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New Forces of Destiny Preorders at Entertainment Earth

Sponsor Entertainment Earth is now taking preorder for three new Forces of Destiny items that we revealed a couple of weeks ago. Click the individual links below to order for February release.

Rey of Jakku (The Last Jedi)
Princess Leia Organa
Sabine’s Graffiti Speeder

UPDATE: all 3 products have been canceled at Entertainment Earth.

Clearance of Destiny

In what should not be a surprise to many, Walmart stores are starting to clearance the Forces of Destiny line as part of their “post-Christmas” clearance binge.  Check your local store if you were looking to acquire these.

Personal Note:  I thought this line was doomed as soon as it was announced.  And I rarely see anyone pay attention to them in the stores (I do casually observe other customers).  This felt like a “forced niche” item that Disney pushed, and I would feel this line has fallen short of retailer expectations to this point.   For those that do like it, or have children that enjoy these, I hope the line continues for years to come.  But I personally can’t see it having legs for an extended time; unless it’s marketed better and perhaps the product moved to the store section the audience these are targeted at frequent most.

Forces of Destiny Downgrade?

I commented on this when we initially posted the images last week, but thought I’d give wider attention to the fact that Hasbro has downgraded some of the articulation on the upcoming Forces of Destiny figures – removing elbow, wrist and possibly knee joints.

Does this lend credence to the theory that the target demographic doesn’t care about articulation and/or is it the fact that Hasbro would rather hit a more attractive price point by reducing the number of tooling costs and parts? Word is that the figure price will drop by about $5.

New Forces of Destiny Product Listings and Images

Today we have some new Forces of Destiny listings to share via Brickseek (and confirmed via Amazon). One of them confirms our report of a new rumored vehicle plus figure joining this line in 2018, others are 2 new adventures dolls and the addition of a new assortment of Creatures and Droids which will interest fans of Ewoks, Porgs (and baby porgs), and a green Jedi Master. Click on through for the details and a few images.

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New Forces of Destiny Padme Amidala Mission Set Listing

That pesky Brickseek has yielded another Hasbro Forces of Destiny item, this time, a new Padmé Amidala Mission Set (separate from the upcoming Naboo Pilot Adventure Figure). This release includes 2 separate outfits that it can wear. The UPC, Walmart SKU and Amazon code have been posted below and added to the Master List which we have now also coded with Released and Coming 2018 designations. Enjoy!

UPC: 630509613168
Walmart SKU: 779872892
Amazon SKU: B07212Q8HS