New Funko List Reveals Code Names for Knights of Ren and More from The Mandalorian

A new list via GameStop reveals several new Funko POP! coded names from The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian. They are as follows

The Rise of Skywalker:
(Knights of Ren) Cairo Armor, Cairo Axer, Cairo Blaster, Cairo Bomber, Cairo Grater and Cairo Slicer

The Mandalorian:
Big Tom, Chub, Finns Female, Hammer, Junk Dealer, Mario, Raison, Red Stripe*, and Samuel

*Red Stripe is maybe the Incinerator Trooper

Thanks to DisFunko for the heads-up.


They don’t make X-Wings like they used to…

Hopefully this is an isolated case, but Yakface staffer Jodo received his new TVC Poe’s X-Wing today, and the back engines were severely warped.  Mine also came in the mail today, and didn’t have this problem.   Several pics of both of our X-Wings are posted in the forums.

Anyone else noticing any quality control issues with this X-Wing?  Let us know, and what your overall thoughts are for this new ship if you’ve gotten your hands on one by now.

Rumor Report: TVC Sith Trooper Builder Pack Images?

I managed to locate images on Amazon for that rumored Vintage Collection “Bruges Build Up Pack” we’ve been hearing about for a while now. No details are really known, but it looks to include 3 Sith Trooper each with their own weaponry – comparable to what was packed with the exclusive 6″ Black Series version. Click on through for some larger images.

Update: NYCC has confirmed that this is a special TVC exclusive figure that includes all of the weapons  on a single card.

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