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Disney Park Exclusive 6″ Black Series First Order 4 pk.

Hasbro.com has posted a listing for an unannounced Star Wars Resistance and Galaxy’s Edge inspired Disney Park exclusive featuring a 6″ Black Series “The First Order” 4pk. It includes Kylo Ren, and Mountain Trooper, Commander Pyre and MSE Droid. Click on through for the images.

Thanks to MandaloreClone5 for the heads up.

Update: Page has been removed from Hasbro.com

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6″ Battle Droid Variants: Let’s Get It Done

Now that we’ve got the base B1 Battle Droid for the 6″ Black Series, I thought I’d whip up a concept for a potential exclusive (or series of exclusives). As you know, there are a plethora of decos available for the B1 so I whipped up what I think would be a great 4pk some online retailer could offer* which could include OOM-9, Security, Battle Damage Droid and Geonosis Arena variants.

*This is not a hint or veiled tease of an unannounced product.

Update: Hyperreal Darth Vader Only $50 on Amazon

Amazon currently has the new Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader listed at $49.99. And before the haters start to chime in that this is already a failure, you’ll note that this isn’t a sale – it’s the regular listing price with no discounts/savings. You can also see why our exclusive report on this figure was originally listed at this price, then revised to reflect Hasbro’s MSRP of $79.99. We’re not sure what’s going on here but if you’re at all interested in this, I suggest ordering it now to lock in the preorder price guarantee.

UPDATE: Price changed to $79.99