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Sorry about the mess.

Well that went well didn’t it. We had a corruption in some files that caused the format to go a tad haywire. Until we get things straightened out, please enjoy this vanilla format for the “new” Hopefully we’ll get things sorted out for you soon.

Welcome to the new

It has been a long time coming the new is here! We’ve moved to a new server and with that change will usher in an entirely new site design! The new site is loaded with many new modern features including:
– Fully searchable news
– Categorized and tagged content
– Facebook, Twitter, RSS and email integration
– Article commenting and more!

Thank you for your continuing patronage as we hope to bring to you our unique take on the latest in Star Wars news and collecting.

– Staff

PS. it will take a little while for the toyguide to come back on line. Thanks for your patience.


APRIL FOOL’S: Yak Face Becomes Blue Snaggletooth

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to choose a new “mascot” if you will for our site. Good ol’ Yak Face, in his varied forms, has served us well for these past 15 years, but we think a new direction is needed. Our name sake will be gradually phased out and replaced by another highly sought after Vintage Kenner figure – the illusive Sears Exclusive Blue Snaggletooth! The current Yakface URL ( will also be replaced by a new web as will our Forums, Facebook and Twitter pages to reflect the change. We hope you like this new vision and be sure watch for even more improvements including an entire site redesign in the next few weeks!

Young Fan in Need

The folks over at Action Figure Empire are spreading the word about a young Star Wars collector in need.

Eli has been diagnosed with a rare life-threatening disease called Severe Aplastic Anemia, which is a disease of the bone marrow. They are helping to lift his spirits by donating Star Wars toys to this little guy. If you’d like more information on how you can donate a Star Wars toy, please click here.

For those ever interested in becoming a marrow donor, more information can be found here.

Special thanks to forumite DarthDaddy for bringing this to our attention.

Countdown to Toy Fair 2011

It’s that time of year again! The annual American International Toy Fair kicks off tomorrow and we’ll be on the floor to provide you the latest news from many of the Star Wars license holders so watch for updates here and on facebook. Surprisingly, there have been relatively few product leaks so hopefully that bodes well for this being a great show!

This year we’ve revamped our photo galleries with a new interface so you be able to view all of the photos more easily. You can also go back and review our coverage of Toy Fair 2010, SDCC 2010 and Celebration V if you are so inclined.

A huge thanks to our very own Mark Minicuci for making the trek again this year to the big apple.

Yakface and JTA Team Up for Special RDR

We have teamed up with Jedi Temple Archives to provide a guest review for their ongoing Research Droids Reviews series. For our contribution, I take a look at The Saga Collection’s R4-M6 (Mace Windu’s Astromech Droid) to see how it fits into the modern era’s grand scheme of collecting. Head on over to see if you think this astromech worth tracking down if you missed it back in 2007.

A huge thanks to JTA for their generous invitation.