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Unofficial Top 20 at Jedi Defender

JediDefender has jumped on trying to determine what the Top 20 Fans’ Choice figures list might look like by scouring the participating sites and applying Hasbro’s scoring to each figure. This should give collectors a good indication as to what we’ll be voting on next month. It goes without saying (but we will) that we are pleased that Yak Face has indeed made the cut and is currently within the top 10! Head on over to see if your favorites made the Top 20!

Vintage Y-Wing Joins the B-Wing at Retail

Our friends at JediDefender are reporting that the Toys”R”Us Exclusive Vintage Y-Wing Fighter has hit retail in the US in Nebraska priced at an attractive $39.99. Head on over for JD member Brian’s report!

There are also more reports (via our other pals at JediTempleArchives, Sandtroopers, and Galactic Hunter) that the Vintage B-Wing has hit retail at Kmart all over the US.