left were a couple of Darth Maul’s. However, I noticed that the Darth Maul had a triangular yellow sticker in the bottom right hand corner which stated “Break-Apart Battle Damage” in red letters.”

Looks like a new packaging for all the variation hunters to find.

October 2000 Archive

Target Exclusive At Etoys??????
October 31, 2000 | 10:16 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Tommy J for the news. Not sure what is going on but check out this link…..
Star Wars: Fighter with Pilot- Skiff with Luke $26.99
I would like to point out that pointed this out today. As they have asked, if anyone does get one of these, please email me and let me know what it is exactly.



New POTJ showing up in Canada
October 31, 2000 | 5:34 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Jabba3 for the following news.

“I found the 12″ Sandtropper and Dewback for $99.99 Cdn. ( Which are beautful though a bit pricey) I also found the Power of the Jedi Mega Figures of Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi for $14.99 Cdn each at Toys R Us in Southern Ontario region. Most of the stores Have two of the Dewbacks on Shelves. The Mega Darth Mauls are only one or two to a box compared to four of five of Obi-Wans.”



12″ Sith Lord 2-Pack 
October 31, 2000 | 3:17 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hasbro has confirmed shipment of the all new SW 12inch Sith Lord 2-Pack (Item #32438, $49.99). This limited edition 12inch set consists of Darth Maul and Darth Vader with removable helmet together. We expect units to arrive shortly. Order yours today at Entertainment Earth.



The scavengers strike…
October 31, 2000 | 12:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Looks like our little brown cloaked friends over at got themselves a new slogan and another cool contest here’s some details…
“Hello Sidster,
The winner of the “Pick Our Slogan” contest was Mike Foreman. He will be receiving a EP1 Swimming Jar Jar.
Our new slogan for is: “Scavenging The Collectible Galaxy”
We are also giving away a EP1 R2-B1 this week. This contest will end on November 7, 2000.
Steve (Jawa)”
Congrats Mike from Yak and cool slogan guys. I’d head over and enter for that elusive little droid…



Free Stand Quiz
October 30, 2000 | 10:32 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Check out the link on the side for the Quiz, tomorrow is the last day for you to enter if you have not already. We will be giving out 6 of the stands for free. The quiz is only one question. Sale Items
October 30, 2000 | 10:31 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Darth Maul 12″ Electronic $3.75
Original 12″ Darth Maul $14.99 ** Out Of Stock



Need Watto’s Box?
October 30, 2000 | 3:16 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow Collectibles have Watto’s Box for $39.99 which isn’t too bad considering that this thing hasn’t gotten any easier to find. And no Tatooine Showdown with it. They also have the first 4 POTJ Collection 1 figures and also Jabba/2-headed Announcer, plus some other stuff (such as wave 2 access. packs). Worth checking out.



12″ Tarpals price point?
October 30, 2000 | 11:35 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have had a few people mail me asking if the supposedly reported price of $34.99 is correct. I can’t say 1 way or another cause as far as price ponits go I haven’t heard for sure what it’ll be. Though $34.99 doesn’t sound right to me, as most double pack exc sell for at least $40. I mean even the Vader/Maul 12″ set coming is a reported $40-50 dollar tag and they are just 2 12″ dolls not exc to anyone. The Kaadu is a pretty big beast not as huge as the Tauntaun but still big and very cool. I myself heard early on it would be in the $50 dollar range could I be wrong? Yes. But seems more likely, unless of course Target is going to be nice to us for once… Ha kinda makes me laugh… I’ll try to confirm a price as soon as I can. If any Target employees know for sure the price email here atSidster and let me know.

Update:I am getting reports of this set ranging from 39.99 to 59.99. Hopefully we can get a definite price soon for those interested.



Still Missing Mace?
October 29, 2000 | 8:47 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Etoys has the 12″ Mace and the 12″ OOM-9 in stock now.



Power F/X X-Wing
October 29, 2000 | 3:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Perhaps KB are getting more of these…Bibfortuna809 reports finding the Power F/X X-Wing for $19.99 again @ KB Toys in the Valdosta mall – if I remember right, this toy showed up again for $9.99 then KB raised the price. This is the first I’ve heard of them showing up recently though, so if you still need this toy it may be worth watching KB again.



General Leia
October 29, 2000 | 3:42 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’ve added a nice new carded photo of the POTJ General Leia figure to the Toyguide – you can check it out here. Thanks go to Mark for the use of his photo!



New Lee’s hits stands
October 29, 2000 | 3:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just spotted the new issue of Lee’s Action Figure News today. Some cool coverage and 1 mag cover dedicated to the 100th 12″ Luke. Nice 2 page spread of the doll and his many accessories that I mentioned here previously. Most will finally get to see the new head sculpt, which I think looks great. Not much else Star Wars wise though 1 page of new POTJ stuff that we all have or have seen. Definetly worth a look though for the Luke and other toy related news.
Also to any that haven’t peeked a look at the boxed 12″ Tarpals and Kaddu set, as Brian mentioned AmericanDreamComics have some pics there. I will try very soon to get some cool and weird pics of the Tarpals set I scored a while back. The 1st few made had a very strange and purple Tarpals, which Hasbro of course scrapped and lightened drastically. So when this set hits and you see a very purple Tarpals on the shelf grab it, cause just might’ve slipped in by mistake. This set should hit Target shelves soon and well worth the $, Target seems to be nabbing some pretty cool exc this year.
UPDATE:My favorite droid commander 00m-9 posted some compaision pics of the 2 different colored Tarpals over at I talked with Innis about this set a week or 2 back and he said he had pics like mine. I do believe though the pics online are the 1’s we’ll see at Target. As I understand Hasbro ordered 1st batch destroyed, but ya never know..



12″ Kaadu Boxed 
October 28, 2000 | 8:38 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

American Dream Comics posted two small pics of the 12″ Kaadu w Tarpals boxed.



Toys R Us Exclusive Now Online
October 28, 2000 | 9:23 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

If you missed the 12″ Electronic C-3PO and R2-D2 you can pick one up at for $19.90 +S&H thanks to their partnering with Toys R US. Here’s a link to the item.

UPDATE: The item is now backordered (out of stock)



Chiller Show on now
October 28, 2000 | 7:13 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tom R reminds us that this weekend is the Chiller Theatre show in NJ! Among the guests is Billy Dee Williams, Lando Calrissian from ESB and ROTJ and also Phil Brown, Uncle Owen from ANH! You can get more info @



SW Games go GOLD
October 27, 2000 | 10:33 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts has announced that Battle for Naboo and SW: Demolition have both gone gold. Demolition will be out in mid Nov and Battle for Naboo in mid Dec. Also, Monkey Island 4 and Indy for Nin 64 have gone gold too.



Porkins Ad
October 26, 2000 | 7:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted a pic of the new POTJ ad featuring everyone’s favorite pudgy pilot Porkins.



Great Dioramas
October 26, 2000 | 5:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Markus has updated his website with some new dioramas. If you’ve not seen Markus’ stuff before, you have to check it out! New additions include a large Rancor cave, the Executor bridge from the ESB Bounty Hunter scene plus new Imperial Droid customs.

Also check out for some of ACPin’s cool dioramas.



Sci-Fi Expo
October 26, 2000 | 5:21 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Ben Stevens, organizer of the well-known Sci-Fi Expo shows, sends in this info on upcoming shows:

Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show
October 28-29
Plano Texas
Special guests:
Dave Prowse – Star Wars Trilogy Darth Vader
Chris Parson – Star Wars C-3PO (stand-in), E-3PO, K-3PO, 4LOM, and more!
Bruce Boa – Empire Strikes Back General Rieeken

Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show
November 11-12
Austin Texas
Special guests:
Michonne Bourriague – Aurra Sing!!
Dave Prowse – Star Wars Trilogy Darth Vader
Silas Carson – Episode 1 Viceroy and Ki-Adi-Mundi

For all the details, and to get discounted tickets online, visit



LEGO 2001
October 25, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB now has clear scans of both the new LEGO ‘main’ brochure and the Technic brochure online, showcasing all eight of the new Star Wars sets for January of 2001 – Enjoy!



KBKids Deal
October 25, 2000 | 7:28 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

12″ Electronic Darth Maul $3.75
6″ Anakin Skywalker $3.50
Jabba’s Palace w/ Han Carb $7.50



South Bay Star Wars Fan Club
October 25, 2000 | 12:11 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The South Bay Star Wars Fan Club will be gathering Wednesday, October 25th at 7pm. They will be holding this at their regular location, Armadillo Willy’s in Cupertino, CA. That’s at 10100 South De Anza Blvd (map ). Once again, Star Wars fans of all ages are welcome to join us; however, if you’re under 13 or so, we suggest you come with a parent. If you’d like any further information, feel free to email Mikk at



TC-14/R2-B1 Wave
October 24, 2000 | 11:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Back in stock for a limited time are rare Episode I figures from E1 Coll. 3 (Wave 10) Half Case (Item #84105E, $75.99). This assortment includes 2x TC-14, 2x R2-B1 Astromech Droid, 1x Adi Gallia, 1x Ody Mandrell, 1x OOM-9, 1x Captain Tarpals. You can also order a full case – E1 Coll. 3 (Wave 10) Case (Item #84105D, $144.99) at Entertainment Earth.



Deals on the Fan Club 4
October 24, 2000 | 4:16 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The guys over at wrote in to let all Yak readers know they have some deals on the FC 4, read below…
“I wanted to pass on to your readers that we will have the four Exclusive Fan Club Star Wars figures on sale through 11-5-00 or while our supplies last. We have the AT-AT Driver with Freeze Frame, Hoth Princess Leia with Freeze Frame, Pote Snitkin with Freeze Frame and the Death Star Droid with Freeze Frame for $7.99 each. Its our best price on these figures ever and hopefully people will take advantage of this opportunity if they still have not added one of these figures to their collection.”
Sounds like a good deal to me, if ya still need them now’s the time. Check them out at



Updates on 12″ 2 packs
October 24, 2000 | 12:06 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got some info on 2 12″ sets coming out soon.
I’ll start with Vader/Maul Sith Lord 2 pack. From what was just told to me we could start seeing these hit the 1st week of Nov and almost surely the 2nd. Some of these sets have passed through the warehouse and as I hear will be on their way to some allocation warehouses, stores, and direct dealers very soon. So just a matter of time now… This is a pretty nice looking set but, I think that non openers will enjoy it more. I say this cause openers pretty much have both these dolls already. Vader is the 14″ elec Vader minus elec. Some minor changes in paint, “real chain” to hold cape, and removable hand but otherwise same doll. Maul also not too different than any other 12″ Maul. Face sculpt very similar to 12″ elec and only other ” new” features are saber splits in middle, saber hilt can be hung at waist and waist splits. I think it’s a great looking piece packaged though, Hasbro did do a good job on the packaging. But I’ll let all of you decide how cool it is.
Now onto the 12″ Tarpals and Kaadu set from Target. This piece should be ready for Xmas as I said in the past. So that makes this release not far, if that is the truth. I hear and tend to believe, it should be around soon though. Many people wondered how and why Target could mkdwn the 12″ Speederbike for $13 with still alot of demand, well easy they have to make room for this piece. As soon as I hear more or get a DCPI# I’ll post it for all.



Nass wave at Wal-Mart
October 23, 2000 | 11:26 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Boss Nass wave has now started to show up at Wal-mart. It was just found in Tuscon, AZ by Kyle this week. So keep an eye out for it if you are at Wal-mart.



12″ Chewy
October 23, 2000 | 10:36 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Chewbacca the Plastic 12″ Terror is now on sale at for a measly $6.24




Rebel Pilots In Stock
October 23, 2000 | 10:18 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Rebel Pilot Cinema Scene $19.99 ** SOLD OUT **
LEGO Landspeeder $2.99
LEGO Snowspeeder $9.99



Resin Star Wars Statues from France
October 23, 2000 | 4:44 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I recently got an email from a UK friend about a company in France that will be doing some very limited Star Wars statues. I understand they have been doing comic style 1’s for a little bit now, but just recently acquired the Star Wars license. I visted their site and I have to say, WOW was I impressed. Some great detail on these things just from the pics there. Needless to say I will have to try to nab a Fett (of course). But I am equally impressed with all shown. They say a release time of Dec and qtys look very limited only 1,200 of each character produced. So looks like these might be tough pieces to obtain especially the more popular characters. As I hear more I will let all know. I noticed TFN mentioned them also, so word seems to be getting around. Here’s a link to their site take a peek



Use the Forums, Luke
October 23, 2000 | 12:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’ve had quite a few e-mails asking for the contact information for the person who reported the 12″ Defense of Naboo sets yesterday, which I sadly no longer have. However, this does bring up a point – use the forums! If you pick up extras of something, or you are searching for something, post a note among fellow collectors in our forums. There’s a link to them in every post. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out!



Royal Starship $29.99
October 23, 2000 | 11:53 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Naboo Royal Starship Playset for a measly $29.99 in stock now.

**Out of Stock already.



Do You Have A Bare Spot?
October 23, 2000 | 7:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

So you are looking at your room and you have a bare spot on the wall. Can’t decide on what to put there? Check out the Poster Section at, you never know if you will find something that you are looking for.



A rather humorous action figure fable
October 22, 2000 | 9:01 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out the Story of Scalper Bob
Thanks to James D from the MSWCC

UPDATE:Ben this is awesome I love it…HAAA Makes me roll, check this out guys it’s worth it honestly. What a true but sad life for some.



Defense of Naboo for $20
October 22, 2000 | 11:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

John writes: “The Factory-2-U store near me in Houston had nine of these yesterday for $20 each. Not a bad deal!”

If you have one of these stores near you and you’re after this set (it is definitely very cool at this price) it’s worth checking them out.



Rare Tri-Logos
October 22, 2000 | 9:52 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine has a few auctions running on eBay – one for a pretty cool ‘damaged’ 12″ custom Luke Bespin, and two auctions for a couple of the rarer “long picture” tri-logo POTF2 figures – Snowtrooper and Endor Rebel Soldier. While many people assume these are just standard tri-logos, they are among the hardest to find POTF2 figures. The long picture Luke Bespin is relatively easy to find due to it being released in Britain through a large chain store, but the others only saw release in central Europe, and even there they were scarce. A couple found their way over to the UK (lucky or I’d never have got them) but in very limited quantities.

To my knowledge, there are 9 LPC (long picture card) figures:
Coll 1: Luke Bespin, Endor Rebel Soldier, Han Bespin
Coll 2: Admiral Ackbar, Ewoks 2-pack
Coll 3: Weequay, Tarkin, Snowtrooper, Royal Guard.

Search for seller id got.gnome to see the items.

Update: Aries2003 has pictures of all 9 LPC cards on his website – you can see them @



Ultarama Stands For Free
October 21, 2000 | 7:39 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Click on the link to the left, enter the contest, the winner will be chosen from all the correct entries. One winner at the end of October. Good luck.



General Leia and Qui-Gon
October 21, 2000 | 12:22 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Typical, I ask people who find these two figures to e-mail me, expecting a few sightings, and all of a sudden everyone and their cat finds them and floods my inbox. But enough moaning from me, here’s a brief list of places these things have shown up:
Wal-Mart, American Fork Utah
Wal-Mart, Colorado Springs
Salt Lake City, UT
St Louis
Wal-Mart, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their finds, there are too many people to list (!)



POTJ Price Reductions
October 21, 2000 | 11:16 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Well the price reductions may actually be happening. According to Curt in CA they were marked on the shelves for $4.99 at K-mart. They still rung up for $6.99 of course. However, this is the first I’ve heard of the shelves anywhere having POTJ figs marked to what Hasbro said they should be.



Qui Gon/Leia Carded
October 21, 2000 | 11:03 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a pic of both the new Qui Gon and General Leia carded. Thanks to Mitch for the pic.
Also, here is a pic of the back of Leia’s Force File. Thanks to Matthew for the pic.



Mr. Lucas seems to be versed in LD CPR?
October 21, 2000 | 8:37 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

The upcoming Star Wars Trilogy re-release with the Episode II preview will only be on VHS here, but fans in Japan will be granted a nifty new laserdisc set from the fine folks at Lucasfilm.

Now a little editorial comment on the whole VHS/LD and not DVD issue…
This statement was borrowed from the official site: “Rumors and speculation that waiting to release DVD versions is motivated by a desire to simply drive up demand, or to force fans to purchase multiple copies are completely false.”

Now in my opinion, this statement is disingenuous at best; otherwise they would just reprint the discs and tapes that were released in the last round rather than waste precious time (the lack thereof being the reason for the DVD delay) making another version. Retailers wanted restock (not another release) for the new fans complaining that they missed the last round. I’m just for calling a spade a spade.


CDJapan will stock it when it is released on 11/22/00. Discs contain English language tracks with Japanese subtitles (probably permanent.) This is a good opportunity to get the Star Wars Trilogy in a format better than VHS, without having to resort to shadier alternative methods. Expected cost is about 140.00 BEFORE SHIPPING. If you order, make sure to remember that shipping a heavy 6-disc set can get quite expensive.

Thanks to Clint Gorman for the tip.



New Images
October 20, 2000 | 9:47 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some very nice new images….
POTJ Ben Kenobi Carded
POTJ Fode and Bede Carded
POTJ GunGun Warrior Carded
POTJ Porkins Carded
POTJ Boss Nass Carded
POTJ Sebulba Carded
POTJ Dagobah Vader Carded
Mega Destroyer Droid Box Front
Mega Destroyer Droid Box Back



New POTJ Sightings
October 20, 2000 | 7:30 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Brandon Vise reports finding the POTJ Boss Nass, Jek Porkins and Gungan Warrior figures at a K-Mart store in Tempe, Arizona. The Porkins wave is starting to spread so be on the lookout for it if you’re out hunting this weekend.

So far, the General Leia/Qui-Gon figures seem much scarcer. I’ve heard barely anything about these showing up. Handy tip – you can usually tell if something has been released because a few start to hit eBay for sale. So far, I haven’t found any Leias or Qui-Gons on eBay. They are out there – the pictures that we posted the other day were proof of that – but they are very very thin on the ground. If you find these, please let us know where and when.



MotDS Online
October 20, 2000 | 5:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Need the 3 3/4″ Masters of the Dark Side set? TNC Universe have it in stock now for $24.95.



Return of Action-Figure!
October 20, 2000 | 5:22 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Adrian Faulkner:

I’m pleased to announce that has relaunched, with new looks and and host of new features

Free Webspace – Users of the site can now sign up for free 20Mb of Webspace, allowing them, among other possible uses, to develop fan sites on their favourite toys or showcase their collections. Users can actually choose their own personalised domain name for their site (e.g., and email. Users with no knowledge of Web Site construction can make use of the online tools to actually build their site through their web browser, and then submit it to Seaarch Engines and Newspapers using the online tools. Users can sign-up at

Comparison Shop – Users can now compare prices from a variety of online stores, enabling them to get the products they want for the best possible price.

Personalisation – Users will actually be able to configure how the web page looks for them, by choosing one of a number of pre-defined designs, as well as adding personal content that will only be viewable by them.

Reviews – Action-Figure will be reviewing a large number of new toys as they become available, providing links to where users can then buy these products

Interviews – Users can read interviews conducted with the toy world’s
biggest stars

Store Reports – Users will be encouraged to send in reports from around the world of what toys they have found in their local toy stores and shops.

Classified Ads – Users will be able to post on the site FREE of charge, toys they have for sale or trade.

Syndication – Users who have their own toy related websites can also include a LIVE newsfeed from Action-Figure to their site, ensuring that THEIR readers are kept up to date with the latest news.

This together with’s existing features of News, Discussion and Links gives kids and collectors worldwide a site jam-packed with resources.



More reports of new figs hitting
October 20, 2000 | 4:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I’m getting more and more reports of new figs hitting the pegs at
K-Marts and Walmarts on the West coast. So far a few reports from
Cali-forn-ia and a couple from Colorado. So hopefully* I’ll see them here on East coast soon *(note:hopefully lol). If you do find any closer to the East side let me know at Sidster. Thanks guys…



Inventory Database Update
October 20, 2000 | 8:36 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Wow! I have had TONS of feedback on the question of how one goes about keeping track of one’s collection. This is great; keep it coming! A lot of people are looking for a better way, but I was surprised that so many people depend on the “crude matter” between their ears to keep track of everything.

Now, I have a pretty high opinion of myself, but I know I can’t keep track of all the stuff I have without a database and a lot of people have requested mine as a template so I decided to post it for those who are interested. It does have all my data so it may help many people by already having a large portion already entered. It’s pretty straightforward at the moment (while at the same time being overly verbose) and is always being updated. I have over two hours of dictation (yes, I am a geek) that I have yet to enter.

Remember this requires the full version of Access 2000 (not 97) to run and knowing your way around Access wouldn’t hurt. I haven’t refined it to work with the runtime (free) version.

You can get the file here.



CommTech2 carded Jek?
October 19, 2000 | 11:14 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The little brown cloaked guys over at the have an incredible pic of a Jek porkins fig on an unreleased CT2 style Chewie card. This is an awesome find, it shows Jek blistered to the card but no chip is with it. Obviously CT2 is the unreleased CommTech chips we all heard we’d get but, alas they got scrapped. The card looks great, this is a great piece. Innis I envy you…LOL Great find guys, makes ya almost wish we could’ve had the CT2 chips… Ah maybe not LOL.



POTJ info
October 19, 2000 | 6:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The latest issue of Tomart’s AFD has some cool POTJ stuff in it.

It shows large pictures of the 12″ Bossk, 4-LOM and IG-88, and reports that the IG-88 will feature extendable legs to let him “tower” over the rest of the Action Collection figures.

The magazine also has large (almost full size actually) photos of Han Solo (Bespin Capture), Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) [shown with and without the removable damage], K-3PO and Mon Calamari Colonel.

Definitely worth a look!



Qui Gon/Leia Force Files
October 19, 2000 | 5:57 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are some pics of the Force Files. Thanks again to Matthew Opal for the pics. Remember these figures have only been found at Wal-mart so far. See a post below for pics of the figures themselves.
Leia Force File
Qui-Gon Front
Qui-Gon Back



Could this happen to you? Opinions wanted!
October 19, 2000 | 4:43 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Whilst dealing with a few piles of Star Wars goodies awaiting their photo shoot, entry in my custom database, and finally display on some shelf that I’ve yet to make room on; I noticed that I was (gasp) missing two fairly-recent figures (Sio Bibble and Queen Amidala with ascension gun) that I had otherwise thought I had successfully rescued from the ravages of life on a peg or worse yet from the hands of some grubby eBay scalper.

In a moment of clarity, I asked myself how could I have lived in such a dream world to believe that I could, even with a database, catch up with the latest wave of figures and hold my own against the evil glut of Episode I stuff still on pegs coupled with the frightening prospect of drastically reduced numbers of figures in the future as news of Hasbro’s belt-tightening rings all around me. The reason of how (or why) I continue collecting is a mystery I’ve yet to answer, though I think it may have something to do with the insanity that runs on my Dad’s side of the family.

Anyway, then I thought, how do other collectors of the anal-retentive (can you say that on the Internet? Wait, who am I kidding?) variety like myself, keep track of their collections? If I, with a fancy homemade Access 2000 database, could miss an item or two how do others deal with the strain of keeping up? The sheer number of items in the 3.5″; scale alone is mind-boggling.

I’d like your input! What do you use, Hasbro’s checklist (ha ha), a cocktail napkin (probably as effective) or a custom database? Or do you just wing it? Send your thoughts and ideas to and maybe we can share some of your ideas with your fellow yakface readers.



Qui-Gon/General Leia Wave OUT NOW!
October 19, 2000 | 3:16 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Qui Gon Jinn and General Leia POTJ figures are now out in stores. They were found today in Denver at a Wal-mart. A big thanks to Matthew Opal for the news and the pics of the new figs. In the second Qui Gon Jinn picture the brighter lightsaber is the new one and the darker is the one past Qui Gon figures have come with.
Leia General
Qui Gon Jinn Moisture Farmer
Qui Gon Jinn Moisture Farmer #2



Qui Gon/Leia Wave
October 19, 2000 | 3:08 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth are now taking orders for SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wave 1.5) (Item #84445AA, $89.99). This is an interim wave of action figures between the first and second Collection 1 cases. It has just two new figures, Qui Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise and Princess Leia in Military Dress



SW Trilogy VCD
October 19, 2000 | 3:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

This November the official LFL licensed VCD version of the Classic Trilogy will be available. It can be bought online at, here is a link straight to the reservation page of the VCD set for $29.50. Click thislink to check it out. Thanks to Dennis for the news.



POTJ Lottery
October 19, 2000 | 3:03 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

KEBco Comic and Toy Emporium is having a POTJ lottery. For an entry fee of $5.00 you may win all 44 POTJ figures in the 2000/2001 assortment. They will giveaway a complete set of 44 figures for every 60 entries in our lottery.



Thanks to some great readers
October 19, 2000 | 11:52 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just want to take a sceond to thank some of our awesome Yak readers out there. I asked for help on a sale Speederbike and got more than a few people willing to help. Thanks to all who wrote in saying they’d help me I do have 1 coming, though you guys are all great. Also want to add that alot of readers writing in are wishing Mark their best and a quick recovery. Thanks, all you guys are the reason we do this. Now if I could get the 1st R2-D2 with holo Leia from Fan Club….LOL

UPDATE:Some of us here at Yak have been getting a few emails asking if we could help them get some of the clearance things out. Sorry guys we can’t help on that side it’s kinda impossible to help all that need it. Also we can’t risk someone getting taken (it can and does happen sadly)by another collector. There are a few online collector groups that can help big with things you might need. One I highly recommend and am a part of is the Star Wars Collectorunion. These type of groups don’t allow scalping and selling on any auction site so that’s a big help. There are a few out there and worth checking out. Hope this helps.



Still Need the Skiff, It’s Back Online
October 19, 2000 | 9:00 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Tatooine Skiff w/Luke online right now for $19.99. Still need it? Then click away and get it.

UPDATE: Try entering YCJ00001 for what appears to be a 10% discount. Thanks to Joe for the tip.




New figs hitting?
October 18, 2000 | 7:25 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got mail from Yak reader GarGarbnks and he said he found these new figs at the Big K…Here’s part of his mail to us.

“A trip to Kmart down the street snagged not only Mas Amedda,
Coruscant Guard, and Security Battle Droid, but also Gungan Warrior, Boss Nass, and Jek Porkins.”

If anyone at all finds these PLEASE let anyone of us know here at Yak. I tend to believe it, as I reported last week these figs were due to start showing up soon and looks like they have. Good score man. Oh no now another search…LOL



Need a Marmit TIE Pilot?
October 18, 2000 | 6:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot back in stock for $89.95 each. Head over if you need one!



Australian Convention
October 18, 2000 | 6:55 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dax Riley sent in this info for our Australian readers:

Lidcombe Catholic Workers Club
24 John Street, Lidcombe
(Opposite Lidcombe Railway Station)
Free parking entrance via Church Street
Cost: $10 members, $12 non-members

What time?
11am to 6pm
Sunday 22nd of October 2000

There will be a CCG Tournament, dealers tables, licensees displays, fan films, debate, customising presentation, toy talk, auction and more!

The convention is organised by Star Walking, the Star Wars appreciation society of Australia which has been around for over 10 years. Their web site can be found here:



Canadian Wal Marts lower prices
October 18, 2000 | 6:52 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Bernie Murphy writes: “Wal-Mart is selling Star Wars action figures cheap. I purchased the Royal Naboo starship for under $60.00, it was originally $140.00 Canadian! I also picked up the Jedi Spirts, with the clear Anakin, Yoda, and Ben Kenobi and the Cantina aliens for $5.95 Canadian each set.”



Gotta Love
October 18, 2000 | 6:26 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are more items that are up for huge discounts.
Lego Anakin’s Podracer $3.75
Jabba’s Palace Diorama w/ Exclusive Han Solo $7.50



Cheap Speeder Bikes
October 18, 2000 | 5:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Jedi Mike sent in a scan of a receipt from Target that confirms the new low price – $12.44 each. I haven’t posted the receipt scan since it’s hardly exciting to look at, but it does indeed confirm that these things are being given away already.

UPDATE:I am also hearing that the Mace 12″ wave and still new Boss Nass 12″ wave are on clearance also for a whopping 4.94. Gotta love sales they are great I must say……



TRU Clearance
October 18, 2000 | 4:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Brad from Indy writes:
“While checking our computer on Monday for new Star Wars items, I stumbled across an interesting find. Apparently we could see clearance EP1 and classic Commtech figures show up at TRU earlier than was probably thought. No price change has been added yet for the EP1 figures (although they were supposed to go down last week to $2.97- it was taken back at the last minute. DID NOT HAPPEN- yet.). The classic Commtech figures are scheduled to go down to $1.97 towards the end of the month. The distribution center now has HUGE orders out for classic Commtech (skn 166235), EP1 collection 1 (skn 171786), and EP1 collection 3 (skn 171859). There is also an order out for the Queen Starship, but for now the price looks to remain the same ($49.98). These orders are due around the middle of November. One interesting note on these items is that our cost on everything listed above (including the ship) has gone to $.01. I’m not sure if there is going to be some sort of promotion on SW stuff or not, but I found this to be weird. I am going to contact our planner for Action figures today to see if I can get any info on this. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could finally get the rare 2000 specimens for closeout bargains. Maybe this is Hasbro opening that mythical wharehouse in the Pacific NW early. “



TRU Update
October 18, 2000 | 4:22 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys stopped in at the same TRU I found all that sale stuff yesterday. They seemed to have put more Coll#2 out some no logo Yodas, Capt Panaka, and some army building Naboo Royal Guards. Also saw some Darth Vader Tie Fighters not there yesterday and those were 4.97 also. So I guess it doesn’t hurt to pop in every few days or so.



Niub Niub’s C:VR
October 18, 2000 | 11:31 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

niubniubsuniverse has created a C:VR’s (character virtual reality) and the first one has just been posted which is Darth Maul from the tatooine showdown 3 pack. Check it out.



12″ Speederbikes for 13 bux?
October 18, 2000 | 10:27 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have heard several reports that the 12″ Speeder bike is now at $12.44 at Target. I can’t confirm myself cause I never saw 1 in the store but alot of mail saying that is the truth. If so people get them NOW what a steal that is….If anyone can find any extras PLEASE let me know as I will buy from you and I’ll throw something extra in also. Email here at Sidster if you can help. Items
October 17, 2000 | 9:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

12″ Tusken Raider $9.99
Dancing Jar Jar Bank $5.00



Skiff ONLINE!!!!!
October 17, 2000 | 8:49 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Tatooine Skiff w/Luke online right now for $19.99. Still need it? Then click away and get it.




Retooled Darth Vader
October 17, 2000 | 6:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

In stock now is the rare Retooled Darth Vader 4-Pack (Item #69621.4, $99.99). For the complete story on this unique item, plus other great deals, head on over to:Entertainment Earth.



Huge deals at TRU
October 17, 2000 | 4:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got back from TRU and they had some insane sales on stuff not on sale yet, and some cheaper than they’ve been. Here’s a list off the top of my head…
F/F and Classic CT figs 1.97
Ep1 figs 1.97
Landspeeder 1.97
Luke’s T-16 and A-Wing 4.97
Trade Fed droid fighters 4.97
F/X figs 2.97
Deluxe Classic figs 1.97
Princess Leia collection 2.97
Millenium Coin figs 3.90
Gunner stations 1.97
Ep1 Gungan catapult and Flash cannon 1.97
Classic Epic Force 1.97
Classic cinema scenes 6.90
Ep1 accessory packs .50
Ep1 elec 12″ dolls 4.97
Some definite steals to be made there. I even found some army builders like Royal Guards and Destroyer Droids. Hey I got 9 things for a big grand total of 18.65 not too shabby.



Marmit Fett pics
October 17, 2000 | 11:31 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The guys over at CollectStarWars have some awesome pics of the Marmit Fett. Pics were taken at the Toyko Super Festival, and boy I must say he looks insane. They list availability as Nov but I have heard that is now pushed to Dec. Here’s a direct link to the pics of Fett.



Couple more UK shops
October 17, 2000 | 11:00 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got a couple of people writing in to ask me to add these 2 shops to the recent UK Star Wars stops. Again I’ve never dealt with them but Greg may have, Greg let us know what you think.
Here’s the links The ToyShop and also BothanCollectables.
I believe ToyShop might be the site that alot of people have scored Eopies from, someone correct me if I’m wrong. Check these places out ya never know what ya might find…



Fan Club sale update
October 16, 2000 | 6:55 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Wow I got some mail on this and it’s a 50/50 decision on what people thought of it. Some will argue and say it was great and well run, while others feel strongly the opposite. I myself did not attend nor have I at any in the past but, I do have some opinions on this. How you wonder? Well I still feel strongly some items should be offered via the site for those that can not attend. I have had many gripes with the FC in past and that is 1 of the many. It is called the Fan Club right? So does that mean fans that can not attend are not “true” fans…Also many people wrote saying how there was no cap on qty for any given item. Sorry for the supporters of this method but that’s kind of unfair. Shouldn’t all the “fans” have a chance at some of the figs and etc there, and not just the lucky 1’s. To me 4-5 of a fig is ok but a full box, nah sorry doesn’t sit right with me. I have been to the Hasbro employee store and THEY have a limit on some product. As for the people writing in saying that the scalpers weren’t that bad of a deal…I find that too hard to believe. They scoop up any new product on shelves at full price nevermind sale. Some say that it’s just the whiney collectors that have bad to say, could be true (there are whiney people out there), but when we make out what we feel is good, then we can say that. Hopefully any problems will be taken care for next sale and hopefully the FC will listen to the “fans” and put some of the steals on-line. Yak reader Marilyn G sent us a link to her site with some pics of the sale. Here’s the link for ya



Ultarama Press Release
October 16, 2000 | 1:43 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Hey guys here’s another look at the official press release for the Ultarama Display unit. As I mentioned last week these things rock and have endless possibilities for some awesome mini dioramas. Now to show some lucky collectors out there how much they rock, Yak and Ultarama will be giving away some of these very soon. Just keep checking back for info on when we’ll start the contest. In the mean time visit them atUltarama and even if you aren’t 1 of the lucky 1’s, they are still worth the $.



HTF Action Fleet
October 16, 2000 | 9:26 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For those of you searching for the hard to find later Action Fleet vehicles, Gold 4 is selling a few on eBay:
item #469230919 – Virago
item #469207276 – TIE Defender
item #469226606 – E-Wing
All start at a good price with no reserve.

Since I’ve already mentioned TIE Defenders, take a look at our current featured eBay auction at the left – it’s a 3 3/4″ figure scale electronic TIE Defender! Even if you’re not serious about buying it, it’s well worth a look just to see it.



Pre-Order Marmit Fett
October 16, 2000 | 9:24 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine is taking pre-orders for the Marmit Boba Fett figure, currently scheduled for a late November release in Japan. Here’s the info he sent me:

Get your MARMIT 12″ Boba Fett at Dark Jedi Master Collectibles ( Only $135 each shipped in the US! Non-US orders welcome for additional postage! Case orders also welcome – we sell in quantity!

For more infoor to order, contact them at the above e-mail address.



An accident in the family
October 15, 2000 | 5:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys our own leader here at Yak, Mark, got into a lil accident yesterday. I was wondering if we could take just a second to wish him a speedy recovery and full health back, soon as possible. Without Mark, Yak wouldn’t be here at all. Get some rest and get better quick man. We’re praying for ya.



Some interesting stuff
October 15, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys I was just surfing around today and found a site out in the UK with some new and some pretty rare items too. They’re called Essential Collectables. I’ve never dealt with them at all but figured I’d mention for those needing some of this stuff. All seem to be in stock too. Some stuff I spotted was…
R2-D2 w/ holo Leia
Swimming Jar Jar
all new POTJ including the new Qui-Gon Jedi Master
Eopie w/ Qui-Gon
Watto’s Box
Jabba w/ announcer
Saw these older toughies too..
R2-D2 w/ attachments Imperial slide F/F
Boba Fett F/F
Sandtrooper F/F
Like I said never dealt with them so buyer beware. Some tend to be a little higher $ wise also but, I know alot of people are still looking for some of this and some still seem cheaper than Ebay.
If you wanna give them a look here’s a link
Essential Collectables.

UPDATE:Yak reader TB2 from the UK also wanted to mention another UK site he recommends highly. It’s Kool Collectables which I have heard of in past but again never dealt with myself. TB2 had this to say about them…
“Primarily based in the city of York, Kool Collectables have not let me down when I have ordered from them.” “I have found their mail order service speedy and efficient. They are nice people to talk to as well!”
So add another to the list of UK shops for your Star Wars needs here’s a link Kool Collectables.

Update: I just wanted to add that I (Greg) have dealt twice with Essential Collectables and had no problems whatsoever. I have also visited the Kool Collectables store and bought a few things there and again, friendly people, cool stuff.



1 report from the FC sale so far…
October 15, 2000 | 5:01 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Here’s a report from Yak reader Mike Mitzel about his experience at the sale.
“It was a joke. Let me start off by saying that I’m 26 and not a kid thats mad because I didnt get this or that. I got there at 5:45am and was about the 50th person in line. Far behind all the local scalpers and every friend they could drag along with them. While standing in line outside, one of the employees came driving thru the crowd and ran over the foot of a guy in line. As far as I could tell they let about 150 people in for starters. It was a mad house scalpers with 2-3 boxes full. One guy had at least a dozen Mara Jade figs in a box sitting on the floor behind him, not realizing it was somebody’s box (due to the fact that it was filled with the same figure) I reached in and the guy grabbed me like I was touching his wife. I understand it’s a cool fig, but hey why not share. After my mother called the guy a few names we went about our shopping. The people were like mad dogs, it reminded me of the first days of the Cabbage Patch dolls. Boxes of EP1 figures were 4 dollars, Flash Backs were 3 along with FF. Lego Sith Infiltrator, Snow Speeder, Land Speeder, Droid Fighter, and Speeder Bikes were 4 bucks. I found a Yoda Flash Back and a Wuher both MOMC, or at least it was until I checked out and they were thrown in a box by a temporary employee that had no clue. Most of the stuff I found was in good condition, except for the Chancellor and Guard 12 inch two pack which were in sad shape. I did get a copy of EP1 signed by Brooks for 10 dollars. Sorry no R2-D2 w/ Leia.
Mike Mitzel”
Sounds like Mike had a so so day, I guess it’s expected scalpers would be there with bells on though Mike. Sorry to hear of your problems but all in all sounds like some cool deals were to be had. If anyone else out there would like to send their experiences and steals, send me a mail here atSidster.



Fan Club warehouse sale
October 14, 2000 | 10:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Hey all I’m sure we have all heard by now that the Fan Club had their warehouse sale again today. Some pics and mention of some items that were available are at CollectStarWars. If any of our Yak readers attended I’d love to hear what was there and what you scored. I wish they’d do some type of online sale like this for us poor unfortunate souls that can’t make it there. If anyone at all scored 1 of the 1st run CT R2-D2’S w/ holo Leia that were shipped to the FC, please email here. I will take any card condition at all.



Carbon Freeze set on Ebay
October 14, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I noticed this set for sale on eBay and thought I’d post for the eager people out there. This set as we know is exclusive to the Fan Club, which has not even started taking orders for yet. I thought I’d mention for anyone curious and willing to pay more to get it early. I’ll say it now before the mail floods in, I have no affiliation with the seller nor have I dealt with them ever. As Greg mentioned in a post a week or 2 back, these pieces go for much more than what retail or FC (in this case) charge. Buyer beware, but if you have to have it now here’s your chance. Also stated by Greg this is not really in that “scalping” area, cause it is not available to the mass market yet. Cool set, cool enough to spend your hard earned $ on….that’s up to you. The item # for those interested is #467185611.



UK Finds
October 14, 2000 | 1:14 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For readers over in the UK, here’s some news courtesy of Ian Foster:
“Asda here have another toy sale on a nd have a whole slew of 12″ figs. They’re the Luke & Dionoga wave [Ponda Baba, Obi-Wan and Luke Stormtrooper/Dianoga], plus Sandtroopers & Snowtroopers!! They’re £9.99 ea. And they also had a Milton Bradley game. Not sure what it’s called, Gungan battle or something. It’s basically a board game that comes with a bunch of small plastic figures and a gungan catapult. Also £9.99”.

Ian also forwarded this notice he received from

As someone who has bought “Star Wars” books, music or videos, we thought you might like to know that the “Star Wars Trilogy” is being re-released on VHS for a limited period only in two box sets on 20
November and is now available for pre-order at

Standard version –
Widescreen version –
You can pre-order both these box sets from at a greatly
reduced price: we have 8.00 GBP off the widescreen set and 7.00 GBP
off the standard version.
As well as the digitally remastered THX “Special Edition” versions of the original trilogy, these video box sets feature an exclusive
ten-minute preview of the next entry in the saga, Episode II, which is due for theatrical release in summer 2002.
You can find more “Star Wars” videos, soundtracks, books and video
games in this special “Star Wars” feature, as well as reading
exclusive interviews with cast and crew members:



Ultarama shelves
October 13, 2000 | 10:05 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Anyone looking for an awesome way to display your loose figs and make some cool dioramas need to get some of these. Got 2 sets today and man I gotta say they are kick… These aren’t some flimsy run of the mill deals either, great durability and many many options of use here. They can be stacked, put back to back, in a semi circle, whatever, honestly they’re worth the $. They come with 4 8×10 background pics if you’d like for a little more $$ the pics given are Star Wars themes too. You can also go with just the shelves themselves and add any 8×10 size background you want for a little less. You also get a ton of pegs to put in preset peg holes which seem endless. Greg posted a few days back on these and posted the site addy, here it is again check them out at Ultarama . I promise you won’t be dissappointed if you do decide to go with them tell’em Yakface sent ya.



Looking To Complete Your 12″ Collection?
October 13, 2000 | 9:17 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Want to fill in those missing spots without bidding on EBAY. I went through, and and found all the 12″ Figures that are available and put them down with the best prices for each. Here is the link to see what is avaiable. KBKids has marked the 12″ Battle Droid down to $5.00.



12″ Maul on Speeder hitting everywhere
October 12, 2000 | 4:46 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I guess it looks like this elusive (til now) piece seems to be hitting all parts of the country. As reported by my man CHris at CollectStarWarsthese have hit MA are and all East coast. I have had reports from NH, MA, NJ, MD, GA, FLA so get out there and grab’em while ya can. This is a great piece especially for the price point, still not as cool as speederbike but not far behind. I should mention 1 thing though some readers have found this piece on top shelves, bottom shelves, and in other areas of the Toy dept. So look around before leaving. Walmart looks to be coming through on this 1.



Cincinnati’s Perspective Of the Hasbro News
October 12, 2000 | 2:57 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is an article online from the Cincinnati Post about the closing of the doors at the one-time Kenner Headquarters. I wish the people that will be without a job at year’s end the best of luck.

Mark I add my best to all losing their jobs been there done that gotta say it isn’t fun. Good luck to all of you.



Ep II Toy News
October 12, 2000 | 2:03 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post posted some news regarding Hasbro’s plans for Episode 2 toys that is in the latest issue of ToyFare.
Hasbro was asked how the Episode 2 line will be handled differently from the Episode I toy line.
“Expect a far more conservative number of Episode II figures, primarily because of the mountain of leftover Episode I stuff that prevented the release of new Star Wars merchandise. Expect the Episode II roll-out to begin with at least one “sneak peek” figure…Look for the sneak-peek figure by late Summer or early Fall 2001, about 10 months before we’re graced with the presence if Episode II.”



Hasbro Update
October 12, 2000 | 11:26 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

From Reuters…

Hasbro said it would close its offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Napa and San Francisco, Calif., to reduce fixed overhead costs.

See the full story here.



Kenner R.I.P.
October 12, 2000 | 10:11 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Kevin in Cincinnati wrote in with the following:

The Hasbro division that is based out of Cincinnati (the old Kenner company) is closing. This was just on a major Cincinnati news radio station (700 WLW). This is big because Kenner (as you already know) is where all the Star Wars 3.5″ products (along with G.I. Joe, Starting Lineup, etc.) are developed.

Kevin said there was no mention where they are moving to just that hundreds of jobs will be lost.

It’s sad to hear and the end of an era, really. My best wishes to those who are out of a job, I’ve been there.

I’m sure there’ll be more on this, but my guess is that Hasbro is doing some, what they might call “long overdue, post-acquisition corporate consolidation” otherwise known as belt tightening. Stay tuned.



Looking for the 12″ Han Endor
October 12, 2000 | 9:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Etoys just received them. Here is the link. The price is $24.99
Update** He is now sold out. Thanks to Tom for the update.



Clear Case for 2 packs
October 11, 2000 | 9:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you are looking for a case to protect your SW 2 packs this news may e of help. Thanks to Rob for the news.
“I just noticed that the clear cases for standard Starting Lineup figures are the perfect size for 2-packs like Masters of the Dark Side and Final Lightsaber Duel.”

Just to chime in Brain they work great on deluxe figs too, I have used them for some in past.



Cheap Ep I figs at KB
October 11, 2000 | 9:38 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Reports are coming in that KB’s around the US have EP1 figs down to 1.99 and the classic ones are still 3.99. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it.



Kabe and Muftak 
October 11, 2000 | 9:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is proud to bring you another former exclusive item – at a price you’ve probably never seen before! We now have Kabe and Muftak (Item #84071), previously exclusive to and the Star Wars Fan Club, at just $10.99 plus shipping. These classic Star Wars action figures from the Mos Eisley Cantina are only available in this set. Order yours today at Entertainment Earth.



Still looking for this stuff…..
October 11, 2000 | 8:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I was just taking a look at John’s Toys and saw all this stuff in stock now.
Marmit Tie Fighter Pilot
R2 w/ holo Leia
CommTech Vader
CommTech Stromtrooper
Mailway F/F slide viewer
Ammo Wagon w/ Falumpaset
I also spotted some oldies but goodies.
Vader on Red card
Luke Imperial Guard Shadows card
John’s also has an incredible book called Star Heroes from Germany. I own this book and it really is awesome for reference from vintage to Ep1. Great info, tons of pics, and perfect for variation hunters.
This book rocks and I truly recommend it, it has figs and etc all the way up to Soft Good wave. Definite must have for us Star Wars collectors.
UPDATE:Opps forgot to add John’s also has a bunch of masks and Halloween goodies so take a look.



SW figure VR
October 11, 2000 | 12:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

NiubNiub’s Universe has made an interesting VR of the new Mas Amedda figure showing full 360 degrees and articulation. It reminds me of what used to be on the old Hasbro site. It’s cool so go check it out.



Ep1 Deluxe Widescreen Set.
October 11, 2000 | 7:59 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Deluxe Widescreen Edition Movie on clearence for $15.99.



Qui-Gon And Amidala Two Pack Cheap
October 10, 2000 | 11:11 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a store called Factory-2-U out west that are
carrying this entertainmentearth/fanclub exclusive for $20!! You can call 1-877-44-FACTO to find out where their 200+ stores are located. If anyone can pick one up please e-mail Mark since he is looking for one for a friend. Thanks.



Boxed Carbon Freeze Chamber
October 10, 2000 | 5:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted some cool boxed shots of the upcoming POTJ Fan Club exclusive Carbon Freeze Chamber playset with exclusive Bespin Guard figure! Check them out!!



Display Stands for Loose Figures
October 10, 2000 | 5:55 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s a great-looking new product for collectors of loose figures from not only Star Wars, but other lines too. On October 16th, the new Ultarama display stand will be released. These were previewed a few months back, but for those who never saw them, they are stackable, expandable plastic stands with backdrops for posing figures. You can read the press release for their release here and check out their website @!



Real Working Lightsabers!
October 10, 2000 | 5:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Well, not quite, but check out this interesting info from Dan:

“I just moved some of my 3 3/4″ figs and just found out their lightsabers (at least on the POTJ figs) are black light sensitive, so when you turn on a black light behind them they look like they are really lit up. It’s pretty neat; I recommend you give it a whirl if you have a black light laying around and you’re bored.” Deals Galore!
October 10, 2000 | 10:51 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are more deals over at….
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit $17.50
TC-14 12″ Electronic Exclusive $15.00
There are many other deals including T-Shirts for 75 cents. Best way to find an item is to search on “wars”



More finds of 12″ Maul on Speeder
October 10, 2000 | 12:44 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Looks like this thing may finally start showing up everywhere. Reports from all over are coming in, here are some new 1’s for all wanting this pretty elusive piece.
2 reports from Georgia 1 being found in Woodstock, Ga
1 report from S.E. Michigan and
1 from Indiana, Pennsylvania
Thanks to all reporting keep them coming so we can help those states not reported yet. Also want to thank all reporting for the awesome words about the site, we’ll keep trying to improve it for you all.

UPDATE:Here’s some more reports that came in.
Clearfield and State College, PA
Knoxville, TN
Grand Rapids, MI
UPDATE 2:Yes even more from Pa and even Fla now so looks like all of the East should see these soon.
UPDATE 3:West Virginia, Chicago Il, and Harrisburg Pa are more to add.



Update on new figs
October 9, 2000 | 3:44 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just talked with a pretty reliable source and I was told we should see new figs start trickling into US soon, very soon. The 1’s he mentioned were the new Qui-Gon, Jek, Gungan Soldier, and Nass. Sounds good seeing I already need a new figure fix (lol). I am just wondering how tough these will be considering the 1st waves are now just starting to sit on some shelves. As more info on a more specific time is given to me I will let all the Yak readers know. But he stressed as it looked now, it wasn’t far at all…..Keep you posted.



Maul on Speeder hits the East finally
October 9, 2000 | 11:55 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well finally have a report of the Walmart 12″ Maul on Speeder showing up on East coast. Bob Martinazzi of MD wrote in with this to say.
“Just found the Wal-mart 12″Maul/Speeder at a Wal-mart in Laurel, Maryland. First time I’ve seen it in this area. Most of my friends also in the area as of yet to find it also. So its finally showing up! By the way, they have tons of POTJ Collection 1 – can we say overkill once again!”
So hopefully this is a sign of things to come here on the East side. Remember when the East is in the house “Oh my God” (just an old Hip-Hop refrence lol). I’d say it might not hurt to check out that Walmart on the way home from grocery shopping. Anymore finds please mail me here atSidster .

UPDATE:Got another report from Yak reader Bill in Glen Burnie, MD finding a 12″ Maul on Speeder. Looks like if you’re in MD better start looking out. Bill also had this to say about 12″ Speederbikes he found.
“Also, for anyone interested in the 12″ Target Exclusive Speeder Bike, a Target store in Laurel Maryland has about 20 of them on sale for $39.95 from the original price of $49.95. I guess the price was too high for everyone. I’ll be going back for the new sale price and getting $10.00 back from my original purchase.”
So MD looks like a good place to be right now for 12″ exc. stuff.



Are You Into Gaming?
October 9, 2000 | 12:19 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well check out the Lucasarts home page for more news and updates along with new screenshots for thier upcoming games for the consoles and the PC. On a sad side of it, Obi-Wan will NOT be coming out this year as originally planned.



KB Halloween Promotion
October 8, 2000 | 11:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

KB will have a SW based promotion this Halloween. Thanks to Jane for the following news.

“The micro machines KB have received is for Halloween. They are to be given out to the kiddies!! There are 24 ships in a box. With 2 complete sets of ships. There are only nine different ships in a box:
X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, AT-AT, Slave I, Mill. Falcon,
Star Destroyer, and Luke’s Landspeeder.”



Welcome to a friend…
October 8, 2000 | 10:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The guys over at collectstarwars have had a new reporter, and personal friend of mine, join their staff. So I just want to welcome my man CHris Rinaldi, into the online Star Wars world. CHris is a great guy and should be a BIG help with the collector world. I know CHris from the Star Wars Collector Union and have hung out with him a few times. Stop by and check Mike, CHris, and the rest of the crew there. Good luck man.



12″ Tarpals info
October 8, 2000 | 9:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Here’s a little update to the info posted on on the 12″ Kaadu and Tarpals set. As I had let people know then this is another Target exclusive, sorry guys. But I hear we should see this set right in time for our X-Mas lists (Santa you hear that). So this might turn out to be a real tough find at 1st with demand and the timing of the year, Oh Boy here we go….Early hearsay on price will set it at 49.99, but keep in mind this is still early hearsay. As I hear more I will let all know about this cool set.



Added info on POTJ posted yesterday
October 8, 2000 | 9:44 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just wanted to clarify for some of the curious out there. I have got some emails asking about some of the POTJ we posted last night, so thought I’d post for everyone wondering. The 100th edition Luke shown is an early sample and so far the head sculpt will be different then you see there. I have got to see the new sculpt and has mentioned last week it is the best likeness of Mark Hamill yet. The Luke w/ CD is also just a sample and will contain the previuosly shown Bespin Luke. So no need to sweat it and think “Oh no another Luke Tatooine” (lol). From what I hear we will see the Mega Destroyer Droid shipping soon, could be hitting parts of the country as soon as next week, we’ll see. Hope this helps those wondering on some of that stuff. Hasbro does seem to be getting better and better w/ some of the recent pics we’ve seen around.



More on Blue Snowtroopers
October 8, 2000 | 5:37 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

As an update to the recent post which mentioned blue-chested 12″ Snowtroopers turning up again, Patrick McKinny writes:
“I picked up four Blue plated 12″ snowtroopers about two months ago at KB Toyworks in N. Ga.”
So, according to this report, these have been around again…although I’d like to see more than one report before I could say for sure.



October 7, 2000 | 8:34 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are some nice large pics of upcoming POTJ items.
12″ Vader/Maul 2 pack
12″ 100th Luke
Calamari Colonel

Mega Destroyer Droid
Luke w CD
12″ IG-88, 4-LOM & Bossk
Saesee Tiin



Cool 12″ Custom
October 7, 2000 | 7:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

There’s a nicely done 12″ custom Lando General figure over on eBay – item number 460874975. Check it out, very cool!



Star Wars Wedding
October 7, 2000 | 7:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

~J~ sent in this photo from Ryan and Joanne’s recent wedding – check out the lightsabers! 🙂 May the Force be with you, Ryan and Joanne, and thanks go to ~J~ for scanning the photo for us!



SW Halloween
October 7, 2000 | 1:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post just received a new shipment of Scout Trooper
Helmets (Item #DP82024, $54.99). Check out this and all of their Halloween masks, helmets and costumes in their Halloween Shop atEntertainment Earth.



Customs and Collections
October 7, 2000 | 7:10 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out the cool pair of custom Tonnika Sisters on eBay – the item number is in our auction box space at the left.

A quick reminder that JediJimmie is selling off his collection on eBay and part two has just over one day left – item number 457439262. Check it out!!



KB Promo item!!
October 7, 2000 | 4:28 AM EST | Darryl | Talk About This Post

Toyman2000 writes an update to his previous note: “the items i got in today was single carded star wars micro machines:at-at,snowspeeder,y-wing,land speeder,x-wing and a few others,i scaned the items and they came up at .01 cent,as soon as i know what is up i will let you guys know.”

Looks like the hard to find single packs that showed up at a few deep discounters over the summer have surfaced yet again. Packaging junkies, keep your eyes peeled!

Update: It seems that different stores are getting different Micro Machine vehicles. I (Greg) received three reports from people who saw the cases, and here are the vehicles they mentioned:
Steven Robertson saw Vader’s TIE, Luke’s Landspeeder and the Imperial Shuttle, plus two others.
Joe saw X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer and “either the AT-AT or AT-ST”.
SpaceGhost2K saw the Falcon, X-Wing, AT-AT, TIE Fighter and “others”.

If you have any to add to the list, let us know!



Original Jawa Force art on Ebay 
October 7, 2000 | 12:28 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Looks like a chance to score some more original Jawa Force art and help a good cause at the same time. Dave Myatt from Lorta Phanble Studios wrote in with this.
“Hey Sidster,
Dave here at Lorta Phanble Studios ( ).
Jawa Force artist Allan Whincup and his wife are having a baby in the next week or so, and to help with the costs of a new born, Lorta Phanble Studios have put all remaining original art pages of Jawa Force issue 3 on Ebay. It’s all for a good cause, so we are hoping that Star Wars fans take a look.
Thank you
Dave Myatt”
Dave also noted it would be much easier to search the words “Jawa Force art” as there are far too many pages to list all the auction numbers. items
October 6, 2000 | 10:11 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I decided to do a broad search at on the word WARS, these are some of the items that are not listed on the Star Wars page….
Deluxe Rancor w/ Luke Figure $19.99
12″ Slave Leia w/ R2D2 $29.99



Shuttle Petition
October 6, 2000 | 7:04 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ADC has started a new petition for a new POTJ Imperial Shuttle. It is our hope to help Hasbro see there is still a great demand for vintage vehicles like the shuttle craft to be made. We realize more than likely this ship will eventually be made (sic) but it is our hope that we can show Hasbro that the demand is great enough that it does not need to be an exclusive. We would like to send Hasbro a petition with 5,000 names on it showing how much people want this item. If your readers would like to add their name to the petition all they have to do is email us with their real name (Please no nicknames or screen names)

Also ADC is giveing away a free E1 Swimming Jar Jar figure and a G.I. Joe 200 Locust Helicopter in their October Forum give-away. This will be running along with their special Halloween give-away for a free R2-D2 w/Holo Leia.



KB Promo item??
October 6, 2000 | 6:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Toyman2000 writes: “It looks like kb toys is going to have some sort of star wars promotion comming soon.on my truck im getting today we have some sort of star wars item marked at 0.00,and that tells me its a promo give away.we are getting 24 of these items in so as soon as i know what they are and what the promo is I will give you guys the heads up!!”
This is the first I’ve heard of any kind of promo item, so don’t get excited – chances are it’s some kind of mistake or something and not anything new or significant. But I could be wrong I suppose…when we do find out what it is, we’ll update and let you know.



Porkins on eBay
October 6, 2000 | 6:56 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

There is a carded Porkins up for sale already on eBay – item #460446392. Please note that I am only mentioning this for those who want to see the photos and those who are seriously interested (these advance carded figures ALWAYS sell for much higher than retail price). There is no pressure to bid or anything! Every time we post something like this I get mail from concerned collectors thinking we are promoting scalping. Since this is not out yet, it’s not a retail item so the general scalper rule (taking a retail item off a shelf and reselling) doesn’t really apply anyway…



Blue 12″ Snowtroopers
October 6, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Marilyn G writes: “With the Blue Snowtroopers showing up again at clearance prices at KB, I decided to put up a page with comparison scans of the Regular and the Blue 12” Action Collection Snowtrooper. Most pics have previously only shown the front blue chestplate/belt and yellow stripe on the boots differences, but there is also a slight difference on the BACK of the belt. Check out the pics on my Toyforce page if you’re interested in this.”

I have to admit, this is the first I’ve heard of the blue Snowtroopers showing up again. But if anyone reading this has found one of these lately, let me know and I’ll update this post. In the meantime, I didn’t realize there was a variation on the back of the figure, so check out the scans!



Need the Ammo Wagon…?
October 6, 2000 | 6:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dolls Kollekt have the Ammo Wagon with Falumpaset set i stock now – head over to order.



Can’t Decide Who To Be For Halloween?
October 6, 2000 | 5:29 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well if you are stuck on this question why don’t you stop into the eToys Halloween Shop and see if you can find anything there.
Here are some finds I came across while doing different search’s. I hope this will help some collector’s out.
12″ Barquin D’an $19.99
R2-A6 6″ $9.99



All The Collectors Wanted it Carded, Well Here It Is!
October 6, 2000 | 3:26 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The all new IG-88!!! Here is an excellent image. Front, back and with the bandolier, yes it is removable. The Head now has two points of articulation, just below the eyes and the neck. The chest is now articulated instead of the waist. The rest is the same. Very nice paint job as well.



New Select Image
October 6, 2000 | 8:02 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Select image number 13 can now be sen at the official Star Wars site. Head on over and check it out.



More from Wizards of the Coast
October 6, 2000 | 7:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The Wizards of the coast company is not only going to be offering the game with the Rorworr figure, but they will also be offering up some new minatures. Check out the complete list. They have multiple boxed sets. For those that are unaware of what these games are like, they are like the Magic roleplaying game (think Dungeons and Dragons). The minature will be used in the same instance as D&D.



100th Luke info
October 5, 2000 | 9:53 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys this thing sports for 1 a new and very good likeness of Mr. Skywalker himself. Also he is loaded to the max with accessories
from his Tatooine outfit to his X-Wing outfit and everything in between. Luke comes with all his necessary Tatooine garb e.g. belt, blaster, buffalo rifle, poncho (not same as the 1 in 3 pack it’s a little more like the new 1 that comes with Qui-Gon), binoculars, floppy hat, etc. He also has his X-wing outfit as mentioned, clothes, boots, helmet, etc. Then all the other goodies included range from his lightsaber of course to his blastshield helmet and ball, stormtooper belt and commlink, and a few more. So in essence we have had all these things as pack-ins in other 12″ minus a few new 1’s- like the new poncho, buffalo rifle, floppy hat. Though this info is early this is what has been seen thus far. Nice set, $60 dollars nice, well you guys can decide that.



Parody Storyboards
October 5, 2000 | 5:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’ve been following the saga of the Episode Two storyboards that appeared online recently, or even if you never saw those, you may want to check out Yavin4 who have posted parodies based on them. Well worth a look!



Check this out
October 5, 2000 | 2:37 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB is excited to show off the latest from a master minifig sculptor – his rendition of tiny Bith heads has to be seen to be believed. And while you’re there, vote in the new poll!



Need Action Fleet…?
October 5, 2000 | 2:00 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

D&S Toys has the hard to find Galoob Action Fleet Trade Federation Tank and Trade Federation Droid Control Ship in stock for $14.50 each. They also have the Action Fleet Royal Starship and Sith Infiltrator for $13.50 each. Make sure you stop by if you need these!



Some sku #’s for you
October 5, 2000 | 1:35 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

This for all that mailed me (and anyone else interested) asking if I knew what the sku # was for the 12″ Maul on Speeder. Here goes sku # 0 76930 26294 8. I have a friend that has been using it and the store can tell you if it’s in stock or how many coming. Now here is another you might definetly want to try…..
Though I’m not sure if they can check by sku I’ll post it anyway.
Target 12″ Kaadu with Capt. Tarpals sku # 0 76930 26201 6. I know target checks by dcpi#’s but they may be able to check by sku hey it’s worth a shot.
UPDATE: The #’s given were taken from the bar code on the product.
Some call them sku’s others upc’s. In any case the # listed for the Maul on Speeder does work as a friend has been using it for the past 2 weeks. Most stores are able to look up items with these kinds of #’s I know from personal experience. Hope they help.



Carded rorworr on EBAY
October 5, 2000 | 10:13 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some nice images of the Rorworr carded, both front and back, you can bid on this item now it is #459256921.Head over to EBAY and check it out. A special thanks to P for the news and the images.



Looking for MM Transforming Heads?
October 5, 2000 | 7:31 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Need a few to complete that collection of yours? You may want to check out a local Big-Lots if you have one in your area. strwrsfryk sent a note saying that these have been seen there for $3.99, some of the ones seen include Darth Vader, Luke X-wing, Royal Guard, TIE Pilot, Boba Fett, R2-D2. Keep you eye out and good luck.



Release Date for SW RPG w Wookie figure
October 4, 2000 | 10:03 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Christopher for the following news.
“I stopped by the Wizards of the Coast store in my local shopping mall and they told me that the release date for the new SW RPG with Wookie figure is November 13th.”



HUGE Discounts in Canada
October 4, 2000 | 10:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

According to Power of the North Side and 
The Rebel Base
 POTF2 figures like R2 Holo, Stormtrooper and more have begun showing up on clearance for $2.91 Canadian (only $1.65 US).



300th Fett
October 4, 2000 | 9:57 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The highly anticipated 300th SW Figure – Boba Fett (Item #84566, $11.99) is available for preorder at Entertainment Earth.



Darth Maul Trophy
October 4, 2000 | 6:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This is now on sale at KBKIDS.COM for the low low price of $3.25, click here to get it.



Watto’s Boxes, Applause Bacta Luke at Digital Toys
October 4, 2000 | 6:26 PM EST | Darryl | Talk About This Post

Digital Toys has Watto’s Box sets listed on their site for $28.00, and they say they have it in stock. (They also list Lott Dodd and a bunch of buddies that were never made, but it’s still worth a look.) They also list the popular Applause diorama of Luke in the Bacta Tank for $75.



Desperate for Eopie?
October 4, 2000 | 1:35 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Hourstor is an online store that has the Eopie w Qui Gon Jinn in Stock for $45. However, it is based in Singapore and I do not know anyone who has bought from here. So I don’t know how much shipping or anything would cost. Thanks to Wai Kim for the news.



Looking for Watto?
October 4, 2000 | 10:42 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Etoys has Watto’s Box in stock now for $19.99
UPDATE! Watto’s Box is sold out. Thanks to all that let me know.
Other buys include Masterpiece Edition C3PO with book for $60.00
UPDATE:Watto’s Box is now out of stock.



Looking for help
October 3, 2000 | 11:30 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have had some people wanting to know if any state on the East Coast has got the 12″ Darth Maul on Speeder from Walmart. Numerous mails asking from Ma. down to Ga. So if you leave on the East Coast and have bought 1 from Walmart gimmie me a holler.



Carbon Playset info
October 3, 2000 | 11:22 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well got some info to share on this highly anticipated piece. First off, the Carbon Block has had some changes from the pics we’ve all seen time and time again everywhere. Major change was the black rubber to a new silver spandex material. I have heard a few reasons why this could have happened and all seem likely. One factor is that alot of children are allergic to latex rubber, which is true, another was the rubber really didn’t mold the figures well and that is true also. I can testify to that from personal experience with the 1st version. I’m also hearing mechanics of the block are better which is a good thing. Also alot of people were wondering about the Bespin Guard’s “buff” look to him, reminiscent of the early POTF2 figures, but no need to worry he hasn’t been hitting the gym. So hopefully a little info can tie you over til the FanClub starts placing orders. I hear this could happen as early as this month sometime to early/middle of next. We’ll see….



Gungan, Nass and Porkins Carded
October 3, 2000 | 9:25 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has some nice pics of the Gungan Warrior, Porkins and Boss Nass carded.



Galood Ep I Action Fleet
October 3, 2000 | 9:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Choose from E1 Action Fleet Veh/Fig Asst. (Item #97188A, $64.99) – includes 2x Starship with Rick Olie, 1x TF Tank with Battle Droid, 2x Sith Infiltrator with Darth Maul, 1x TF Droid Control Ship with Neimoidian Commander.

Action Fleet Vehicles (Wave 1) (Item #79041A, $84.99) – includes 1x Naboo Starfighter, 1x Trade Federation MTT, 3x Sebulba’s Podracer, 1x Republic Cruiser. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Mega Action Online
October 2, 2000 | 5:30 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

eToys have the Mega Action Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul figures in stock for $9.99 each. Thanks to Mandalore1588 for the news.



Free tickets to next Sci-Fi Expo
October 2, 2000 | 5:18 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Ben Stevens, organizer of the Sci-Fi Expo:

Now through October 15th, customers can get their general
admission tickets for free* for the next Plano Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, Tx.

The nitty-gritty, 1) customers must purchase their tickets from our
website by taking the PayPal link off of the Plano Show web-page. 2)
Our $6.00 General Admission tickets will be discounted to $5.00 (though 10/15), and new Paypal customers get a $5.00 credit for registering! Thats like getting a General Admission ticket for FREE!

This is a great opportunity for all of your website readers, collectors, and friends to gather on Halloween weekend for some Star Wars fun! And dont forget, 200+ tables loaded with collectibles, a movie room where we will be showing some great fan-made SW films…

And… also attending: Dave “Darth Vader” Prowse, Chris “4-Lom” Parson, and Bruce “General Rieeken” Boa will be there! (This is Chris and Bruce’s first US appearance!)



More collections for sale…
October 2, 2000 | 4:31 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

JediJimmie, who previously ran collecting websites on the now defunct and more recently on jedinet, has been forced to sell his collection. It’s over on eBay, item #452389252 – ends in less than one day.
UPDATE: He got another auction of the rest of his collection here.



Star Wars 12inch Figures Update
October 2, 2000 | 3:47 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hasbro has just updated the Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.2 (Item #32406A, $119.99) with an all new case breakdown. This assortment is scheduled to include 2x Oola with Salacious Crumb, 2x Stormtrooper, 2x Lando as Skiff Guard (Subject to Change.) Of course, it will not be shipping until next year, so more changes are possible.

The figures in Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.1 (Item #26470A, $119.99) have not changed. This assortment, scheduled to arrive in November, will include 2x IG-88, 2x Bossk, 2x 4-LOM. (Subject to Change.) Pre-Order both today at Entertainment Earth.



Plenty of POTJ
October 2, 2000 | 1:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post has in stock Coruscant Guard, Mas Amedda, Security Battle Droid, Chewbacca Dejarik Challenge, Tuskin Raider, Darth Maul Final Duel and Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi…$8.99 each. Mega Action Darth Maul, $11.99, Mega Action Kenobi $11.99, Now taking Presell Orders for Plo Koon, IG-88, Sebulba, Fode and Bede, Colonel Calamari, K-3PO, Biker Scout, Han Solo Bespin Capture and Battle Droid w/Boomer Damage Plus lots of other goodies!



Collection for sale….
October 2, 2000 | 1:22 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

My friend Joe is selling his collection on eBay – item #455887679. First bid wins, he says. Check it out!



Marmit Fett Giveaway
October 2, 2000 | 12:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is holding a giveaway for a Marmit Boba Fett that ends on Oct 31.



QVC Star Wars Show
October 2, 2000 | 9:15 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those of you that have Cable Televison and have access to QVC, the annual Star Wars show is on tonight at 10:00 PM EST. Check your local listings for the channel number. Philip from has noted that Steve Sansweet is NOT hosting tonights show.



Amazing K-Mart Discounts
October 1, 2000 | 2:57 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Darth Scooby for the news. It is not known if every K-mart is doing this. However, it might be worth it to go to your local K-mart and find out.

SW Items Clearance Prices:
Maul vs. Obi 2 pack $ 2
Commtech Han, Luke, Greedo, Jawa $ 1
Theed Generator Play Set $ 5
Gungan Catapult $ .10 (no that aint a typo, they all scanned .10)
Flash Cannon $ 2
Battle Bags $ .50
Accessory Sets $ 1
Deluxe Obi, Qui, Maul $ 2
Battle Droid Invasion Car $ 3

But wait it gets better, they were taking 50% off all clearance.



POTJ Collection One
October 1, 2000 | 12:34 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow have POTJ collection one figures (all four) in stock for $8.99 each for anyone who can’t find them. I should point out though that these have been showing up a lot recently at retail and I wouldn’t pay any more than retail for them unless you live in an area that is particularly bad for getting in new stuff.

On a side note, a while ago we mentioned who had Motti, Leia etc in stock. We had never mentioned them before and asked for some feedback from people who bought from them. All the feedback I got was very positive, well packaged, mint cards etc. So, they seem a reputable source to buy from in future. Thanks to all who wrote in.



Can’t STAND Your Figures?
October 1, 2000 | 12:16 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

It’s Bonus time again. Buy some REAL Action Stands and get bonus stands free. Here’s how it works, place your order for 1 to 4 sets (each set contains 5 stands) and receive 1 additional set free; order from 5 to 9 sets, and get 2 sets free; 10 to 19 sets, get 3 sets free; 20 or more sets, get 4 sets free. Act fast, supplies are limited and the bonus program will end soon and without notice. Order online at or call tool free 1-888-618-REAL (7325).

The REAL Action Stand ™ is the official figure stand of The Star Wars Fan Club. They’re high quality clear polycarbonate display stands designed specifically for Hasbro’s current line of 3-3/4 inch Star Wars action figures, including POTF2, SOTE, EU, E1, and they also work great with the new Power of the Jedi figures as well. We’ve also been told by our customers that they work with vintage Indiana Jones figures, `80s Lone
Ranger, and Zorro figures as well.

September 2000 Archive

FAO stuff
September 30, 2000 | 11:51 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys I was checking out FAO and did notice some cool stuff in stock. As mentioned previously they do have the Star Wars Sith Speeder Cockpit Game, which I have yet to see anywhere else. This is the game with an exculsive Maul 3 3/4″ figure, and as far as I can tell it seems to be in stock for $24.99. They also have the elusive Episode 1 Trivial Pursuit, which I have also not seen anywhere else, for $39.00.
And 1 last thing I saw on the site was the $10,000 Lego lifesize Vader. Looks killer but little too rich for my pockets, but any of my friends reading X-mas is coming. (hint, hint)



POTJ Meijer’s SALE
September 30, 2000 | 11:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Meijer’s starting on 10/1 and going until 10/7 is having a sale on POTJ for 5.74 each. Thanks to Josef for the news.



Canadian Wal-mart Blow Out Part 2
September 30, 2000 | 8:34 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Brad sent us this list of items at Canadian Wal-marts that are currently marked down.

Episode 1 figures – $2.97
Jedi Spirits, Cantina Alien Cinema Scenes – $5.97
Darth Maul with Speeder – $5.97
Jar Jar and Kaadu – $5.97
POTF2 Flashback figures including lots of Beru’s and Anakin’s for $2.97
Queen Amidala 12″ Red Senate Dress $14.97
Cantina Diorama with Sandtrooper $5.97



Good news for Canadian collectors!
September 30, 2000 | 6:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Andy of the Rebel Base has received word about a major Episode 1 blow out at Canadian Wal-Marts which includes waves of figures, etc. that have yet to be seen in Canada! For more, check his website.



September 29, 2000 | 9:42 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Stap $2.50
Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing & TIE Fighters $30.00
Many other deals, check out WWW.KBkids.COM



Trilogy Video pics
September 29, 2000 | 6:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Yakface reader Steve sent in some great scans of the packaging for the upcoming Trilogy re-release videos:
Scan 1 | Scan 2 | Scan 3 | Scan 4.



September 29, 2000 | 6:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Still more reports of this set being found at Wal MArt – once again, please remember that this set isn’t particularly rare right now, but once initial stocks run out stores cannot get more. George Collazo and his kids sent in nice card front and back photos which are posting in our ToyGuide.



New 12″ Figures
September 29, 2000 | 1:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

As you’ve all problably seen there is another list of Hasbro figures now floating around. Most have been seen before in other lists but there were a few news ones. Here they are:
Collection 1:
Battle Worn Qui Gon Jinn
Jedi Armor Qui Gon Jinn
Colection 2:
Bespin Guard
Squid Face

According to our sources the Legacy II 12inch assortment, will contain a Oola / Salacious Crumb and a Stormtrooper – instead of a Gamorrean Guard and Weequay.



K-Mart Deals
September 29, 2000 | 1:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Sneak Preview STAP – $1
3D Dioramas – $1
POTF2 Flashback figures – $1
older POTF2 – $1-$0.60
POTF2 Cinema Scenes (Purchase of the Droids/Final Jedi Duel) – $2
Epic Force – $1
1st & 2nd series E1 Action Collection – $2
E1 Droid Fighters – $2
E1 Monopoly – $10
Classic Trilogy Monopoly – $3

Those markdowns all came from the store computers, and * should * be
chain-wide clearance prices. It’s important to note that the stores AREN’T getting any additional quantities of these items, just trying to clear out what’s there now.

Thanks to Alex for the news. Coupon
September 29, 2000 | 1:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Just type in “friend4” for $5 off a $15 purchase. exp 9/30. Thanks to Mike for the news.



Annual QVC Star Wars Show
September 29, 2000 | 9:22 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Cable and satellite shopping network QVC is having their 2-hour Star Wars anniversary special next Monday, October 2nd from 10PM to Midnight EDT. I’ve yet to get firm confirmation, but Steve Sansweet tends to co-host these anniversary shows so he should be the guest. Product selection will mostly consist of merchandise that is available everywhere else at closeout prices, but there should be a few new surprises.



Hasbro News
September 28, 2000 | 10:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has some interesting info posted in their Forum by Andy at Hasbro.

UPDATE: has informed us that the post was a fake and someone was trying to fool them.



Amazon toys
September 28, 2000 | 4:42 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have teamed up with to bring a bigger and better toys section! Take a look through it – there’s nothing new or particularly special that I can spot, but there’s plenty of things there to help fill those holes. And Christopher sent in this coupon code: AMAZSPECTENN takes $10 off a $30 purchase. Coupon expires October 20th.



Marmit News
September 28, 2000 | 4:34 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

After a reader wrote to me asking where the white and black pad Sandtroopers were, I dug up some info through one of my friends. The other two Sandtrooper variants are currently scheduled for a November release, shortly after the Boba Fett figure hits. We’ll have more on the upcoming Marmit items as soon as possible.



12″ Speeder Bike
September 28, 2000 | 4:31 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Quite a few people are writing in to report this, so I guess it wasn’t clear enough when I originally posted it. A few days ago I mentioned that had some cool news on a 12″ Speeder Bike markdown. Well, the bike has been reduced to $34.90 nationwide. The Skiffs and Y-Wings are also marked down, to $13.90. Keep your eyes peeled!



A little off Target
September 28, 2000 | 3:26 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Target has reduced the 12″ Speeder Bike to a more comfortable $34.90 and the Y-Wings and Skiffs to an equally attractive $13.90 in many stores. This is reportedly nationwide pricing, but some stores are slow to make price adjustments. Keep in mind that there are most likely more discounts to come, as FINAL closeout prices at Target tend to end in four (ex. $34.94). The only question is whether quantities will hold out for larger discounts.

Now, I’m all for great discounts, but it would have made more sense to me for Target to get these to the stores when people were willing to pay full price rather than have them log jammed in their warehouse system only to trickle out and finally require clearance pricing to move them after the fervor calmed down. Hopefully next time they’ll get exclusives to the shelves in a timely manner and treat the customers with more courtesy.



Still Need POTJ??
September 28, 2000 | 2:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you are still looking for the new POTJ figs you may want to start trying Wal-mart again. After selling out the first shipment very quickly the Wal-marts near me are now receiving large amounts of POTJ (4-5 cases of each Collection) and more Mega figures including the new Obi Wan.



Free Figure Drawings
September 28, 2000 | 12:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is giving away a free Wuher figure this week. And Bowman enterprises is giving away a set of Ree-Yees and DS Trooper figures.



Aurra Sing and DK Publishing Podracers
September 28, 2000 | 12:18 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Power of the Jedi – Darth Maul and Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight – $6.99

Arriving this week – Aurra Sing 12″ Masterpiece Collection – Order yours now for $69.99 (Not yet on website – will ship to you end of this week).

Also, get one of the most unique collectibles out there…You’ve probably seen the DK Publishing life size droids. But did you know that they also made a set of Podracers? We have the set available (Anakin’s/Sebulba’s) for $79.99 (no, they are not lifesize!) These are new in the box, so I don’t know the exact dimensions when they are set up, but I have heard they are around 3 feet long.

At Phantommenacetoys.



TRU Store markdowns
September 28, 2000 | 8:54 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some markdowns that go down today(thu)
Board game JarJar Binks game .90 cents great for toys for tots
Death Star game with Luke and Vader 3 3/4 inch figs $1.90
Trivial Pursuit $9.97
Mid-Size Vehicles(a-wing,vaders tie) $4.90
Be on the look out at your local TRU stores. This may not be in all areas. Thanks to Aaron for the news.



Etoys has some good deals also
September 27, 2000 | 5:45 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Building an army of droid fighters? How about $5.00 for them. Many items up to 75% off.



More deals
September 27, 2000 | 5:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Want more Anakin Pod racers for customizing or just want more? How about $3.75 for the pod racer with the action figure? Or 12″ Leia Ceremonial for $9.99



EE News Feed
September 27, 2000 | 2:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We are now accepting pre-orders on the newest Star Wars 2000 Power of the Jedi Action Figures. SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 5) (Item #84455C, $89.99) contains 1x Fode & Bede – Podrace Announcers, 2x Sebulba – Boonta Eve Challenge, 2x Jek Porkins, 1x Temple Boss Nass, 1x Gungan Warrior, 2x Tusken Raider, 2x Chewbacca Dejarik Champion, and 1x Battle Droid Security.

The case breakdown for SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item #84455D, $89.99) has just been updated to include all new figures! This case includes: 3x Colonel Calamari, 3x K-3P0, 3x Plo Koon, and 3x IG-88. Pre-order these cases and much more at Entertainment Earth.



Newforce has the Force…
September 27, 2000 | 1:15 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

We have a limited number of Invasion Force Darth Maul and Sith Attack speeders ($8.99) and Obi Wan with Gungan Sub ($9.99) in stock…You can go to
newforce to order.



Marmit delay – again
September 27, 2000 | 10:52 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s a simple rule to help you in your hunts – Marmit = Delay. This time it’s their Boba Fett kit. It has been pushed back to a November release date for now, let’s hope that doesn’t change again.



12″ Speeder Bike markdown
September 27, 2000 | 10:44 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted some great news on a markdown on the Target 12″ Speeder Bike – check it out!



Good deals @ KB!
September 27, 2000 | 10:41 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Steven Walt reports: “I was in the KB Outlet store in Franklin Mills Mall in north Philly and they had quite a few of the Beautiful Braids Padme for $5.99. I also saw a ton of Action Fleet ships on clearance. None of the rare ones were there but they did have plenty of X-Wings, Y-Wings, Tie-Fighters, and A-Wings.”



Unproduced coins for sale
September 27, 2000 | 10:39 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re into collecting things that are really rare, then one of the coolest things you could possibly own is an unproduced Star Wars item. Currently on eBay you can bid on two of the coins that were due to come packaged with the second series of the vintage “Droids” figure line. The coins for the Bondo and Admiral Screed figures are at item numbers 449431461 and 449431452 respectively.



Ree-Yees and DST
September 27, 2000 | 10:36 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the Ree-Yees and DST set back in stock, but now, according to their description, the set is being retired. This is your last chance to grab this pair of figures! You can order online if you live in the USA or Canada, or you can call 1-800-TRUE-FAN to order from anywhere worldwide.



LEGO Vision Command Mall Tour 2000
September 26, 2000 | 11:09 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has information posted on this tour traveling through 70 different malls throughout the U.S. The tour highlights the Mindstorms line of LEGO toys including the cool Dark Side Developers Kit.



MotDS reports flooding in
September 26, 2000 | 6:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys now have these states as finding these at Walmarts there. So far California, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, and Washington state have had reports of them hitting. So looks like these should hit all parts soon, get your hunting boots on. Just 1 more request if ANYONE finds these anywhere besides Walmart PLEASE let us know so we can post.
UPDATE: Cleveland, Ohio checks in as another place the 2-pack is being found.



Some cool finds at KB Outlet store
September 26, 2000 | 6:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Hey all just a heads up but I popped in at a KB Outlet store today in
the Ma. area and found some cool deals. I got myself a gold Imperial Shuttle Micro-Machine the limited 1 once exclusive to FAO for a steal of $4.99. Also got Winners Circle Jeff Gordon 1/24th scale car for $4.99. They had a few of these left also saw the 1/64th scale for $1.49 and the pit row version for $3.49. These cars were a little tough to find in my area not sure about others. So if you have 1 nearby stop in some good deals to be had there.
UPDATE: These finds were at a KB Outlet store in an outlet strip, so I’m not sure if regular KB’s will get them. Just wanted to clarify.



Carbon Freeze Chamber
September 26, 2000 | 3:25 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Someone wrote in asking about this playset. I checked with Dan Madsen and he confirmed it is still tentatively scheduled for 4th Quarter 2000, hopefully with a late October/November date. Thanks to Dan for the info.



Fan Club Sale
September 26, 2000 | 3:13 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Courtesy of Marilyn G: “I’ve put together a page with pics from previous FC warehouse sales. This will give people in the Denver area an idea of what type of things can be found at this sale.



South Bay Club meeting
September 26, 2000 | 3:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s some info for those around South Bay:

“This is Dennis from the SBSWFC and we are having a meeting we’d
like to invite people to.

South Bay Star Wars Fan Club Meeting
Wednesday, September 20, 2000

The South Bay Star Wars Fan Club is having another monthly JediNites
meeting on Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm. The meeting will be at the regular location, Armadillo Willy’s, 10100 South De Anza Blvd., in
Cupertino, CA.

Once again, Star Wars fans of all ages are welcome to join us. Fans
under 13 are asked to bring a parent.

If you’d like any further information, feel free to email Marie at Hope to see you there! And remember, our regular meeting is every last Wednesday of the month, check our site for info.”



Commtech Readers for under $1
September 26, 2000 | 3:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scott writes: “The Toys R Us at 34th Street in Manhattan has a large number of Comm Tech Readers in clearance bins for 90 cents each!” Great deal for those who don’t have one yet (!) or need more!



Dewbacks hit Canada
September 26, 2000 | 3:04 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Rebel Base report that the 12″ Dewback has begun to appear in Canada – head over there for more info!



MotDS update
September 26, 2000 | 3:02 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lots of reports of the Masters of the Dark Side pair (3 3/4″ version) showing up at Wal*Marts. They’re $14.97 each. Please note that we didn’t say no more of these would be available at retail again, we said that Hasbro has not made the pack available for retailers to re-order. Sorry to keep stressing that point but people write in daily asking.



Good UK News
September 26, 2000 | 3:00 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Woah something GOOD happening in the UK?! Thanks to Jer for pointing this out to me. From The Private Universe:
“The Star Wars Fan Club in the UK will start offering its first two exclusives in Issue 3, including the Sith Infiltrator pictured in SWM issue 28, and these are European exclusives folks. You have joined, haven’t you? (Call 01858 463 994, or e-mail”



eBay Watch
September 26, 2000 | 2:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s some cool auctions you might want to check out on eBay – these have mounted up while I was away so I’ll just do a little load today:
item #446455590 – this is a cool Pepsi prototype – it’s a mock-up can featuring Luke! Check this one out, and check out ryo_hunter’s other auctions for a US boxed Eopie which is currently sitting at a great price (please note that if bidding goes higher than you think is reasonable, this is because of the bidders, not myself or the seller – I do tend to get quite a few e-mails if someone sees something at a large price a while after I mention it. Thanks).

item #449378437 – My friend Lee is selling off his POTF2 & E1 collection – check it out!

item #448924224 – back up for auction is the now-dead Star Wars news site/store The auction is for the domain name, some hosting, plus plenty of tools to help you maintain the site. The site has a shopping cart function and you can accept CCs. See the description for the details.

item #449240422 – Rare Micro Machines mini heads pack featuring the Snowtrooper head! Check out Eric’s other auctions for more of the rarer packs in this set, plus a MISB Action Fleet E-Wing, Barge, Falcon, a complete set of Episode I wave 2 Action Fleet, and a Collector Fleet Super Star Destroyer!!

item #447240558 – Very cool Dave Dorman Boba Fett print signed by Jeremy Bulloch!

item #450858426 – an almost complete Episode One figure collection for sale.



I’m Baaaaack!
September 26, 2000 | 2:43 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Ok I am back from a short vacation. My mailbox is totally flooded…even my monitor is getting wet (haha! ……sorry).

I have plenty of questions sitting here that need answered and I will get to them as soon as I can. Hang in there!



Still looking for..?
September 26, 2000 | 11:37 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Watto’s Box or maybe R2 with holo Leia or what about 12″ Marmit Tie Fighter pilots. Just checked John’s Toys and they got some in stock still. Hope that helps those still in need of these pieces.



Masters 2-pack Clarification
September 26, 2000 | 11:33 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Thought I’d post so anyone else wondering, could stop. The Masters of the Darkside 2-packs that are hitting some Walmarts now is the
3 3/4″ version not the 12″. So hope that helped out some of you wondering as to which it was. I seem to be getting a few reports of it showing up at Walmarts in Washington state and as said yesterday, California and Oregon have also found some. So looks like the hunt continues….



The LEGO/MLS Soccer Tour
September 26, 2000 | 12:00 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has up more than 50 shots from the truck tour, including not only Star Wars but all of the displays.



Win a Free R2 Holo
September 25, 2000 | 4:56 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Just wanted to let you know about AmericanDreamComics Holloween give-away for a free R2-D2 w/holo leia. Everytime someone post on our forums between now and October 29th 2000 and leave us their email address their name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE R2-D2 w/Holo Leia. One name will be drawn out on October 31st, 2000 and announced as the winner.



Looking for any Variations out…
September 25, 2000 | 4:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys seems a few variations already exsist on new POTJ figs (e.g. new Jedi Obi-Wan). What I am looking for is any others that you are finding on any of the POTJ figs out. As stated last week I am one of the variation collectors out there so any help on any would be awesome. So you find’em let Sidster know.



Masters of the Darkside Found..
September 25, 2000 | 4:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys have had a few reports of the Vader/Maul 2-pack being found at Walmart. Some reports so far I have heard were from Oregon and California. If anyone anywhere else is finding these please send any finds to Sidster and I’ll try to post so all can get the hunt on in that area. Good luck the hunt is on…
UPDATE: Washington state has reported in finding these too let’s hear more if you’re finding them.



LEGO Galactic Challenge Updated
September 25, 2000 | 7:59 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has updated its coverage of the contest – you’ll now find pics of the cool medals that the 35 finalists received, as well as the large Darth Maul bust made out of LEGOs awarded to the two winners.



Planet Action Figure News Feed
September 25, 2000 | 3:36 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Mega Action Kenobi only $11.99 each.
Also, is offering Mega Action Darth Maul, $11.99, Mega Action Kenobi $11.99, Chewbacca Dejarik Challenge $8.99, Tuskin Raider $8.99, Now taking Presell Orders for Sebulba, Fode and Bede, Colonel Calamari, K-3PO, Biker Scout, Han Solo Bespin Capture and Battle Droid w/Boomer Damage Plus Tons more!!



Bowman News Feed
September 25, 2000 | 3:33 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Order: Darth Maul Sith, Qui-Gon Jedi and Obi-Wan Jedi for $27.00 and get Darth Maul Tatooine for FREE

Ammo Wagon and Falumpa Set is back in stock. Get your for only $17.99

First time customer? Mention and Receive $5.00 first order at Bowman-Enterprises.



LEGO Star Wars Galactic Challenge and More
September 24, 2000 | 4:41 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has posted its own coverage of the event, as well as new customs from the minifig master Robert Martin and De’s weekly Star Wars LEGO sales report . . .



Amidala Portrait Editions on Sale
September 24, 2000 | 10:33 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Portrait Editions on sale for $14.99 and this includes the Return to NabooBlack Travel GownRed Senate Gown. Be sure to grab them now if you are planning on getting them.



SW Insider Warehouse SALE!
September 24, 2000 | 9:54 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Star Wars Insider is having another warehouse sale on October 14, 2000 from 7am – 2pm. The address of the sale is:

Fantastic Media
15250 E 33rd Place
Aurora, CO 80011

More info can be found here. Thanks to Web for the news.



Time for Sadness
September 24, 2000 | 12:55 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

A sad time as we have lost a fellow collector from the Star Wars community. To all that took a second to read my note about Patrick, thank you. He passed away on Friday. I wish the best for his remaining family…….



LEGO Galactic Challenge
September 23, 2000 | 1:41 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has some good coverage of the LEGO Galactic Challenge that just happened in CA this weekend. Not a lot of SW stuff but if you like LEGO’s you should find it interesting.



Maul w Electronic Game OUT NOW
September 23, 2000 | 1:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Darth Maul with the Electronic hand held Sith Speeder has been spotted at FAO Schwartz. The figure appears to be the same one from the Sith Speeder except the bottom part of the cloak is now “dirty”. No sign of the Naboo Pilot w fighter game yet.
Thanks to Nomadscout for the news.



More Oz info…
September 22, 2000 | 3:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

No I don’t mean Osbourne neither. Got more word on that promo and it is as 1st described yesterday. The 3rd level does nab you an “elusive” Jedi braid with Queen’s starship and the Obi Wan invasion foce, which is good for our Aussie collectors since rumor is they won’t hit shelves there. But a very good source had this to add…

“Best of all, this will not be the only promotion like this!!!!!! You will be able to get more exclusive stuff through the Jedi Master card!!!!!! Unfortunately I don’t know what yet, though it will happen sometime next year. That’s about all, I hope this has been helpful to you, and I can guarantee you that everything I’ve written is 100% true, this rep knows her stuff, and I’d be willing to
bet my entire collection on it if I had too!!!!! (Anonymous)

So there you go believe it or not, my question is why is just Hasbro in Australia doing this and not US. Thanks to the many that wrote to me about this, I actually might have some pics of some of the stuff up soon.



Time out for a sad note
September 22, 2000 | 9:06 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

While we are always very happy to announce when another collector gets married and has Star Wars somewhere in the wedding, this is a sad note. Tim, who is, a visitor of and, wrote in to tell us his brother Patrick, age 25, was in a terrible accident and asked us to let fellow collectors know and keep this fellow collector in our prayers. Please take a moment and give a prayer for Patrick in hopes that he will return to good health!



Homing Beacon #19
September 21, 2000 | 11:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Homing Beacon newsletter has been sent out by LucasFilm. Click here to read it. And of course it’s Thursday night so the new Ep II Select Image is up.



EE News Feed
September 21, 2000 | 8:06 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This is what we have found out todate….. Please keep in mind, just like most other sites out there that advertise for EE, we do not make any money if you buy from them. I am disappointed about this as it hurts the collectors and the hobby. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened, and it is not Hasbro that is at fault. If the retailers do not order enough for another run, then how can you blame Hasbro?

Entertainment Earth has submitted this for everyone to read…

One of the newest Star Wars items from Hasbro, the Masters of the Dark Side (Item #84385B) two pack featuring Darth Vader and Darth Maul, may turn out to be one of the rarest items ever made!

Hasbro reports that no more units are available in their warehouse. Hasbro rarely admits that an item is discontinued. Instead, they just never ship any more units. What is the difference? We don’t think there is any. The bottom line is this. We are filling all backorders prior to today. All orders placed now will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. Get this item while they last – which won’t be very long.



12″ Speeder Bike variation
September 21, 2000 | 6:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Seems there is a variation on the 12″ Speeder Bike. Too bad its impossible to tell unless you open the package.

“About a month ago, I had purchased my nephew a 12 inch speederbike for his birthday. I let him open it and it is totally amazing. I knew I had to get one for myself. So just last week I went to Target and bought two, on to open and one to put away. So I got one opened and displayed it. When I realized that the clear plastic stands were differrent. My nephews Speeder has spheres attached to the bottom, just like on the back of the box itself. Where as, mine are wedges or prong like.”

Thanks to Edward for the news.



Aurra Sing Masterpiece Deals
September 21, 2000 | 12:30 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has the Aurra Sing masterpiece set for just $48.75. and on top of that if you go to you’ll find coupons for $10 off an order of $30 or more. Only for new customers though. The deal makes aurra just $38.75 + $4.20s/h. and also till midnight tonight is offering free shipping on orders over $50.

Thanks to the person who sent in the news but you didn’t leave a name in the e-mail.



Masters of Darkside CLARIFICATION
September 21, 2000 | 11:24 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Ok there seems to be a huge amount of confusion about the Masters of Darkside 2 pack.

First, yes stores cannot order anymore of this item. HOWEVER, not every store has gotten what they intially ordered. So please do not go around thinking that what is out there at this exact moment is all.

Second, we did not make this up. We were told this by a very reliable source.

Third, we didn’t post this so our sponsors could make money. We DO NOT get paid by the amount our sponsors sell of this item. And we do not get any sort of benefits from them selling a lot of them. They could sell 2000 of them a month or 2 it would not affect us in anyway.

If you wish to read what we posted again it is in our archives in the September section. Just scroll down and you will find a link to that section.

Hopefully, this answers everyone’s questions.



Are you new to LEGO collecting and looking for a deal?
September 21, 2000 | 7:50 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well is have a great sale on a lot of their LEGO items. Check out the prices….
Mos Espa Pod Race $44.99
Vader’s Tie Fighter and Y-Wing $24.99
X-Wing Fighter $14.99
SnowSpeeder $9.99
Naboo Fighter $9.99
Anakin’s Pod Racer $7.49
Lightsaber Duel $2.99
Droid Fighter $2.99
Don’t forget that if you are a first time buyer you get an extra 20% off. Now that is a deal.



Finnish Collectors Club
September 20, 2000 | 10:52 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Oops. I forgot to post this earlier this week. sorry.

I have a website here in Finland for 3 years, it is only SW-collecting site here. We have a club called Star Wars Finnish Collector’s ClubTähtiKeräilijät. We have 20 finnish collectors with us. If you are interested in joining please head over there.



Could it be true? Is it removable?
September 20, 2000 | 10:20 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

In viewing the images that we have provided for the IG-88, we have been able to determine that the Bandolier is indeed removable on the small 3 and 3/4″ figure. We should have more pictures up soon, so stay tuned.



September 20, 2000 | 3:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Follow this link to get a free copy of the latest Total Movie magazine, which comes with a DVD featuring the short film Troops! Definitely check this out if you’ve never seen the movie, and even if you have, it’d be cool to have it on DVD. Assuming you just want the DVD and don’t want to subscribe to the magazine, you’ll need to cancel your subscription after you get it.



MotDS pack
September 20, 2000 | 3:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the Masters of the Dark Side two-pack in stock for $17.95. It’s in their multipacks section. Thanks to Jason for the info!
UPDATE:Out of stock.



20% Off Sale
September 20, 2000 | 11:59 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Dolls Kollect is having a 20% off everything in stock and free shipping for orders over $50.



Special of the Day
September 20, 2000 | 11:56 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is now having a SW Special of the Day. Stop over and check it out.



More 12″ In stock at
September 19, 2000 | 8:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Han Hoth and the 12″ Lando in stock now. The Han is $12.99 and the Lando is $9.99. Good deals if you are looking for old 12″ figures. They still have the 12″ Snowtrooper and a few others.



Wishbook deals
September 19, 2000 | 6:52 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the following items in stock:
Trade Federation Tank $19.99

ROTJ 12″ 4-Pack $54.97 (Jedi Luke Skywalker, Cantina Band Member, Emperor Palpatine and Prisoner Chewbacca)

Complete Galaxy 2-Pack $17.97 (Tatooine and Endor)

Thanks to Michael McWhertor for the news!



Star Wars: One over Many
September 19, 2000 | 3:51 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

The Star Wars Monopoly “Limited Collector’s Edition” has recently been sighted at ValueCity Department Stores for $19.99. While not necessarily a fire-sale grade discount, it’s worth a look if you missed it the first time around. Further proof that you never know when this stuff is going to quietly creep back onto store shelves.



Bowman News Feed
September 19, 2000 | 9:08 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Bowman-Enterprises is having a huge clearance sale.
Get The Following Items For $99.00
Case Of Ammo Wagon & Falupaset
Get The Following Items For $79.92
Case Of Tatooine Showdown (8/Case Cinema)
Get The Following Items For $9.99
Mos Espa Encounter (Cinema)
Kaadu And Jar Jar (Cinema)
Get The Following Items For $3.00
Darth Maul Tatooine (CommTech)
Get The Following Items For $2.99
Adi Galla (CommTech)
R2D2 (CommTech)(Non-Holo Version)
Capt. Tarples (CommTech)
Han Solo (CommTech)
Ody Mandrell
Get The Following For $2.75
OOM-9 (CommTech)
First Time Customer, mention Yakface in the Notice and receive a $5.00 Discount.



September 19, 2000 | 9:05 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

NOVEMBER 17, 18, 19. 2000

With Special Guest Iain McCaig / Artist & Filmaker

This is a small con. It is also a benefit for breast cancer research. If you want to go or have any questions please e-mail them.



Image of IG-88
September 18, 2000 | 10:26 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Another exclusive!
Noomivarr sector has obtained yet another picture, this time of
everyone’s favorite war droid IG – 88! Pictured side by side is a painted sample and an unpainted sample of the new POTJ figure.
Both figures lack any copyright information. Special thanks from Robert Musco to his partner in crime Josh Burch for the image. I wonder who owns this piece now 8>)
By the way I (Robert Musco) am happy to announce a new home for Noomivarr Sector. I’m pleased to announce that I have joined the Yakfacesrealm team with fellow prototype collector Allen “Toyomahn” Hayden. We will be moving both websites (Noomivarr Sector and here in the near future and look forward to working with a well respected bunch of guys.



Entertainment Earth’s Automated News Feed:
September 18, 2000 | 3:16 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Star Wars 2000 Collection 1 In Stock

We have a very limited number of SW 2000 Collection 1 (Wave 1) (Item #84445A, $89.99) in stock now! All backorders for this assortment will be filled this week. Case includes 4x Darth Maul Final Duel, 4x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape and 2x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic.



Masters of the Darkside 2-Pack Gone???
September 18, 2000 | 1:49 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I have been told by an undisclosed source that these are already sold out by Hasbro. No more orders will be taken from them. So if your local retailer has one and you are not sure as to get it or wait for a sale. I would pick it up as it probably won’t be around much longer. I will confirm this by end of the week. But this source is very reliable that is why I am posting it.
UPDATE: I spoke with Andy and this is what he thinks may have happened. He is going to verify this and get back to me. The product has most likely finished it’s first run, and unless a retailer places a large enough order to have a second run, then the item will not be made anymore. This is typical with toys. If there isn’t a large enough order from the retailers then the product stops production. Similar to the Eopie. Not enough orders were placed and the product doesn’t get made. The good news is there was an entire run of these made and shipped and they should be showing up soon at retailers. More to come.



Motti, Leia and co.
September 18, 2000 | 12:02 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have Admiral Motti, Hooded Leia, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper (the last two being Commtech versions) in stock now for $9.99. They have many other SW items, including wave 2 E1 accessory sets, the Shadows Boba Fett/IG-88 two-pack, and even sealed packs of series 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the 1977 Topps trading cards! Thanks to Hobbes1229 for the news! On a side note, this is the first time we’ve mentioned this site and can’t vouch for it, so if anyone orders and has any problems, let me know.



September 18, 2000 | 11:57 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

All of a sudden, POTJ has started to flood, and loads of people wrote in over the weekend to report findings, mainly collection two. Lots of people have commented on seeing multiple Tusken Raider (Desert Sniper) figures, calling it the first POTJ peg-warmer. Which I find pretty surprising really because it’s a nicely done figure. Anyway – keep your eyes open. Stores are getting in big deliveries of these figures now so you’ll find them soon enough, if you haven’t already.



New Toys – a rundown
September 18, 2000 | 11:51 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tim Rons sent in this rundown on the latest 12″ exclusives, plus a possible paint variation on Mas Amedda. This will probably be aprticularly useful to those of you who are still not sure about the price tag on that Dewback…

“On Saturday went to TRU in Des Moines, Iowa and found the 12″ dewback and trooper. I was over-joyed and unhappy at the same time. The figures are very nice and the set as a whole will make people very happy. The problem I had was that every box was crushed and the figures all were poorly painted. The box design is not one of the better ideas that Hasbro has come out with. Yes, it really shows off the figures nicely, but the top is mostly clear plastic, supported by thin strips of cardboard. The front is also mostly clear plastic, this make the top and front flimsy and the box easily damageable. The trooper figures all had green paint on the chest from the dewback. This is a result of the dewback not being tied down well.
The dewbacks were also poorly painted. They had a lot of over spray and funny mismarkings on them. The back of the necks on the dewbacks were also connected strangely, they had like residue plastic sticking out of the joints which was on removed and made it look like they were done in a rush. I know my review sounds bad, but I really did think the 12″ dewback and trooper was impressive. I think I will wait and see if future shipments come in better shape. I recommend the figure and highly suggest it be taken out and displayed proudly. I hope that this is just a first run problem, if not toss the box, get some touch-up paint and fix it.
I also found the 12″ Darth Maul and speeder and new POTJ figures at
Wal-Mart. The 12″ Maul is very nice. The streamlined package is a nice improvement for these figures. The Maul and bike area great set, don’t miss out. The figures were also plentiful. As for variations, yes, there are a lot of them. The one I noticed right away was the Mas Ameda. The facial variation is quite noticeable. I found some with no blue highlights and others with an almost completely blue face. I really think Hasbro either has a poor quality control department, can’t make up its mind, or just plain does this to cause an uproar and get people to buy more figures. I say enjoy the figures and forget the variations. It’s just stuff and eventually it will end up at the antiques mall when were gone any way. Collect and enjoy, may the force be with you.”



Return of a Jedi?
September 18, 2000 | 11:23 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

I’d like to take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is Ben Lewitt and some of you may remember me from Echo Station’s beginnings on CompuServe. Well, Mesa Back! The format on Yakface is different, but the focus is the same. Star Wars collecting is still king!

So as I adjust to the new format, feel free to send any Star Wars collecting questions, comments, rants or tirades to me, the collecting curmudgeon (actually I prefer pundit,) at



Droid Developer Discount
September 17, 2000 | 7:03 PM EST | Darryl | Talk About This Post

Best Buy boasts big (or at least noticable) discounts today in their newspaper advertisment with the Droid Developer Kit from Lego marked down to just under $45, beating the typical price of $50. If you have yet to buy this set, check your local store.

(Oh- I’m Darryl, I’m new here, this is my first posting. I like itallian cooking, long walks on the beach, and cooking meals with less than two steps.)



Obi-Wan Saber Errors
September 17, 2000 | 6:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The lightsaber error nightmare continues. have a pretty conclusive report on the different versions of the Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi) figure. If you don’t like errors, stay away! 🙂



Hallmark Lunch Box
September 17, 2000 | 6:37 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Mike Mitzel sent in this scan of an Empire Strikes Back lunch box he found at a Hallmark store in Denver. It retails for $10.95 and there is also a “A New Hope” version. A POTJ Darth Maul is included for size comparison. That’s one massive lunch box.



LEGO Sales Report
September 17, 2000 | 12:56 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

De has all the latest information in her weekly Star Wars LEGO sales report at FBTB



More POTJ online
September 17, 2000 | 10:27 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the Masters of the Dark Side two-pack for $17.99, plus both Mega Action figures, Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi, for $11.99 each. Stop by if you need any of these!

Update: Starshow have all 5 collection 2 figures for $8.99 each. Thanks to Coruscant Toys for the news.



Coruscant Guard
September 17, 2000 | 8:15 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Blake McBride sent in these interesting photos of the Coruscant Guard, compared with a couple of other SW guard figures. You’ll notice that the Coruscant Guard is a little on the small side.
Coruscant Guard with Royal Guard
Coruscant Guard with Imperial Sentinel and Royal Guard



POTJ on the Web
September 16, 2000 | 11:58 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you are still looking for POTJ figs and can’t find them you may want to go to Toymaniacs and Ebworld. Both still have POTJ Coll 2 figures in stock.



More views of the Biker Scout and Fett
September 16, 2000 | 8:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Noomivarr Sector have updated again with more pics. No new figures this time, but some new detailed shots of the 300th figure Boba Fett plus the Biker Scout. That’s in addition to the new Plo Koon shots added earlier today (See Brian’s post). The figures are, as the text on the main page says, in the first shots section just now, but if I get a chance tomorrow they’ll be moved to the samples section. So if you go to look and they’re not there – you know where to look. Thanks, as always, to Robert Musco for the info.



Aurra Sing shipping
September 16, 2000 | 6:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The masterpiece Aurra Sing is now shipping for those people who ordered it from Amazon. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it.



CD-ROM contents?
September 16, 2000 | 1:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Observant reader Brad Matthews writes: “In one of the pictures from Artoo News there is a Luke with CD-ROM. In the upper right hand corner it says, “Interactive Jedi Force Files.” This might tell us what’s on those CD-ROM’s with Bespin Luke and Bespin Vader.”



More Plo Koon Pics
September 16, 2000 | 1:03 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Noomivarr Sector has posted a few more pics of the new Plo Koon figure. Head over to their samples section and hit the link at the side. There’sa side view shot and one showing the detail on the back of the head.



Interesting ebay auction
September 16, 2000 | 11:46 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Found something interesting on ebay this morning. Item #438535728, which is a sample figure of the upcoming POTJ Classic Obi-Wan. Check it out on ebay.



New Hasbro Catalog Pics
September 16, 2000 | 12:17 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Artoo News just posted pics from the new Hasbro catalog. Included in this are pics of the new POTJ IG-88, Saesee Tiin, K-3P0, Colonel Calamari. Plus some boxed pics of some new items. Go check it out.



September 16, 2000 | 12:13 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

No it’s not KISS. It’s me. I’m back full time.



Farewell my friends……….
September 15, 2000 | 10:47 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has been such a great site to work on these past few years and I have cherished every minute. I have made numerous friends in the collecting community from being a part of this team. I want to thank Mark Minicuci and Brian Malnati for bringing me on board back in early 1997 for this has been a ride I will never forget. I am not getting out of the collecting hobby just yet though. I feel it is time to move on to something new and I had been thinking of relaunching my website, but such a task is too large for me at this time. So, I contacted the offices of and offered them my services. They were interested, and I accepted. I want everyone to know that I am the one who decided to leave did not come after me or place some offer on the table I could not refuse. Like I said before it is time for something new for both me, and I wish the crew the best of luck in the future and hope our friendships will remain. Take it easy guys . . . .

Dustin Roberts exclusive first image of Plo Koon!
September 15, 2000 | 5:58 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Special thanks to our friends over at Noomivarr Sector for this great first look at Plo Koon coming out later this year or early next! He’s missing his lightsaber for now but this gives us a good idea of what he may look like! This is a early version so it could change down the road. Stop on over to the Noomivarr Sector for more pics through out the night!

Update: More from Robert Musco & Noomivarr Sector!
Rorworr (Wookie Scout) – This is a complete painted sample, althought it is strangely enough copyright 1998! This seems to back up the theory that the body is that of Chewbacca as Boushh’s Bounty being reused here with a new head.

Biker Scout – A nice, detailed shot of this great-looking figure!

UPDATE #2: Here is a complete Han Solo Bespin Capture image!



Tataouine Tours!
September 15, 2000 | 12:15 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’ve ever considered a visit to Tunisia to see the areas where many Star Wars moments have been filmed, then this is for you. Tatouine Toursis a new company that has been set up to provide the fans with information on getting around the film sites. At the site you can see and read plenty of material about Star Wars toyrs of the country, as well as purchase detailed guides to help you on your travels. Check it out!



September 15, 2000 | 12:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted pics of a SSS (Super short saber) error POTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi for fans of the Hasbro mess-ups. Check it out!

Update: Darren sent in this update:

“My friend James and I found 3 different packaging variations on the new Obi Wan figure. There is the already mentioned LONG saber and SHORT sabre, but there is also a TRAY variation. We saw that the LONG sabre comes in 2 different trays, with one the exact length of the sabre and the other about 1/8″ longer. When we first saw this we thought that it was a short sabre but checked them against other ones and found that it is the tray that is longer. So here are the 3 different ones:

1- Long saber that fits snuggly into the tray
2- Long saber about 1/8 inch shorter than the tray
3- Short saber in the same size tray as #1

Who knows if there isn’t a 4th one out there where the short saber in in the longer tray!!! UGGGGGG!!!!!! Enough!!!!!”



TRU and Amazon
September 15, 2000 | 9:26 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post and have teamed up and they now have a joint website. Click here for the New LINK!!!! Check them out. Toys
September 15, 2000 | 9:23 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Wanna build up your STAP army??? has the Sneak Preview STAP for $5.00.



Christmas Time Already?
September 14, 2000 | 10:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well I have received both the JC Penney X-Mas catalog and the Sears Wish Book. There is not one single Star Wars toy in the Penney’s catalog, and only a few OLD items in the Sears Wish Book. There isn’t any POTJ toys anywhere to be found. Is this what the future holds for Star Wars. Last year both books were FILLED with Star Wars items….



New GL select image up tonight!
September 14, 2000 | 9:10 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Check it out here! SPOILER ALERT! DON’T CLICK THRU IF YOU ARE A SPOILER WUSS. Matter of fact, turn off your PC and lock yourself in your basement till May 2002!



Graxol proto on ebay
September 14, 2000 | 8:19 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Here is a pretty cool prototype up for grabs right now on eBay! The auction # is [437568782]. This is Graxol, the large, tall fellow from the Watto’s box cinema scene. Bid with confidence and have fun!



Star Wars toy wish list
September 14, 2000 | 7:52 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

The Star Wars Toy Wish List is up and running thanks to Christopher Epps. Stop on over and see what he’s missing and let him know so the list can grow and grow!

Update: Christopher wants to thanks everyone for their help and input – it’s much appreciated!



New Sabé Pics
September 14, 2000 | 6:54 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Robert Musco wrote in to say that Noomivarr Sector has updated their first shots page with pictures of a painted sample of the upcoming (eventually) Sabé figure. Front, side and back views. Loose, complete. Check it out!



A Little at a Time
September 13, 2000 | 11:12 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has tonight posted a partial piece count listing for some of the 2001 Star Wars LEGO lineup.



12″ Figures at
September 13, 2000 | 10:39 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Seems as though has received a bunch of the older 12″ figures and they are $12.99 each. Luke Hoth, AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper. I fyou are still looking for them, head on over there.



Sith speeder game at
September 13, 2000 | 5:46 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Steve Linnebach found this up at :

Control Darth Maul’s exciting signature space vehicle by maneuvering his figure in the cockpit. Respond to the action on the LCD screen; control cockpit to swoop and swerve in pursuit of the Jedi on the planet Tatooine; track and stop the Queen’s escape in a thrilling lightsabre duel. With dialogue and sound effects direct from Star Wars Episode I.

Currently it is listed as being on backorder.



Shelagh Fraser Remembered 
September 12, 2000 | 8:49 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

September 13, 2000 — Veteran British actress Shelagh Fraser, known to Star Wars fans for her brief but indelible role as Aunt Beru in Star Wars: A New Hope, died recently after a lengthy illness.

More on this here……



Not sure who was asking but……
September 12, 2000 | 8:45 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

The other day someone was asking me for the best price online for the Queens ship. All Icould find at the time was one for $69. has it now /again for only $49.99! Click thru here to get one if you need it!

UPDATE: Amazon has a coupon for $10 off toy orders over
$30! This helps knock the price down even more! The code is AMAZSPECLSEP [thanks to Scott for the info!]



Coruscant Guard variation in packaging
September 12, 2000 | 8:35 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post


Darren sent in this one for our viewing pleasure….

“….The one on the left has a different bubble inside that holds the guns tip and tape on the strap, left hand holding the gun the one on the right has no bubble that holds the gun its held by his right hand and strap goes over the left arm….” Click the image above to enlarge…….



“On Location” prt. 7 is up
September 12, 2000 | 8:17 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Everyone’s favorite online reporter is back this week again with a report from the set of Star Wars Episode II! Check it out here!



More LEGO 2001 Info
September 12, 2000 | 7:12 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has another tidbit on the upcoming LEGO offering for the new year. That and notes on continuing clearance sales from several major retailers.



Star Wars Union
September 12, 2000 | 6:10 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post


Congrats to Jeff Henning and his new wife! Like their cake topper!? 🙂



SWKFC Ya’ll ! ! ! 
September 11, 2000 | 8:29 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Our good buddy Tim Hopkins AKA:”SAVRIP”, customizer, collector & all around cool guy is looking to establish a Kentucky Colletcor Club. The Star Wars Kentucky Figure Collectors is the official title and if you are interested please drop him a line at !! He is located in the Louisville area and is looking for locals to help get it off the ground. Regardless of where you are located in Kentucky, drop him a line!



12″ Chewbacca in Chains
September 11, 2000 | 4:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

eToys have the Chewbacca in chains 12″ figure (that’s the second furry Chewie) in stock for $19.99. Thanks to Qprod for the news! offers Star Wars specials
September 11, 2000 | 6:01 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

If you reference coupon code yakfacespecial3 when placing your order, you will be eligible to receive the following specials thru 9/16 at These low prices do not appear on their Web site, so remember to reference the special Yakface coupon on their order form.

POTJ Chewbacca Dejarik Champion – $8.99
POTJ Tusken Raider Desert Sniper – $8.99
Episode I “Soft Goods” 3-Pack – You get Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight, Anakin Pilot, and Darth Maul Sith Lord for only $17.99

And make sure to check out their Jedi Council program (under the “Great Star Wars Mystery” section). You will get an email alert the minute a new arrival hits their doorstep and you will get a chance to order the new arrival at a significant discount a full day before it is listed on their site!



Bowman newsfeed
September 10, 2000 | 10:24 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

This Month’s Special

We are trying to clear the shelves for the SW2000 Line. So we are offing the Cantina 4 Pack for $7.99. That includes: Greedo, Jawa, Han Solo, Luke W/ T16 Model. Get yours today!

The owner authorized us to lower all prices on our figures… Check out the clearance and on-sale sections for GREAT DEALS!

Visit us at



More Battle Droid pics
September 10, 2000 | 5:43 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Robert Musco of Noomivarr Sector prototypes has sent in a few more shots of the upcoming Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) figure:
Damage removed
Comparison – this pic shows the new droid in a dynamic “I’ve been hit!” pose, and is shown beside an unpainted prototype of the original wave one Battle Droid for comparison. You can see that the new droid is a lot thinner, especially at the knee and crotch areas. If Hasbro don’t make this out of good plastic, it’ll barely be able to stand…

For more prototypes and sample figures, check out Noomivarr Sector – it’s had a few new additions this weekend.



Custom POTJ E.T. on ebay
September 10, 2000 | 2:37 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post


Check out this cool POTJ custom E.T. up for grabs right now on ebayauction #434002209!!!!!!



12″ Mace Windu & Gungan Scout Subs Sale
September 10, 2000 | 2:27 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

12″ Mace Windu $24.99, Qui-Gon Jinn $19.99, Battle Droid Commander $19.99, Gungan Scout Subs $15.99, Sith Attack Speeders w/Darth Maul $9.99, Ammo Wagons $17.99, Jabba The Hutt w/2 Headed Announcer/Opee with Qui Gon Jinn Beast Sets $30.99, Jabba’s Skiff Guards $9.99 & More! Now taking presell orders for all the hot, new upcoming releases. User friendly website. Easy, secure ordering. Visit today at



Mega Obi Wan’s showing up
September 10, 2000 | 2:22 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Many reports flowing in this morning of MEGA Obi Wan’s being found. Mostly at Walmart stores going for $9.99. I am going to make a prediction that this MEGA line will be at least 50% off after Christmas. Time will tell.



LEGO/MLS Truck Show Stopping in Cincinnati
September 10, 2000 | 9:56 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Check out From Bricks to Bothans for more info!!!!

UPDATE: If you get the chance to see the Lego truck in your town, DO IT! The displays are terrific! Pics seen on the web at both From Bricks to Bothans & don’t do it justice! [Dustin]



Epic Force Free Pack
September 10, 2000 | 9:04 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post are giving away the Epic Forec three-pack (Han Chewie and Obi-Wan) this week! Head over and enter your name if you need these!



POTJ Force File variation
September 9, 2000 | 6:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TheJawa have posted info about the first variation found on a POTJ Force File – there are two versions of the Coruscant Guard file, and also Mas Amedda and Chewbacca. They have info and a pic of the mistake on the Coruscant Guard file – it’s just as bad as the TC-14/R2-B1 error! Check out TheJawa for more.



Tennessee Star Wars Collectors’ Network 
September 9, 2000 | 10:40 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Nick from the Tennessee Star Wars Collectors’
Network writes in with this-

We are currently hosting a contest sponsored by Scene 70 (a
Star Wars collectors shop Nashville) to promote the upcoming Toy Show at the Bellvue Mall in Nashville. The Toy Show will feature 3 well known Star Wars actors who will sign autographs. The guests are Kenny
Baker (R2-D2), Silas Carson (Nute Gunray, Lott Dodd), and Maria de’ Aragon (the original Greedo). The prizes in the contest include-

1st Place- R2-D2 with Holo Leia signed by Kenny Baker
Darth Maul figure signed by Ray Park
Nute Gunray Figure signed by Silas Carson
Red Carded Greedo signed by Maria de’Aragon

2nd Place-Complete set of all six Wal-Mart Exclusive 12″ Cantina
Band Members

3rd Place-Diamond Exclusive 12″ Sandrooper

Please visit the Tennessee Star Wars Collectors’ Network @ for rules and information on the contest and show.



Weekly winner
September 9, 2000 | 10:35 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

This weeks winner of the electronic 12″ ep1 C3PO is Peter Vongkhamchanh from Alameda, CA! The giveaway madness is taking a break here at and will return most likely in December.



12″ Kaadu info
September 9, 2000 | 8:48 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted some info on the 12″ Captain Tarpals and Kaadu pair – and I’m sure that many/all of you will be incredibly annoyed to hear that Yavin4 report this piece will be a Target store exclusive. Head over to Y4 for more (didn’t mean for that to rhyme)!



Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi)
September 9, 2000 | 8:42 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

George Collazo sent in a carded pic of the new POTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi) figure, which you can see here. This figure is now shipping in a collection one case, along with the POTJ Anakin, Maul and R2-D2. Quite a few readers have reported finding these.

In other reports, 12″ exclusives such as the Speeder Bike, Sith Speeder and Dewback are still showing up all over the country – keep looking!

Update: has card front, back, bubble and Force File pics posted – check them out! Thanks to Shims for the info.



Invasion Force Obi-Wan w/ Gungan sub
September 9, 2000 | 12:16 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has this item in and it costs $14.95 [$19&change with S&H]. If you need one, you might want to give these follks a try. I just ordered one 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
September 8, 2000 | 4:28 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

12inch C-3P0 Now In Stock: The rare 12inch Electronic C-3PO (Item #84197, $29.99) is finally in stock again. Also available is a Not Mint version (Item #NM84197, $24.99). Your choice! Enjoy…

Barquin D’an and Chewbacca 12inch In Stock: Back in stock is the extremely rare and popular Barquin D’an and Chewbacca 12inch action collection figures (Item #28025A, $39.99). Our last shipment sold out in less than one day. Order now!

— Entertainment Earth



September 8, 2000 | 4:22 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Coruscant Toys are giving away a Rebo Band Droopy McCool/Barquin D’An pair this week – head over to enter your name!

Jedi Jed sent this in: “My collector’s club is having a giveaway for submission of T-Shirt designs. First prize is an AT-AT! Word of it is available over at”



Join the OSWCC!!!
September 8, 2000 | 3:43 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Join The Ohio Star Wars Collector’s Club!
Started in 1996, OSWCC (pronounced Oz-Wok) was one of the first
organized Star Wars Collecting clubs in the U.S. Benefits of the club
include email list membership where you can discuss, buy, sell and,
trade, and rant about Star Wars collectibles new and old. Also, once a year special “club-exclusive” collectibles are given out at the annual all-state Summer Social. Here’s an example:
Join Today!



PMT newsfeed
September 8, 2000 | 2:45 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

New Products/Specials –

The New Hasbro 6″ Mega Action Darth Maul is now IN-STOCK!! This is the first in their line of Mega Action 6″ Figures…it will be followed later in the year with Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and (the one I’m waiting for), a Destroyer Droid – which I hear will actually ROLL UP like they do in the movies!

Also, for you comic book fans – Maul is back in an original storyline from Dark Horse Comics. Issue 1 of 4 is now in stock (the rest will be released in the coming months). It is available with 2 different covers, either the regular Drew Struzen art cover, or a special limited photo cover. Either way, the issue is only $2.95!



TC-14 @ KB 4 $12.99
September 8, 2000 | 2:44 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has Electronic TC-14 on sale for $12.99 as the special of the day. newsfeed
September 8, 2000 | 2:39 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Now in stock!
Mega Jedi assortment: set of 2, 1 Darth Maul + 1 Obi Wan = $20, plus $5 S&H. Also, R2-D2 with holo Leia $30 plus $5 S&H! We also have the Death Star Trooper with Freeze Frame for only $10! Call us at 1-800-653-4155 or visit us online at



New Info on LEGO 2001
September 8, 2000 | 2:38 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has posted some new info on the upcoming 2001 line for LEGO.



Millennium’s End: The Fandom Menace
September 8, 2000 | 2:36 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Jeff Cioletti writes in with this:

Just wanted to give you the head’s up on the next screening of my documentary Millennium’s End: The Fandom Menace. It’s this Sunday, Sept. 10 at Cafe Metropolis, 94 (as in Docking Bay!) S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA, at 7 pm. Doors open at 6. For more info go to my web site,



Homing Beacon # 18
September 8, 2000 | 5:56 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Homing Beacon # 18 has filtered through to mail bin’s as well….. Don’t subscribe? Well check it out here and be sure to sign up! happenings
September 8, 2000 | 5:53 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has finally made the “On Location” video segments downloadable. They finally realized that the streaming video wasn’t really working too well 🙂 Also the latest “George Lucas Select Image” was posted on schedule last night. Stop by to check it all out!



More Target DCPI’s
September 7, 2000 | 6:22 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Junior writes in-

Junior here, with a few more Target DCPI’s for some of our favorite toys that will be released in the next few months. I wasn’t able to get release dates but, I was able to get the prices. Hope this helps everyone. I will get back to you with more as soon as they become available.


12″ Asst. Bounty Hunters – Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, and 4-Lom $24.99

100th Edition Luke Skywalker – $49.99

300th Edition Figure – Boba Fett – $9.99



Great new figure pics!
September 6, 2000 | 6:51 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Courtesy of Robert Musco @ Noomivarr Sector prototypes, take a look at these great new photos:

Boba Fett (300th fig) – you can see just how cool this figure is going to be from this photo!

Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) – a first look at this new figure, I think we’re all going to need plenty of these for dioramas!!

These figures are fully painted samples without copyright markings on their feet, and they are complete. The Battle Droid looks particularly flimsy, but this is not a finished figure and you can be sure that the final toy will be more durable and able to stand freely.



Kir Kanos – well…bits of him
September 6, 2000 | 3:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum dug up some really cool info regarding a ‘Kir Kanos’ figure – head over to Rebelscum for the info.



Bay Area International Toy Expo
September 6, 2000 | 6:07 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Dennis from the South Bay Star Wars Fan Club sent us this blurb on the upcoming Bay Area International Toy Expo coming up this weekend. People interested in joining us can reply to the forum topic on our site at so we can a head count & figure out where to meet.

Here’s all the relevant info:

Bay Area International Toy Expo
Sunday September 10th
10am – 3pm (Early bird 7:30am – 10am)
San Mateo County Expo Center
Oak Hall
2495 S. Delaware St
San Mateo, CA

Admission: $5
Kids under 12 w/ parent: Free
Early bird: $15

More info:
ToyBox Promotions
Andy Prezioso: (707) 763-6057
Bill Cross: (707) 795-4981



Sith Happens : DARTH MAUL
September 5, 2000 | 10:31 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has posted a remider that tomorrow the Darth Maul series from Darkhorse hits comic shops everywhere. Here’s a small clip from the official site….
With his breathtaking introduction in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul quickly became the new face of evil in the Star Wars galaxy. His tattooed visage of intricate Sith patterns — now revealed to cover his entire body — strikes fear in the heart of his opponents. Now, with the release of his own dedicated four-issue comic series, Maul’s lethal skills are again conjured from the shadows.

For more on this follow this link to the story…… 

UPDATE:Jay writes in to right my wrong-

Ummm…Hate to burst your bubble on this but you posted that the Dark Horse comic hits tomorrow. Inform everyone this is wrong. Remember what was Monday?????……..H-O-L-I-D-A-Y. I own Universal Comics in Waukesha Wisconsin. Books ALWAYS get delayed shipping one day right after a Holiday. Watch for the new Star Wars Books Thursday.

True Jay, thanks for the reminder! 🙂



On Location # 6
September 5, 2000 | 9:49 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has released prt 6 of an on going video series featuring Ahmed Best “On Location” & behind the scenes from the set of Episode II. Go now and behold the genius of Jar-Ja…. errr, I mean Ahmed.



Lego diorama contest
September 5, 2000 | 7:36 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

This in from Jay at ADC…..

I just wanted to let you and your readers know about our new make your own homemade LEGO Diorama Star Wars Movie scene contest for a free Collector Series X-Wing Fighter. People can see our site for details on how they can enter to win.

for more info visit



Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society wants YOU!
September 5, 2000 | 6:11 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society opens its doors! After a successful first meeting, PSWCS is endeavoring to recruit new members. If you’d like to share your love of Star Wars collecting with other local PA collectors, please visit our Web Site and sign up!

We’ve created this network to facilitate collecting needs, share
information, and socialize. We’re open to all collectors who currently live in Pennsylvania or have significant ties to Pennsylvania. Membership benefits include an E-mail list-serve, Web Site, and monthly meetings. Membership is FREE! Our next meeting will occur on Saturday, September 23 in Harrisburg, PA. Please see our Web Site for details.



POTJ Price Cut
September 5, 2000 | 12:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

You can see some info, backed up by a scan, about a POTJ price drop inthis post on the Raving Toy Maniac forums. newsfeed
September 5, 2000 | 6:23 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post offers Yakface exclusive Star Wars specials.

If you reference coupon code yakfacespecial2 when placing your order, you will be eligible to receive the following specials this week at These low prices do not appear on their Web site, so remember to reference the special Yakface coupon on their order form.

Episode I “Soft Goods” 4-Pack – Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master, Darth Maul Sith Lord, Anakin Pilot, and Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight – All 4 MOC for $28.50
Episode I 12″ Sebulba w/ Chubas – $19.99
Darth Vader “Puberty to Present” 3-Pack – You get an Episode I Anakin Skywalker Pilot, an Episode I Anakin Skywalker Naboo, and a POTF Darth Vader w/ Interragation Droid + CommTech chip (all MOMC) for only $22.99
POTF Cinema Scene 3-Pack Special – You get Jabba’s Skiff Guards, Rebel Pilots, and Jabba’s Dancers (all MIMB) for only $32.97
POTF “Butt-Ugly” Freeze Frame 2-Pack – Pote Snitkin + Orrimaarko (Prune Face)- Both MOC for $14.99
Electronic Lightsaber Special – You get a 1995 POTF Electronic Darth Vader’s Lightsaber and an Episode I Electronic Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (both MIMB) for only $42.00
POTF Rancor w/ Jedi Luke Deluxe Beast Pack – $23.99
Expanded Universe Lot #1 – You get Spacetrooper and Kyle Katarn (both MOMC) and all 3 Expanded Universe Vehicles (Cloud Car, Airspeeder, and Speeder Bike) w/ Exclusive figures for $44.95

Also, mention Yakface when placing your order of $50 or more and receive a mystery POTF or Episode I figure absolutely free. is also giving away a free Episode I Fambaa with Exclusive Gungan Warrior, so be sure to visit their site at and register for your chance to win!



September 4, 2000 | 9:24 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

If you are looking for some good deals on old stuff, check out TRU.COMas they have some great deals. Such as the:
Micro Machines MTT that opens into the Naboo battle field for $9.90, regularly $39.99.
Theed Generator Complex playset for $4.90 (this is the one that comes with the battle droid). newsfeed
September 4, 2000 | 12:01 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Tired of confusing websites that are not user friendly? Check out We keep it simple and fun to shop online! Sith Attack Speeders w/Darth Maul $9.99, Ammo Wagons $17.99, Jabba The Hutt w/2 Headed Announcer/Opee with Qui Gon Jinn Beast Sets $30.99, Jabba’s Skiff Guards $9.99, 12″ Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Battle Droid Commander Sets $69.99, Maul Vs. Kenobi 2-Packs $13.99 & More! Now taking presell orders for all the hot, new upcoming releases.



Today @ Target
September 3, 2000 | 4:18 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Mixed reports on the big Speeder Bike day – plenty of reports of stores with not a single Bike, but as always, some to the complete opposite – this is from BOBB: “I went to 3 Targets in Columbus today. Brice Rd and Polaris had nothing. Broad St had 14 Speederbikes stacked on an end cap.”
If your store had nothing – don’t give up! Target like to annoy collectors and they might put them out during the week. Keep trying because they are out there!



R2 w/ holo Leia 
September 3, 2000 | 2:19 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has the R2-D2 w/ holo Leia righht now for only $24.99. Pricey? Yes, but if you have been waiting for a decent price on this figure this is it. Otherwise you will have to hold out a little longer!

Update: Gone faster than you can say … pretty much anything.



Need a Marmit TIE Pilot…?
September 3, 2000 | 5:47 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post are giving away a Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot in their drawing this week – head over to enter!



Sunday is Target day again
September 3, 2000 | 5:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Speeder Bikes seem to be in greater supply as of today, and at the new sale price of $45.99. timrons wrote in to say that he found 30-40 Speeder Bikes piled up at a Target store in Iowa.

He also was told at a local TRU that the 12″ Dewback would be around from now until after Christmas so if you’re patient, you’ll find one.

UPDATE: Curt adds this-
“I dont know if the speeder bike will really be a problem in So Cal. I went to my local Target and counted 57 bikes today. They were stacked 5 high in 11 stacks on the top shelf. There were also a couple on the regular star wars shelf.”



12″ Maul and Sith Speeder
September 2, 2000 | 10:47 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out these great photos of the 12″ Sith Speeder:
Box Front | Box Back
These images are courtesy of George, who is selling the item on eBay – item #424759319. Thanks George!



Weekly winner!
September 2, 2000 | 9:30 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

This weeks winner was James Rowan from San Jose, CA! Congrats! You will be receiving your free stuff later this week! Next week’s drawing if for a Episode I 12″ electronic C3PO courtesy of D&S Toys! Enter Today!



What to expect at TARGET this Sunday
September 2, 2000 | 9:06 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

FHDavid sent us this scan of a tag he found on the shelf at his local TARGET regarding this Sunday’s flyer advertising the 12″ Speederbike.Click here to check it out.



Han Bespin Capture, Sebulba & more!
September 2, 2000 | 9:01 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has posted new pictures of Bespin Capture Han Solo, General Leia, Sebulba, & Degobah Vader! Click here for more!

Thanks to Tony for the heads up!



Cantina 4 pack cheap!
September 1, 2000 | 7:37 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Jay Crawley pipes in with this-

Just wanted to let you know that bowman-enterprises has a pretty good deal on what they call the “cantina 4-pack”. For 7.99 you get the following 4 figures. Comtech Greedo, Luke, and Han. You also get the Jawa/Gonk 2-pack. Not a bad deal if you want/need these figs.

Visit Bowman Enterprises at



POTJ showing up at TRU
September 1, 2000 | 7:35 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Keith-Adi-Mundi writes in-

Here is a bit of interesting news for those people who have yet to find the new figures. I went to 3 different Toys R Us stores in the Dallas area today, and each of the stores had put out the new collection 2 POTJ figures. Each store had only received 1 case, but they all assured me that they would be getting more in their next truck load within a week. This is the first I have heard of TRU putting these figures on their shelf.



Dolls Kollekt newsfeed
September 1, 2000 | 7:33 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post
Wanted to let ya’ll know that we just received the new Darth Maul & Darth Vader 2-pack for $16.99. Also still have some Trade Federation Tanks and Darth Vader with Imperial Interrogation Droid.



Trophy assortment news
September 1, 2000 | 7:32 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

I had emailed Andy at Hasbro about the remaining Trophy assortment figures, [Obi Wan w/ Gungan sub + 00M9 w/ Tank] which were to be KB exclusives, and this was his reply.

As for the trophy assortment, the retailer does not want the items anymore, so we are looking for an alternate outlet. Possibly the Fan Club, but they don’t seem to jazzed by them at the moment either. So to be clear, we did not cancel them, voluntarily anyway, but they won’t be shipping anytime soon. Hopefully someday. Thanks!

Soon as we hear more we will let you know! Thanks Andy!



Latest Releases
September 1, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lots of readers have been writing in and reporting finding 12″ Dewbacks, 12″ Sith Speeders and POTJ figures. There’s too much to post individual locations now, so please use the “Area Store Reports” section in the Yakface Forum as much as possible to help you/others find these new items. The POTJ stuff is getting more plentiful, there seem to be much more Dewbacks available than there were 12″ Speeder Bikes, and while the Sith Speeder has only just surfaced, it doesn’t seem incredibly hard to come by. Keep a look out!



September 1, 2000 | 6:35 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A note for anyone who has recently sent in customs pics which haven’t gone up, or those who intend to – we’re doing some work on that section which we hope to get finished shortly and once it’s ready we’ll be adding these submissions.

Also, please be patient when it comes to submitting information for pages such as ‘Clubs’ – all information sent will get put up as soon as possible, and unless your mail bounces back to you, we have received it and we’ll notify you when it’s up. Thanks.



Toy Run
September 1, 2000 | 6:32 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Delaton sent in this report on his findings today for anyone of you in the Rhode Island area:

Ocean State Job Lot Warren, RI:
KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Cup Toppers $.99
Various Meal Toys from KFC, etc. $.99
Several AMC Models, including Tie Fighters, Emperor Palpatine, etc.
Episode 1 Koosh $.99

TRU Swansea, MA:
3 – 12″ Dewback Troopers

Big Lots Swansea, MA:
Episode 1 Electronic Games $7.99 or less
Episode 1 Models
Xyber 9 figures $.99 for all the customizers out there!
Several AMC Models, including Tie Fighters, Emperor Palpatine, etc.

TRU Warwick, RI:
Hundreds of Action Fleet vehicles



12″ Dewback News
September 1, 2000 | 12:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Erik writes: “Just letting you know that most of the California West Coast TRU stores are getting in 8-12 Dewbacks(each) on next weeks trucks. Just letting people know if they live in that area to look out for them.”

Thanks Erik!



Cheap 12″ Figures
September 1, 2000 | 12:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the 12″ Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker (Bespin) figures for $9.99 each, and they also have the exclusive electronic Boba Fett for $24.99. Thanks to Giancarlo for the news.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
September 1, 2000 | 10:47 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

EE Expands Not Mint Section

We are in the process of adding hundreds of new items to our not-mint section. These items are in good condition, but with not-mint packaging. This is also the place to go if you are looking for action figures sold individually. Just visit:



New select image
September 1, 2000 | 5:53 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

A new George Lucas Select image from Episode II was posted last night at Stop on over and check it out!



FREE 12″ Speeder bike!?
September 1, 2000 | 5:37 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post is hosting an exclusive promotional give away of a 12″ Speeder Bike from one of their sponsors. Enter today, it can’t hurt!



PMT Newsfeed
September 1, 2000 | 5:34 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

New Products/Specials –

Several new items have arrived this week:

Star Wars Cookbook II – Darth Malt and Other Galactic Recipes
Lifesize Pit Droid from DK Publishing
Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene (we only have a few of these! – once they are sold out they will no longer be on the website!)
120mm Resin Kit of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard from Blade Runner



12″ Maul w/ speeder showing up at Walmarts
September 1, 2000 | 5:30 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Seth Rowan reports:

Since I hadn’t seen this reported yet, I saw 7 12″ Maul with
Sith Speeders tonight at the Wal-Mart in Broken Arrow, OK.
I don’t know what price they had on them since I don’t
collect the 12″ and they weren’t marked. Thought I drop you
a note to let people be on the look out.

Thanks Seth!

August 2000 Archive

Marmit TIE Pilot
August 31, 2000 | 5:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ToyManiacs have this new item in stock NOW for $94.99 + shipping! Thanks to all those who wrote in about this. surprise of the day!
August 31, 2000 | 5:22 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has the Power FX X-Wing for a low low low price of only $12.99! If you passed on this when it was $25 at TRU, now is your chance!

Thanks to Chris @ for pointing this out!



Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot
August 31, 2000 | 4:14 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Pre-orders @ Entertainment Earth: The latest officially licensed Star Wars Classic item from Japan’s Marmit is scheduled to arrive soon. The Marmit 12in. TIE Fighter Pilot is an action figure kit that features fantastic detail, armor and accessories. Pre-order this very limited Japanese exclusive today!



News From Hasbro
August 30, 2000 | 2:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is some news on the release date for the Bespin Luke with CD, and the Lightsaber with color change saber.

I spoke with Andy and he has graciously given us this info to share. Please remember that these are not definate dates, however they are pretty close.

Luke Bespin CD/ROM is planned for 8/2001
Lightsaber is planned for 2002, closer to the release of Ep2.



Bye Bye Brian
August 30, 2000 | 2:24 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Sorry to see you leave. The people that have been here since Josh Poley ran the site have known of Brian. Heck I remember his original site before he came to yakface. That was one of the reasons I started a website. It was fun and we will miss you. Good luck in your future. Sincerely, The YAK STAFF!

Update (Greg): C ya dude!!! 
Update (Dustin): Peace, Love & Whales……



Carded Qui-Gon (Mos Espa)
August 30, 2000 | 1:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Click here for a carded Hasbro image of the Mos Espa POTJ Qui-Gon figure – they’ve updated their product index with this and other previously seen POTJ figures. Thanks to JD for the tip!



Clubs updated
August 30, 2000 | 12:42 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Added a new club, based in Kansas City MO, to the Clubs page. Also & Coruscant Toys to the Links page.



New UK Website
August 30, 2000 | 12:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A notice of a new site for UK readers: “I am trying to make a list of Star Wars Fans in the UK and have a little on what star wars means to them. The idea is so that fans can arrange meetings, trades, and general chats about the greatest films to ever be made and just so that we can prove to our loved ones that we are not mad and that there are others like us!! Whether you collect figures, read the books, play the games or just simply love to watch the films, please let everyone know who you are and where you are from.”

Check out Rob Colwell’s site @! for sale
August 30, 2000 | 12:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

As you will have read in another recent news post, former Star Wars news site and online store is for sale. It has been put up for auction over oneBay – item #423680597. Only for serious buyers.



August 30, 2000 | 12:28 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Well this has been something I’ve been thinking about for awhile but now is the time to do it. As of now I am officially retired from Yakface. I’m afraid I’m too busy and distracted with other things going on in my life to put my full effort into this anymore. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years doing this considering I’ve been wokring at Yakface since its beginning all those many years ago.

I’m not sure what I will miss since it’s been so long since I wasn’t working on this webpage. So goodbye everyone. I’ve made some good friends over the years and had a lot of fun doing this but it’s time to go. If for some reason you need to reach me you can e-mail me here. Bye.



EE News Feed
August 29, 2000 | 9:59 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Excellent news! Entertainment Earth’s first shipment of SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 2) (Item #84455A, $89.99) arrived minutes ago, along with the Mega Action Figure: Darth Maul (Item #84529, $11.99).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first people who placed pre-orders for SW 2000 Collection 2 (Wave 2) months ago will be filled first. As more units arrive, more orders will be filled. We expect continuous shipments over the next few weeks.

All orders for Mega Action Figure: Darth Maul placed through yesterday will be filled immediately only at Entertainment Earth.



New on location 
August 29, 2000 | 8:40 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

On location prt. 5 has been posted tonight. Ahmed Best interviews second assistant director Paul Sullivan. Stop by and see it for yourself!



Dewback Sandtrooper Vs. Marmit Sandtrooper
August 29, 2000 | 8:31 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has posted a nice comparision picture of the 12″ Sandtrooper that comes with the Dewback and the Marmit Sandtrooper. The Marmit is SOOOOO much nicer! Stop by to check it out for yourself.



Official word from Lucasflim on trilogy coming this fall
August 29, 2000 | 6:18 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

The limited time release will be available in both Pan and Scan and Widescreen. It features an exclusive, ten-minute sneak peak of the next installment in the Star Wars saga, Episode II.

For more of this story visit!



Duros prototype up at Hasbro website
August 29, 2000 | 6:14 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Click here to see the prototype of Duros and read some news on the Target 12″ Speeder Bike Exclusive.



Kmart news
August 29, 2000 | 6:08 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Dan reports:

 Hi I work as a Hardlines Manager for K-Mart. As you may know they just relayed out the toy dept getting ready for Christmas. Just got an e-mail from corp that new Star Wars figures are arriving in store Sept. 5th and Sept. 10th. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks.

Thanks Dan!



12″ loose Dewback review
August 29, 2000 | 6:03 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Ivan Machado sent us this nice review……

Ok guys since I am probably one of the few people that actually opened it here is a review of the 12 inch dewback with sandtrooper. Let me start by saying that I love the toy it is massive fully extended it is just shy of 3 feet long. It looks deceptively short because its tail is folded up in the box.

First the positives, It’s size is a big plus because it looks very
impressive on display. For those of you who keep it sealed the cellophane top with star wars emblazoned on it is nice because it allows light to shine in the box. The skin of the dewback is very nice and detailed with wrinkles throughout and a real skin feel similar to the rancor. The detail extends down to its toenails and eyes which look great, almost looks like it can move. The trooper is fully articulated and has very nice armor.

The negative, The trooper is quite simply too clean I am going to dirty up his costume a bit. This is just personal preference but I would have preferred and orange shoulder board since I like the contrast. The paint is rather finicky on the dewback. Not that we collectors play much with our toys but be warned that any slight scuff will result in the green coming off of the creature. Just as with the small version the trooper seems to have a hard time hanging on any amount of jostling and he will lean forward like a drunken cowboy. My final complaint is the tail it has some kind of flexible
rod inside of the plastic skin. Because of the lack of filler in the tail it comes out looking like a pencil in a sock. Also because the tail is folded up in the box the skin ends up with a few bends that are hard to get out.

Overall I consider the toy to be a wonderfull display piece. It is
definitely for the collector. It is not a toy that is very playable. Butit does look great on your shelf. I know you all think I am insane but I strongly suggest taking it out of the box. The box display does not do it justice. I have contacted hasbro about the paint problem and am now waiting for a reply.



Two new forums
August 29, 2000 | 6:00 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

The Star Wars Collectors Archive has opened up a new web forum as well as Chuck R. who has created Romba’s Tree House.



New Force Comics newsfeed
August 29, 2000 | 5:47 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

“We just secured more of the wave 28 POTF2 cases with the R2D2/Holo Leia (12 figures, 1 R2D2/Holo Leia, 3 Stormtroopers, 3 Vaders, 2 Han, 1 each Luke, Greedo, Jawa)…we are taking preorders/reserves for a 9/15 estimated delivery at $78 a case + $6 UPS insured, double boxed shipping. In that same shipment, we will receive more cinema scene sets of Watto’s Box/Tatooine Showdown for $37.99 a pair + shipping.”

Stop on over to if you are interested.



D&S Toys Newsfeed
August 29, 2000 | 6:32 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

We just got in the POTJ Mega Action Darth Maul 6″ Figure with Battle Action for $10.99!

We still have some of the Death Star Cinema Scene Ver.0000 (TRU version) $21.99 – Special Yak Face Price so mention that when ordering!



Maul Vs Vader 2-Pack Review
August 28, 2000 | 10:50 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I am sorry to say this, but if I were to suggest what to spend your money on, I would say this is not it. For as many items that Hasbro has produced over the years that were excellent, this is not one of them. I would say the only thing that this 2-Pack is worth is the base, so you can take the Bespin Luke and the Vader and make a cool scene from Empire. Vader has a cloth neck cape, the waist cape is plastic. The helmet has a nice redish color tint to the eyes, other than that, he is a plain figure. This is a hodge podge of other mauls, an arm here, a leg here with a new snarl. For the price I would say forget it and buy something else. I would say hold off for Shmi, but, Hasbro has yet to confirm anything on her, other than to say she has not been cancelled. Too bad they give us junk like this rather than real figures that would sell.
1. The Maul head is a new sculpt. Finally we get a 4″ Maul with a the
patented “Maul evil grin” previously sculpted on the 12″ and 6″ figures.
2. Maul is articulated with a swivel in then right elbow, like in Tatooine Maul. He also has ball & socket joints in the shoulders like the CT Stormtrooper.
3. The Vader is articulated in the left elbow like Maul and as such he can hold his lightsaber 2-handed in a way that doesn’t look lame, like the Classic 8 Vader.
4. Yes, Vader’s bottom cape is plastic, but it is molded with the codpiece and they sit atop his legs almost like in the movie. A vast improvement in sculpting technique that makes him look more realistic.
5. The Helmet on Vader is also larger and he is taller.
Thanks to Peter for the additions. I will say I am still very disappointed in this set.



Hasbro products delayed
August 28, 2000 | 8:31 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

According to Rebelscum the Color Change Lightsaber has been delayed and might not be out until 2002 as part of the Ep II line. And the Bespin Luke w CD-ROM will not be out until 2001. newsfeed
August 28, 2000 | 6:11 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

If you reference coupon code yakfacespecial1 when placing your order, you will be eligible to receive the following specials this week at . These low prices do not appear on their Web site, so remember to reference the special Yakface coupon on their order form.

Episode I MicroMachines Darth Maul/Theed Generator Inside Action Set – $7.99
Episode I “Soft Goods” 3-Pack – Darth Maul Sith Lord, Anakin Pilot, and Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight – All 3 MOC for $18.50
Episode I TC-14 + R2-B1 – Both droids MOC for $25.99
POTF Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene MIB – $11.99
POTF Rancor w/ Jedi Luke Deluxe Beast Pack $23.99
POTF Freeze Frame Ree-Yees and Death Star Trooper – Both for $24.99
POTF Electronic Vader’s Lightsaber – $16.99
POTF Complete Galaxy Tatooine Luke + Endor Ewok .00 – Both for $17.99
POTF 12″ Princess Leia in Chains – $15.99

Also, mention Yakface when placing your order of $50 or more and receive a POTF or Episode I figure absolutely free.



Collectors’ Clubs update
August 27, 2000 | 6:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Clubs page has been updated and a St Louis club has been added – if you live in the area and are interested, check out the clubs page for more.



Sith attack speeders & Skiff Guards $9.99 ea.
August 27, 2000 | 6:06 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Tired of confusing websites that are not user friendly? Check out We keep it simple and fun to shop online! 12″ Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Battle Droid Commander Sets $69.99, Sith Attack Speeders w/Darth Maul $9.99, Ammo Wagons $17.99, Jabba The Hutt w/2 Headed Announcer/Opee with Qui Gon Jinn Beast Sets $30.99, Jabba’s Skiff Guards $9.99, Maul Vs. Kenobi 2Packs $13.99 & More! Now taking presell orders for all the hot, new upcoming releases.



Walmart figs ringing up at $6.19
August 27, 2000 | 6:04 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Matt Kregor reports:

“My local walmart had about 16 pegs for POTJ collection 1 and 2 figures priced at $6.19 each.”

Perhaps this will be the official Walmart price after all? It’s not a $1 drop but it’s better than what we’ve been seeeing!



New Marmit Fett Pics
August 27, 2000 | 9:56 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Click here to see some new pics of the upcoming Marmit Boba Fett. Thanks to Jeff for the news.



Weekly winner…….
August 26, 2000 | 11:42 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Glenn P. Winkler of Auburn, AL won the free Ammo Wagon set from Next weeks drawing is for Cloth Maul, Cloth Obi Wan, & Anakin Pilot! Enter Today! has Eopies…..
August 26, 2000 | 10:08 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post, located in Tokyo, Japan has the Eopie for those willing to go the distance so to speak 🙂 Stop by their site to check it out!



TOY HUNT: The Online Comic Adventure!
August 26, 2000 | 10:01 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Toy Hunt the online toy humor comic presents… Episode 3: Return Of The Toy! The final chapter in the quest for R2 w/holo Leia. You’ll find out the truth behind the scarcity of this toy, the real story behind Anakins turn to the dark side… and a revelation about Vaders true identity guaranteed to shock! All this and more in true Toy Hunt style!

TOY HUNT: The Online Comic Adventure! has TC-14 plus…..
August 26, 2000 | 8:16 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

We just got TC-14, R2-B1, and the Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid back in stock! Also, we are giving away a free POTF Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene this week! Stop by today at



Brian’s Toys newsletter
August 26, 2000 | 7:20 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Click here to read the latest issue of Brian’s Toys newsletter. Brian’s Toys have redone their website, making it faster and easier to use. As a bonus to mark the new site, they are doing free domestic shipping on all orders of $20 or more, and a free gift with every order over $20! Check their site out at, and enter for their latest giveaway – a Target exclusive Y-Wing Fighter!

In other giveaways, are holding a draw for an Invasion Force Gungan Scout Sub – head over there to enter your name!



Entertainment Earth newsfeed
August 26, 2000 | 10:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Watto is #2

Rated #2 on the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures listed in ToyFare Magazine #38 is Watto’s Box – sold with Tatooine Showdown 2-Pack (Item #84115C, $49.99). We have this set in stock now. Each shipment sells out quickly. Order now @Entertainment Earth!



More on color change lightsaber
August 26, 2000 | 10:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Kevin wrote in to say that his local Wal Mart have shelf tags up for the color change lightsaber, priced at $19.99. It could be that this item will be released sooner than expected.



Ray Park auction
August 26, 2000 | 9:14 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Not 5000 made, not even 500….

The Sci-Fi Expo has created a serious Maul collectible for the serious
Maul fan! Only 5 cement Ray Park hand impressions were cast, and now #1 of 5 is available on ebay. For details, follow this link , and do a search for item #420002326

We hope to continue the tradition at the next Sci-Fi Expo with Dave
Prowse and others. Thanks for your continued patronage and support of
the Sci-Fi Expo through the years. Next year is going to be a fun ride!



EE News Feed
August 25, 2000 | 11:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rated #2 on the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures listed in ToyFare Magazine #38 is Watto’s Box – sold with Tatooine Showdown 2-Pack (Item #84115C, $49.99). We have this set in stock now. Each shipment sells out quickly. Order now atEntertainment Earth.



Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot
August 25, 2000 | 8:01 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Banzai Toys have the Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot! They posted boxed front and back pictures which you can see below:
Box Front | Box Back



Hasbro color change lightsaber
August 25, 2000 | 7:32 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Hasbro color change ligthsaber is to be released in Japan (by distributors TOMY) in October, and so will probably appear in the USA very soon after. This lightsaber has the Mace Windu hilt, and comes with a series of colored filters to make the blade change color.



Massive Speeder Bike shipment
August 25, 2000 | 7:30 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Bob Shmeldom wrote in to say that his Target store on the east coast has received a big delivery of 12″ Speeder Bikes in preparation for the September advert we mentioned a couple of days back. They have received a total of 23 cases in the last 2 days, making 46 individual Bikes. That’s sure to be plenty to go around that one store. If things are similar elsewhere, there’ll be no trouble finding this item soon!



Oola and Salacious Crumb retiring
August 25, 2000 | 12:14 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This from the Star Wars Fan Club: “Oola and Salacious are retiring! This exclusive Fan Club 2 Pack will no longer be available after this inventory is gone. Oola comes with cloth leggings and chain accessories. The pair comes in a four color window box that is great for display, so be sure to buy a couple for your collection and couple to play with. You have to hurry, since quantities are limited.”
To place your order, call the Fan Club on 1-800-TRUE-FAN or order online!



Interactive Yoda online
August 25, 2000 | 12:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have the Interactive Yoda in stock for $34.99. They also have the LEGO Sith Infiltrator set for just $7. Head over if you need either of these items. Thanks to Giancarlo for the info!



Homing Beacon # 17
August 25, 2000 | 5:32 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Homing Beacon # 17 hit mail boxes today. Not a subscriber? View the newsletterhere.



August archives missing
August 24, 2000 | 10:04 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

With the recent re-tooling of the news script we lost part of August’s news archives. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks to all who wrote in to make us aware of the situation.



George Lucas select image #7
August 24, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has posted select image # 7. Due to complaints from individuals about posting the images here in our main news section & whether they are spoilers or not we have decided to take a ” no spoiler” stance.

Seriously though, if you don’t want spoilers, you need to log off the internet for the next 21 months because sooner or later you will run in to them. I say bring ’em on! I can’t get enough! has Q&A with Galoob
August 24, 2000 | 6:05 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Mark from posted a pretty long and revealing Q&A with Galoob today. Sadly there will be no more Galoob product until EP2!

“Q: The number one question on Galoob collectors’ minds now has to be if the reports out of Gen Con are true. Will Galoob be taking a break from Star Wars toys until Episode II?

A: Regrettably, this is true. There will be no further Micro Machine or Action Fleet items before EP II. The Galoob Star Wars team is now part of Hasbro Star Wars, and we will be working closely with the Cincinnati-based Group on 2001 product, based on the existing four movies.”

Visit for the entire Q&A session!



Marmit TIE fighter pilot out now!
August 24, 2000 | 5:57 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot has been spotted on sale now in Japan. Watch for these to make their way elsewhere through dealers very shortly.



Dewbacks galore
August 24, 2000 | 5:56 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post sent us this great pic today of his 12″ Dewback he picked up. To view a larger image click here!

Thanks to the many others wrote in with reports of finding the Dewback today as well!



Canadian Screening
August 24, 2000 | 5:43 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Jeff Cioletti writes in:

“Just wanted to give you the heads up on my screening this weekend in Canada. It’s the Canadian premiere! It’s at the Canadian National Sci-Fi Expo in Toronto. The screening is 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug 26, immediately following the masquerade in the main theater.”

For more info visit



Master of the Darkside 2 packs out!
August 24, 2000 | 5:34 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post got these in today and the are available on their website for order now!

Darth Maul & Darth Vader 2-Pack $15.99, or Darth Maul & Darth Vader 2-Pack for $14.99 with slight damage to package.

Also, has the R2-D2 with Leia Holo Case and Motti Cases in stock for great prices.

Back in stock also is the Death Star Cinema Scene Ver.0000 (TRU version) $21.99 – Special Yak Face Price so mention that when ordering.



Entertainment Earth newsfeed
August 24, 2000 | 3:06 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

R2-D2 with Holo Leia Back In Stock!

Rated #4 on the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures listed in ToyFare Magazine #38 is the R2-D2 with Hologram Leia. Well, we’ve got this figure in stock when you purchase the full case assortment – SW Fig. Asst. (Wave 28) (Item #84185B, $114.99). This is, was and will always be the only case that this action figure ships in. Order today @ Entertainment Earth!



Need TC-14 and R2-B1?
August 24, 2000 | 7:42 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Coruscant Toys are giving away a pair of the above-mentioned droids in their latest draw – head over for info on how to enter!



The toys you’re looking for…
August 24, 2000 | 7:38 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re still looking for any of these items, follow the links to pick them up at
Sith Attack Speeder – $9.99.
Trade Federation Tank – $19.99.
Final Lightsaber Duel – $14.99
Masterpiece Edition Aurra Sing – $60 [pre-order] Secrets of the Sith movie scrapbook – $5.39 [pre-order] Episode I: Obi-Wan CD-ROM game – $39.99 [pre-order – release March 15th 2001]



More Skiffs showing up
August 24, 2000 | 6:09 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

More reports of Skiffs being found at local TARGETS. This time a good handfull from the east coast. Looks like they are getting back out there. Keep your eyes open if you missed this great piece the first time around!



The price drop that never happened
August 24, 2000 | 6:07 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

A source of ours sent in this tidbit recently-

…..I can also look at the price TRU pays for toys and
then the retail price we charge. I looked up the POTJ
Skns and found they cost 4.99 and we will be charging
6.99. However upon looking at the COMMTECH figs, I
noticed the cost was 5.53. Not much of a savings on
our part but I agree the price should have dropped.

I heard about this price drop rumor as early as last fall/winter and have been REALLY looking forward to saving a few bucks. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will get any. Guess I will just wait a few months and buy all my figs when they go on clearance 🙂



Obi Wan w/ cloak carded images at EE
August 23, 2000 | 11:03 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post has pics up of the soon to be released Obi Wan w/ cloak loose and carded here. They also show Darth Maul, R2-D2 & Anakin Mechanic as well.



Close up shots of Obi Wan mega fig boxed
August 23, 2000 | 8:05 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Our sources have sent in some nice scans of the soon to be shipping nationwideMega Obi Wan!



Dewbacks showing up 
August 23, 2000 | 7:52 PM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

Dewback sighting are being reported at Keep your eyes open!



Back to the old style
August 23, 2000 | 6:09 AM EST | Dustin | Talk About This Post

We have re-tooled our news scripts here so that the date and time are appropriately displayed as so many people like. Also, has this re-tooling made the page load any faster? Let me know-

May 2000 Archives

05.31.00 | 5:35pm EST | posted by Dustin
 |  More discussion… has in stock and is offering Ammo Wagon & Falumpaset $24.99 , Gungan Scout Subs $15.99, Watto’s Box & Tatooine Showdown Sets $49.99 per set, Trade Federation Tanks $22.99…..also Sio Bibble, Queen Amidala, Pit Droids 2-Pack ($8.99 each) And MUCH More!! DON’T LIKE PAYPAL?? WE NOW ALSO ACCEPT VISA AND M/C DIRECT AND SECURELY!!

Update: Ammo Wagons all gone…thanks to George Collazo for the update.

05.31.00 | 4:05pm EST | posted by Greg
 |  More discussion…

TNC Universe has the latest 12″ figure wave – Battle Droid commander, Mace Windu and Qui-Gon w/poncho. Head over if you’re interested in ordering.

UPDATE: Mace Windu is already OUT OF STOCK.

05.31.00 | 11:20am EST | posted by Greg
 |  More discussion…

Here are a couple of new pics of the 12″ Biker Scout sans speeder bike:
Thanks go to praji for the images! He’s selling the toy over on eBay at the moment, starting at under $20 with no reserve. Item number 346331713.

05.30.00 | 11:35pm EST | posted by Brian
 |  More discussion…

We’ve been hearing rumblings that Wal-mart turned down the Ammo Wagon with Falupasett and now we have been able to confirm it. This is why the Ammo Wagon has been showing up at many online stores.

Update: To clear up any confusion, the Ammo Wagon has NOT been cancelled – it just won’t be a Wal*Mart exclusive. It will continue to show up, because now that it’s no an exclusive, I’d suppose anyone could order them. If we get any more info, we’ll let you know.

05.30.00 | 11:35pm EST | posted by Brian
 |  More discussion…

It was supposed to be a Walmart Exclusive! They ended up turning it down…now your chance to own the… AMMO WAGON AND FALUPASETT with GUNGAN WARRIOR!!! Stock is limited! Order Today!!!!

05.30.00 | 10:58pm EST | posted by Tim
 |  More discussion…

Our LEGO section, FBTB, is running a poll for a Death Star playscene. If you’re into LEGO, check out the concept and vote!

05.30.00 | 10:58pm EST | posted by Brian
 |  More discussion…

Joel wrote in and let us know that at Service Merchandise most of the remaining Star Wars toys are now 50% off, and, all the Legos are 40% off.

05.30.00 | 8:15pm EST | posted by Dustin
 |  More discussion…

Today’s product at 50% off is…

69650F, Jedi Duel / Purchase of Droids, Regular Price $39.99, Half Price: $19.99 Includes two Star Wars Power of the Force Cinema Scenes: 1x Purchase of the Droids (Uncle Owen Lars, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker) and 1x Final Jedi Duel (Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker). This Half Price offer is valid from 12:00pm Pacific Time Tuesday May 30 until 11:59am Wednesday May 31. We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered or modify this promotion at any time. today!

05.30.00 | 8:15pm EST | posted by Dustin
 |  More discussion…

John from Madison, Wi writes in-

“I thought I’d mail you folks at Yakface about a packaging change I noticed on some Gungan Scout Subs I received recently thru mail order. On both versions (.0000 & .0100) there are pictures on the top and bottom of the box showcasing the snapping claw play feature. On the .0000 box, to demonstrate graphically the claws snapping open there are white zigzagging lines on either side of the claws. And on the .0100 version instead of the lines there is a time lapse picture of the claws opening with 3-4 semi-transparent pictures of the claws themselves from shut to open. Yet another lame packaging variation again, however I think that the .0100 does look slightly better – though why this gets changed and not the seemingly countless commtech line errors I don’t know.”

05.30.00 | 8:15pm EST | posted by Dustin
 |  More discussion…

Please help Tyler live his life long dream of having a POTF2 Tessek made. Sign up by dropping him an email.

05.30.00 | 3:00pm EST | posted by Greg
 |  More discussion…

I’ve updated the Toy Customs page – in case you hadn’t noticed, all Toyguide updates (that means customs, checklists and the movie toy pages) will be summarized in the ToyGuide updates box, which is at the bottom of the Quick Clicks bar at the left. Of course, big updates to sections will be posted here as well.

05.30.00 | 11:45am EST | posted by Mark
 |  More discussion…

I have been on the phone to Target and got the following info:

The rep has told me that there is NO definite amount of the product (the 40,000 number was incorrect) at this time. Do not expect to see the item in the store until mid to late August. Which they consider fall. Even though we know August is Summer, that is when the fall line for Target starts shipping. The rep was very helpful and she will be calling me back with more definite information as she gets it. She looked up my last call and found out that the last person I spoke with did in fact tell me incorrect information that they shipped from the warehouse. Fact is, the warehouse does not even have them yet. Sorry for the mis-information, we will let you know more when she calls me back. She told me that she is working to get us the most current and official information so that we can post it on the web. Hopes this helps the people who’ve been writing with questions. So far, NO stores have received this item.

05.30.00 | 8:25am EST | posted by Greg
 |  More discussion…

Added a scan of the .0100 Wuher card back to the ToyGuide, thanks to Alan Ford. The card front has no printed warning or black label, it’s just blank (like the Commtech Stormtrooper is).

05.29.00 | 7:05pm EST | posted by Dustin
 |  More discussion…

AmericanDreamComics is having a “I Am A Jedi contest give-away” for a FREE NEW POTF2 12″ Biker Scout & Speeder Bike going between 5/30/00 and 7/4/00. See the site for details. Also if you haven’t already, please add your name to the petition for a new POTF2 B-Wing fighter.

05.29.00 | 6:35am EST | posted by Greg
 |  More discussion…

Alan Ford wrote in to say that he received his Wuher from the Fan Club recently, and it was on the corrected (warning label is removed) .0100 card.

05.28.00 | 11:45a
m EST | posted by Brian |  More discussion…

Thanks to Brian for the following news.
“I went to my local ames for the 75% off deal. to my surprise they took 75% off of the already discounted price. of course they had nothing new but i got some figures for customs for a $1.50 each, sneak preview staps for $2.50 and anakin’s pod racer for only $3.50.”

05.28.00 | 6:25a
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

I received this e-mail today from Bananapunk, from the Bounty Hunters Collective:
“I have added a new Classifieds section in the BHC Forums for anyone who would like to sell Star Wars related items. These Classifieds will have a strict policy for its postings. If you plan on selling items currently in retail, the price must be for actual costs plus shipping. The purpose of this forum is for collectors to help each other and not for overt profiteering. For older and vintage items, prices must reflect true market value. This means amounts must be based on references such as current price guides. I hope you find the Classifieds a useful tool to sell your items and for buyers to be able to fill holes in their collections. NO SCALPERS ALLOWED!”

05.27.00 | 7:25p
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

New figures sighted in the UK (tri-logo cards) are: Captain Panaka, Naboo Royal Security, Naboo Royal Guard and Darth Sidious (Holograph). All ship in one C2 case. These are the first new figures to hit since the Tatooine Maul lot, which arrived in the UK only a few months after they hit US shores, so we’ve had quite a wait for new figures! They’re priced at £6.74, and still have only been found at TRU. They’re still running the 2 for 1 deal on figures, but it ends Tuesday. For more info, check out the related news posts on The Public Universe.

05.27.00 | 3:45p
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

Updated the checklists again. Thanks go to NomadScout, Jeff and D. John Shultz who all managed to notice the missing Anakin Pilot figure from the Tiger game. NomadScout also spotted the lack of the red R2 unit and the Final Lightsaber Duel figures. These have all been added.
I’ve also added loose checklists for the POTF2 and E1 Action Collection lines. Head over to theToyguide for those.

05.27.00 | 12:00p
m EST | posted by Dustin |  More discussion…

Stop on over to the Yak-Store! today to grab up a cool T-shirt or Cofee Mug. George Sent us thisgreat pic of himself sporting a Yak T at The Magic of the Myth tour.

05.27.00 | 11:45a
m EST | posted by Dustin |  More discussion…

JOHN GIRONE from New Jersey won this weeks free stuff drawing. Next weeks loot is a Galoob Transforming Battle Droid Playset and a Galoob Pod Racer Hanger Bay Playset. Enter Today!

05.27.00 | 10:50a
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

The DCP# for the 12″ Speeder Bike and Biker Scout set is 087-06-0112 – if you quote this number when you contact Target custom services or ask in-store, they’ll be able to look up info on this set with it. Thanks to Scott for the info!

05.27.00 | 10:50a
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

This announcement was sent out by Lucas Learning:

“If your kids loved the Podracing scene in Star Wars: Episode One The Phantom Menace, they’ll love building and racing through their own tracks in Anakin’s Speedway! Here kids develop essential planning, decision making and critical thinking skills as they design their own Podrace course! It’s from Lucas Learning, where products always place value on freedom, self-discovery and choice. A force for young minds.
Race over to for more information about the entire line of award-winning Lucas Learning products. Race over to for more information about the entire line of award-winning Lucas Learning products.”

05.27.00 | 10:50a
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

All Weekend Long at 50% @ Entertainment Earth
69705H, Star Wars Galactic Asst. (Wave 2),
Regular Price: $129.99, Half Price: $64.99

Out from the depths of the warehouse! Green card Collection 3 action figures… all the bad guys. Some with hologram sticker and some without it. Includes: 3x Darth Vader, 1x Boba Fett, 1x Grand Moff Tarkin, 2x Emperor’s Royal Guard, 1x Emperor Palpatine, 1x Garindan (Long Snoot), 1x Ponda Baba, 2x Snowtrooper, 3x Stormtrooper, 1x Sandtrooper.

This Half Price offer is valid from 12:00pm Pacific Time Friday May 26 until 11:59am Tuesday May 30. We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered or modify this promotion at any time.

05.27.00 | 10:40a
m EST | posted by Brian |  More discussion…

Rebelscum is reporting that the LEGO Collector X-Wing and TIE Interceptor have been spotted at TRU for $149.99 and $99.99! Ouch.

05.27.00 | 8:45a
m EST | posted by Dustin |  More discussion…

Dave “I love Sergei Federov” Philips from has posted a good write up on last weekends Motor City Comic con. Check it out here.

05.27.00 | 7:50a
m EST | posted by Greg |  More discussion…

I’ve updated the POTF2 loose figure checklist, adding pretty much anything that wasn’t there already. It now goes beyond the standard figures and covers pack-ins, complete galaxy etc etc. Take a look, and if you find any errors or omissions, send them to
I’ve also added a new checklist, for Episode One loose figures.

05.27.00 | 6:10a
m EST | posted by Greg |