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New E9 and Mandalorian LEGO Boxes Leak

It’s getting to be that time. Official LEGO packaging shots for The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian have started to leak online via social media.

Images include: The Millennium Falcon (E9)Pasaana Speeder Chase (E9) Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (E9), Resistance A-wing (E9), Resistance Y-wing (E9), and AT-ST Raider (The Mandalorian).

For those interested in potential spoilers, check out #legoleaks on Instagram. Loose shots of each set can be found at StoneWars.de

New Rey Starkiller Base Centerpiece Found

Welp, another product has leaked out to retail before the official announcement. This time it’s the long-rumored Black Series Centerpiece Rey (Starkiller Base) set. This will also be available as part of the SDCC Exclusive Starkiller Base set that was announced two weeks ago. This was found, again, at Toys”R”Us in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Ben R. for the image.

Target Ad Leaks Confirming Midnight Opening for Force Friday

The upcoming newpaper insert for Target has made its way online and it confirms rumors and speculation that select stores will be opening at 12:01 am September 1. A list of participating stores will be available soon at www.Target.com/starwars. Also returning for Force Friday are discount coupons, this time instead of an instant discount, they redeemable for gift cards when thresholds of $50 or $100 are met.

UPDATE: Target has updated their site. Click find stores on to see if a store near you is open (12:01-2am) for Force Friday II.