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6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor Images

Images for the 6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor have posted online by R1Valos. The figure features a soft plastic cape that is removable and you can swap out the cape for smaller shoulder epaulets. The blades are in fact removable from the hilt, the helmet is not. Click on through for a few additional images.

Note: the circle call out on the  box reads “Graphite” in various languages.

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6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor Leaked

I received a boxed image of the upcoming, yet unofficially announced Second Sister Inquisitor coming in wave 1 for Triple Force Friday. Since I don’t know the origin of the image, meaning it’s not publicly posted, I won’t be sharing it yet.* But I can say the figure has a cool graphite look to it and the packaging features an updated look with round call-out protruding into the window area. She includes a fully-lit Inquisitor lightsaber, I can’t tell if the blades are removable.

*If you’re looking for background as to why I won’t post the image, you can read this from September 2017. Thanks for the requests to post the photo here and/or for me to send it to you.

Rumor Report: New Black Series Convention Exclusive

Research this morning via oversea shipping manifests has brought to my attention a new, unannounced convention exclusive coming for the Black Series line. It is unknown what it is at this point but as soon as I find more info, I’ll post an update. What I do know is that it is shipping in cases of 8 and heading to the Port of Los Angeles.

Update: This set was intended to be a 2019 HasCon exclusive.

So, You Were Disappointed By SDCC. Don’t Be.


Now that we’ve all had time to calm down since SDCC and come to terms with the fact that Hasbro is severely hamstrung by Lucasfilm (which is nothing new in a summer before a film release), we are here to put some lipstick on that puffer pig and remind you of what we can expect* for the rest of the year and beyond by recapping over 30 EXCLUSIVE RUMOR REPORTS that you won’t read anywhere else, and if you do, they were likely reposted/referenced from this site (usually without attribution).

*All rumors are subject to change and/or cancellation by the manufactuer and nothing is confirmed despite evidence of such products in development and/or slated for release. Captain America, nor his ass, endorse this information.

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SDCC Rumor Report: New Product Announcement(s) Coming on July 18

While Hasbro’s official SDCC panel starts at 2pm on Friday, July 19. Be sure to be around the day before on Thursday, July 18 as word is that a new product (or products) will be announced/confirmed. No word yet if it’s from the Vintage Collection or Black Series or from what media source (movie, TV, comics) it/they may be based.