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NEW Deluxe/Class I/Fleet Sets Revealed

Entertainment Earth has updated with their 2012 Star Wars pre-orders and there are a couple new Deluxe/Class I/Fleet Vehicle Figures sets that have popped up in Wave 2. The first is the “Republic Sub with SCUBA Clone Trooper” and the second is the “Republic Recon Fighter with Anakin Skywalker“. While no images are yet shown for these, one might be able to assume that the first one is from the Clone Wars season 4 opening story arc involving the Attack on Mon Cala city. The second sounds like the previously canceled “Republic Recon Fighter with Obi-Wan” has been re-purposed to include Anakin instead. Head to EntertainmentEarth.com for all of this and more!

Entertainment Earth Launches The After Christmas Sale

Entertainment Earth has launched their After Christmas Sale – before Christmas! Click on over to explore all of the Star Wars product on sale with savings of up to 90%! What’s more, they’re offering Free Shipping on domestic in-stock orders of $99 or more.  It’s the perfect time to order your less-timely holiday gifts!  Giving gifts after Christmas should be your new holiday tradition.

TVC Wave 9 In-Stock at Entertainment Earth

The headline says it all: TVC wave 9 is in-stock and ready to ship at Entertainment Earth! This case contains new figures as well as Revenge of the Jedi “chase” cards and breaks out as follows:

1x VC22 Admiral Ackbar (Revenge)
1x VC23 Jedi Luke Skywalker
1x VC27 Wicket (Revenge)
1x VC34 Jango Fett
1x VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper (Ep. IV)
1x VC55 Logray (Ep. VI)
1x VC39 Luke Skywalker (Ep. IV)
1x VC68 Echo Base Trooper
1x VC69 Bastila Shan (Knights of the Old Republic)
1x VC70 Ponda Boba (Walrus Man)
1x VC63 Keyan Farlander (ROTJ)
1x VC08 Darth Vader

Episode 309: Bust-y

Marjorie & Arnie are back from Chicago Wizard World and are here this week to review a handful of new purchases, all of which happen to be Gentle Giant mini-busts: The Entertainment Earth exclusive Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi, the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive McQuarrie Concept Snowtrooper, the Expanded Universe based Twi’lek Darth Talon, and another Twi’lek–Oola from Jabba’s palace. They discuss the details of these busts, and address the recent price increases among these and other high-end collectibles.

Also this week, Steve reports in from post-riot UK with what toys he’s finding on shelves, and Marjorie and Arnie run down the latest online finds, including some very cool new items from Kotobukiya that are not yet available in the states.

With TWO contests, one where you can win a custom Han in Carbonite Mighty Mugg and one from Backstage Toys where you can win the Toys R Us exclusive Battle of Geonosis figure set, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

Regular Version:

Enhanced Version

Vintage Wave 9 Available for Pre-Order

EntertainmentEarth.com has updated today and is now taking pre-orders for Vintage Wave 9 which contains the Echo Base Trooper, Bastila Shan and Walrus Man. The case breakout  is as follows:

1x VC22 Ackbar (Revenge)
1x VC23 Jedi Luke Skywalker
1x VC27 Wicket (Revenge)
1x VC34 Jango Fett
1x VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper (Ep IV)
1x VC55 Logray (Ep VI)
1x VC39 Luke Skywalker (Ep IV)
1x VC68 Echo Base Trooper
1x VC69 Bastila Shan (Knights of the Old Republic)
1x VC70 Ponda Boba (Walrus Man)
1x VC63 Keyan Farlander (ROTJ)
1x VC08 Darth Vader

Episode 302: Wacky in Cincinnati

This week Jerry and Dan are back filling in for Arnie and Marjorie! Tune in to hear them talk about the latest “Wacky” offerings over at Entertainment Earth, muse about what the future of 3D Star Wars, and more!

You can download this week’s show from swactionnews.com or use the direct links:

Regular Version:

Enhanced Version