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Vintage ROTS Clone Trooper Card Variant

Yakface forum member Eopie Herder was kind enough pass along a discovery he made regarding a new packaging variant in the Vintage line. It appears that the inset photo for the ROTS Clone Trooper has been retouched with more vibrant colors – most notably the background. This alternation joins the tweaking of the Sandtrooper card we reported eariler this month. Click the image above for a closer look.

AT-AT Sale Update 2

Yakface reader Steven writes in with the following:

Hey it’s me again giving you the 411 on Target…. If K-Mart is sold out at their $49.99 price, and if you have an ad from them showing the sale price, Target does price matching, you may have to go to the guest services counter, but we do price matching. So if K-Mart is sold out… take your ad and try Target. Glad to try to help you guys when I can….

Thanks a bunch Steven – we hope this helps out and that any readers who attempt this walk away successful!

Update: For clarification sake, there is no K-Mart print ad that advertises this low price so you’ll most likely be out of luck in getting other retailers to price match their ultra low deal. – Jayson

AT-AT Rollback at Wal-Mart Coming Next Week

Still need to score the new AT-AT and are waiting for a real deal? You might want to hold out for one more week, as this is going to be part of the Walmart Toyland Catalog promotion starting on 11/7 and running through 11/24. The BAT-AT will be on sale for $79.00 – a savings of $20! Basic figures will be on rollback as well for $6.00 each. Click the image above for a preview.

Wattographs Autograph Signings: Paul Springer, Dan Madsen and Denis Lawson!

Wattographs is pleased to announce is September autograph signings with three, first-ever signers Paul Springer and Dan Madsen! Plus a special VERY LIMITED signing with Denis Lawson!

Lawson played X-Wing pilot Wedge Antilles in all 3 original Star Wars films. Wattographs will be attending the Collectormania even in London next month to attend his first ever signing! We are taking send-in items from fans’ and have limited spots available. We will be picking up some show provided photos, signed by Lawson to have available in the store afterwards. Personal items need to arrive with Wattographs by November 1st –so do not delay! See for full details!

Springer played Jabba the Hutt’s lackey Ree-Yees, a Gamorrean Guard, and a Mon Calamari Officer in “Return of the Jedi.” He also assisted to various puppet work in Phil Tippett’s creature shop during the film. His other film credits include “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Mr. Springer will be signing official photographs and fans’ personal collectibles!

Dan Madsen played the kaadu handler Dams Denna in “The Phantom Menace.” Dan founded the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine which became the Star Wars Insider. He also pioneered the Official Star Trek and Lord of the Rings Fan Clubs and their magazine publications. Right now, Dan is working with Clone Wars voice talent Ashley Eckstein campaigning Eckstein’s new Her Universe clothing line. Dan will be providing and signing character photos from Star Wars as well as fans’ personal items!

Signing ends November 15thth at 11:59:59. Personal items need to arrive with Wattographs by that date. Check out for full signing details!