JediNews/Hasbro UK Survey

Following on the success of the Canadian Survey that JediNews ran earlier in the year for Hasbro, they are now giving the UK a chance to give Hasbro their feedback too!

Between now and the middle of 19th November, all those people based in the UK have got the opportunity to participate in the Star Wars Online Survey for Hasbro UK and share your feedback on the Star Wars brand in the UK.

Once they’ve gathered all the results they’ll share them with Hasbro UK.

Prepare for a “Savage” Beating on The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars Season 3 is about to take a very dark turn with the revelation of a new formidable Sith-in-training that has familial ties with Darth Maul. Head to for an exclusive look at Savage Opress and the Republic Commandos!

Also, be sure to head to for a list of cities that will also be showing a sneak peek theatrical screening on Savage Opress.

Hasbro Unveils My3D Device for iPhone & iPod

Newswires are reporting this morning that Hasbro has developed a handheld device called My3D that attaches to the two Apple Inc. devices – the iPhone and iPod Touch that promises three-dimensional content that offers a 360-degree experience in gaming, virtual travel experiences and entertainment content. It’s aimed at both children and adults.

With the recent announcement of the complete Star Wars saga being re-released in 3D starting in 2012, I’d say it’s a safe bet that this announcement will lead to some sort of 3D-inspired pack-in and/or downloadable content for the action figure line as 2012 approaches.

Head to Yahoo! Finance for the complete story and after that, head to our forums or facebook page with your thoughts on this new product.

Episode 270: When 900 Years Old You Reach, Smell As Good You Will Not!

With The Force Unleashed 2 hoopla dying down (as everyone has already beaten the game) Marjorie and Arnie return to business as usual on Star Wars Action News, running down the latest sales in stores and online, as well as reviewing a number of new items they’ve found in stores including Target’s exclusive Star Wars Mini Muggs and the Yoda: Bring You Wisdom I Will statue and book!

Also on this week’s show, Nathan P. Butler provides a comprehensive look at collecting Star Wars home video releases, and Steve “The Gingerprince” checks in with the latest toys hitting UK shelves.

With a contest to win a Lego Slave I set and much much more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

And after listening be sure to stop by the Star Wars Action News forums at and sign up for the Star Wars Action News annual Sithmas Gift Exchange where you trade holiday gifts with other Star Wars fans! This has been a fun event Darth Prime has been running for several years now, and the first deadline is November 23rd! So head to and sign up today!

You can download this week’s show here or use the direct links: Audio Only or Enhanced

Vintage ROTJ Wave In Stock at

The highly anticipated Return of the Jedi wave is now in-stock at . Use code“SWSCABIN” for $5 off your order. This assortment includes one each* of the following: Gamorrean Guard, Admiral Ackbar, Jedi Luke, Wooof, R2 with lightsaber and drink tray, Rebel Commando, Wicket, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker (ROTS), Sandtrooper and a Clone Trooper (ROTS).

*This case will also include 2 of one of the figures listed above.

Thanks to “AaylaSecurasMan” from our forums for the tip.

Update: Link is now unavailable – best of luck to those that got their orders in.

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