New E9 and Mandalorian LEGO Boxes Leak

It’s getting to be that time. Official LEGO packaging shots for The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian have started to leak online via social media.

Images include: The Millennium Falcon (E9)Pasaana Speeder Chase (E9) Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (E9), Resistance A-wing (E9), Resistance Y-wing (E9), and AT-ST Raider (The Mandalorian).

For those interested in potential spoilers, check out #legoleaks on Instagram. Loose shots of each set can be found at

Hasbro To Phase Out Plastic from Packaging By 2022

Hasbro has issued a press release stating that by 2022, they plan to phase out plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets and blister packs.  The company’s ambition is to eliminate virtually all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022. For the details, visit

How will this effect the look of iconic action figure lines like the Vintage Collection and Black Series or does the switch to bioPET (from PVC) in bubbles and window boxes already address that initiative?

Rumor Report: E9 Product Shipping Update

More products ranging from action figures to roleplay items are currently headed to the US via China and Vietnam. An update to shipping info shows that Hasbro’s E9 Vintage Collection cases, TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) cases, Mega Mighties, E9 Micro Force, Scream Sabers, E9 Poe Dameron blasters and Sith Trooper blasters are all en route to various ports in the US.

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