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Rumor Report: New Hero Series and Role Play UPCs/SKUs

Finally, I managed to find several listings for 12″ Hero Series figures as well as role play items, when cross referenced with each other, they may confirm that Kylo Ren’s LFL product code name is “Olso”.

12″ Hero Series
E9 “Bruges Red”
E9 “Oslo”
E9 Darth Vader

Role Play
E9 “Oslo” Mask (Kylo Ren?)
E9 Stormtrooper Mask
E9 Darth Vader

The relevant UPCs and Walmart SKUs have been added to our Master List for your reference.

Upcoming Force Link 2 and Hero Series Figures for Solo

We’ve managed to find a few new coded names for the upcoming (Star Wars Universe) 3.75″ Force Link 2 (which visually confirms our Force Link 2 report from November) figures for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

3.75″ Force Link 2 Figures
Hades Joker
Artemis Trooper 2

12″ Hero Series
Artemis Trooper
Vesta Trooper Brown
Hercules (Chewbacca)
Hermes (Lando)
Athena (Qi’Ra)

First Solo: A Star Wars Story Products Revealed

Images of new Hasbro product from Solo: A Star Wars Story have made their way online from Nuremberg Toy Fair. We get our first look at Han Solo, Qi’Ra, Range Trooper, Lando Calrissian, Kessel Guard, TIE Fighter, ¬†and more.

Stay tuned later today for some new Hasbro product release details we’ve found.

New: “Solo” Class A Vehicles and Deluxe Hero Series UPCs/DPCIs

We have a handful of new UPCs and Target DPCIs to share today (via Brickseek) for product slated to arrive with the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story products in April. The codes relate to Hasbro’s Class A assortment of Force Link vehicles/creatures and their line of Deluxe Hero Series figures. Click on through of the list.

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Update: “Mythological” Codes Reveal Possible Han Solo Products?

Based on the our report from yesterday regarding the new Hero Series product names (Zeus and Vesta) found online, there is speculation/coincidence that these may be the first indicators that products for the untitled Han Solo movie could rely on Greek/Roman mythology to mask the character names from the film. Thoughts?

UPDATE 01/5/18: Names found so far: Zeus (Han), Athena (Qi’Ra), Vesta, Hercules (Chewbacca), Hermes (Lando), Artemis, Minotaur (Mimban), Gorgon, Cyclops, Perseus, Pegasus (Millennium Falcon), and Cronus (Moloch)