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Yakfinities #46: Voting Has Begun

It’s that time again – time to make your voice heard and vote for the next Yakfinities Customizing theme!  Will Jabba’s Goons dominate the voting?  Will Clone Wars make a comeback and win out?  Or will the Undead claw their way to the top? 

These votes are usually very close, so your selection could be the deciding factor!  If you’re registered in our forums, your vote is just a click away.

Toys”R”us Exclusive Biker Scout Sets Found

Reports are starting to trickle in from around the country that Toys”R”us stores are putting out their latest cool exclusive out!  Forum member Aaylasecurasman scored them today in Arizona, and I was lucky too and found them in St. Louis tonight… and with today’s one day coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 75% off any Hasbro Star Wars item there, the second one was only $5.50!

Hopefully things at retail this Fall will be better than the first 8 months of the year…?

UPDATE – Loose pics have now been added, including a size comparison to the old speederbike mold.

Yakfinities 45: Imperial Troopers

The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues to go strong, as by my count we’re up to more than 20 new customs made specifically for this theme.  But there’s still an entire month left, so head on over to the forums and check out the latest customs or submit your own Imperial Trooper by clicking here!

We’re also kicking off discussion for ideas for the next Yakfinities, which will run from October – December.  So, if you’ve got a some good ideas, share them with us by leaving a comment here, or in the forums.

Star Wars in 3D Updates

Star Wars fans will be looking at a busy fall in 2013 with both AOTC and ROTS receiving the 3D treatment, as both films will released in theaters again, this time just a few weeks apart!  Attack of the Clones will be released on September 20th, 2013, and Revenge of the Sith on October 11th, 2013. 

For all the fans of Hasbro’s toy line, could squeezing these two films so close together spell disaster?  Share your thoughts on how this could impact the hobby after the jump!

Custom Action Figure Panel at CVI

If you’re able to attend CVI, you’ll want to try and catch the Custom Action Figure Panel taking place on Sunday, hosted by some of the best knowing customizers in the hobby!  There will also be some custom figure giveaways too, including a pair of customs donated by yours truly!

Head on over to Sillof’s Workshop for all the details, and share your thoughts in our forums.

Customizer Spotlight – Stronox

The customizing forums are always bustling with new figures being shown off, but few of us can match the amazing skills of forum member Stronox, who has updated with several outstanding new customs.

From sculpting to painting details that really bring a figure to life (are you taking notes, Hasbro?), his latest batch really stands out.  Click on the above image for a closer look, and to share your thoughts on his latest figures.

Phase 2 Clones Like They Oughta Be (UPDATED!)

Last winter, we posted a tutorial on how to upgrade your Phase 2 clone trooper figures if you were unhappy with the bulky helmets that Hasbro has elected to use on their Phase 2 clones for a while now.

After looking at the figures on my shelf for a while now, I realized something was missing… they needed some weathering!  A bit of repainting with some Testors acrylics really brings these figures to life – if you’d like to follow this technique, head on over to our Tutorial Section of the forums by clicking on the image above!

Hasbro, we have another problem…

With all the frustration collectors have had to endure this year, one thing that seemed to really have people excited was the upcoming K-Mart exclusive AT-ST.  Well, that might have just gone out the window.

The good news is, this has now been found at retail… but the bad news is, it appears that loose collectors are going to be upset when they open the box – click on the image above for the scoop on the inconsistent paint job that Hasbro gave this thing, and thanks to forum member Jedighost009 for the pics.