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TBS Rumor Report Update: No Dooku, Yes Sidious for Fan Channel Wave 3

As a follow up to our Rumor Report back in January regarding the return of Count Dooku to the Black Series line, infomation that I have found indicates that was inaccurate and the figure is actually the pipelined Darth Sidious. Sidious will be packed alongside the single packed Super Battle Droid and both figures are fan channel exclusives (like Padme, Anakin, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Phase I Clone Trooper) as they are part of the Prequel “mini-beat”.

TBS Rumor Report Update

We had hinted at these in various IG posts and comments as well as on our master list but Jedi Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi Mundi and ARC Trooper Jesse will be joining the Black Series next year with Ewok Celebration Leia, Figrin D’an and New Republic Security Droid. (Not sure at this time of the Jedi will be from AOTC or ROTS) 

Thanks to JediInsider for the wave details.

New Store Exclusive Black Series Figures Revealed – Preorders Open Tomorrow

Our friends at TheFwoosh alert us to 3 new store exclusive Black Series going up for preorder tomorrow at 1pm EDT. Figures include:

Crosshair (Imperial) from The Bad Batch – Walmart
Captain Rex from The Bad Batch – Walmart
212th Battalion Clone Trooper from The Clone Wars – Walgreens

Sponsor News: 2021 Black Series Archive Preorders Open at DorksideToys

Yakface.com may receive product discounts as part of our advertising agreement with DorksideToys.

Sponsor DorksideToys is now taking preorders for Case, set and individual figures from the new Black Series Archive Wave 1 for 2021. This assortment includes Han Solo (Hoth – Brown Coat), Luke Skywalker (Hoth), Grand Admiral Thrawn and Clone Commander Cody.

6″ Clone Commander Bly Variant/Running Change

Left: Original / Right: Running Change

There looks to be a running change for the new 6″ Black Series Clone Commander Bly figure. Initial releases neglected to include the brown stripe on the lower part of the helmet (under the frown). Instagram follower disneyland_bountyhunter sent in the image on the right showing the helmet with the corrected deco (date stamp 93431)

If this sounds familiar, the ROTS figure (III-57) also had this error and subsequent variant back in 2005.