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New Force Link 2.0 Figures Hitting Walmart

Walmart may be clueless how to distribute collector geared Star Wars action figures these days, but many stores have continued to stock the “kid aimed” Force Link waves with a hint of regularity (though in many areas, not at all!).

On any note, the latest wave is popping up at various Walmart stores (reports vary from $3.00, $5.00, to full MSRP), so be on the lookout if you’re looking to acquire them.

Fan-Fiction Photonovel Stories Update


All the attention is around The Force Awakens, but we’d be remiss to not mention that there have been some great new fan-fiction stories being shared in the photonovel section of our forums recently .

Forum member CloneCrazy has recently shared the latest installment in his Will Of The Force series, and Jodo has also posted a new chapter in his Era of Darkness saga.

With great special effects, custom figures, dioramas and creative storytelling, both of these artists continue to up their game – check out their latest efforts and other fan stories in the Yakface Forums after the jump!