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Mission on Vandor 1 @ Gamestop

Gamestop comes through once again in my neck of the woods with the new Mission on Vandor 1 set.   If you are interested in this pack, it might be worth swinging by your local store to see if they have it in stock.

Personal Note:  Priced at $29.99, it might feel a little steep for what you get, but these figures seem like a major upgrade over Hasbro’s recent Battle on Crait set.

Rebel Troops @ Gamestop

If your toy runs have been coming up empty lately, it might be worth your time to swing by your local Gamestop to see if the situation there is any better.   Nearly every time I stop by one lately, I find something I want to pick up, like the new Rebel Fleet Trooper.

Good luck out there and let us know about your recent acquisitions after the jump!

Hot Wheels Concept Series

I haven’t seen these anywhere besides Gamestop, but for $4.99 these little Hot Wheels Concept Series vehicles scream old school Star Wars to me and are an automatic purchase.

For all I know, they’re hitting Walmart, Target, etc. – but I’ve seen no evidence of this in my neck of the woods but they really are fun oddball items.

Thoughts?  Would anyone like the see an upsized 3.75″ scale TIE Fighter like this at some point from Hasbro?  I think I would.

Gamestop Toy Runs

A few days ago,  I scored the new 6″ Bespin Han at Gamestop (only 6″ Star Wars figure they had).  So, if you don’t feel like trying to track this down at a big box retailer or online, you might want to swing by your local Gamestop if you have time and try your luck!

Personal Note:  This is my favorite Han so far in this scale.  Truly awesome.  Pick this one up you see it, I think you’ll be a fan even if you don’t collect this scale.