Merch for Triple Force Friday En Route to North America

According to some research I’ve done, Hasbro merchandise for Triple Force Friday (lightsabers / masks) has started shipping to North America from China and Vietnam. I’d imagine a few leaks in the next couple weeks.

Speaking of product leaks, 3 new LEGO mini figures have turned up on Instagram featuring Old Man Lando, Finn and Poe.

Update: new LEGO leaks for Allegiant General Pryde and Kylo Ren

Retro Prototype Vader A No Show (For the Most Part)

Although today was stated by Target’s corporate site as the release date for the Retro Collection Prototype Darth Vader, most stores have not received any of these figures. Fortunately a check this morning via the Target website at a store in Ocean, NJ yielded 34 of them. Some were set in the Funko section and two pegs worth in the Star Wars section. Best of luck to those on the hunt and thanks to Jonathan R. for the hook up.

Rumor Report: Fan Channel Exclusive Black Series Incinerator Trooper Helmet

It took some time to find public information for this one but there is another Black Series Helmet set for release and this one may tie to The Mandalorian based on the footage shown at Star Wars Celebration. Based on the stormtrooper helmet released for Rogue One, this helmet is for the Incinerator Trooper and is said to be a fan channel exclusive.

Rumor Report: Interactive Ultimate D-O

Searching around the web again has yielded the results for a new interactive D-O from Hasbro. It is called “ULTIMATE D-O*” that is Bluetooth-controlled and is a separate product from those that we have listed previously. The Ultimate D-O has recently completed testing via the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) as required for all wireless “intentional radiator” devices sold in the U.S.

*Image above not of final product.

Photo-Real – 3.75″ Scale Game Changer?

We are starting to really see the benefit that photo-real technology has on bringing realism to some classic characters,  such as Luke Skywalker.  The facial features on these figures compared to older counterparts is stunning.

And as we know, Hasbro has dug into the same well over and over many times through the years… and as long as the figures have been improvements over previous versions, many of us have  happily purchased the product (nearly the same product as before).

Here we are in 2019… many of us have been invested in the modern hobby for 20+ years…  so, how many characters do you want to see Hasbro visit again with photo-real?  Are you willing to jump back into the prequels again with a Chancellor Palpatine, Padme, etc?  Or just OT classics like Luke and Han Solo?  Or not at all?

Share your thoughts after the jump!

Personal Note:  I’m in it for the long haul.  I’ll purchase nearly any 3.75″ product that is an upgrade over the older version… especially for the OT era.  And I guess sequel era too, I just don’t have room for much prequel stuff anymore.   Older versions of figures go into my custom fodder supplies.

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