Entertainment Earth Exclusive Comic Pack Now Shipping

Refresh those inboxes! Entertainment Earth is sending out shipping notice to those that pre-ordered their four exclusive Comic Packs. They are still taking orders so it isn’t too late to get yours placed.

As a reminder the four exclusive packs contain:
-Jaster Mereel and Montross (Jango Fett: Open Seasons)
-Jarael and Rohlan Dyre (Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic)
-Baron Fel and Ysanne Isard (Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron)
-Darth Nihl and Deliah Blue (Star Wars: Legacy)

Episode 271: The Whole Galaxy In Your Hands

In less than two weeks the biggest shopping day in America is upon us, and the stores are getting ready. And in this economy, many stores aren’t even waiting until Black Friday to offer deep discounts on the hot holiday items of the year. From several stores having the Hasbro AT-AT for $75 or less to Target already marking down its brand new exclusives to Star Wars Shop offering 25% off everything they have in stock, and more such as Transformers for $8 and Clone Wars Y-Wing for under $40, listen to this week’s Star Wars Action News as Arnie and Marjorie run down all the biggest bargains and what stores to hit for the newest Star Wars holiday items!
Among all the discounts are several Uncle Milton items, so this week the hosts of Star Wars Action News provide an in-depth hands on review of the Uncle Milton Death Star planetarium. With Uncle Milton toys always trying to provide both fun and education, some of their items are more successful than others. Is the planetarium something you should want under your tree this holiday season or would a lump of coal be preferable? Listen to find out!

And finally, our Sithmas Gift Exchange sign-ups are still open! Head to the Star Wars Action News forums now to register because the Sithmas Gift Exchange is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

All this and more on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

*AND…* for more toy collecting fun, head to marvelicioustoys.com for Venganza Media’s newest podcast, Marvelicious Toys, Marvel Comics toy discussion hosted by Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin! Our first episode is out today and you can win a Sideshow Collectibles’ Punisher vs Daredevil diorama, a Wave of Hasbro Marvel Universe figures from Backstage Toys, and more!

You can download this week’s show here or use the direct links: Audio Only or Enhanced

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